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Conference Against the Commercialization of Sexuality (March 21, 2021)
Zefat Academic College, March 7 and 8, 2021 The way governments conduct themselves in the face of the growing sex industry in the world reflects social, philosophical, economic, legal and... More

MKULTRA, Kinsey & Rockefeller (January 27, 2021)
Instruments of the New World Order By Judith A. Reisman, PhD, President of The Reisman Institute, and Rhonda Miller, President of Purple for Parents Indiana thereismaninstitute.org, August 10, 2020 View... More

ContraLand (May 30, 2020)
ContraLand View on YouTube (opens new window) Child sex trafficking expose' documentary, ContraLand, filmed by the Veterans of non-profit organization Veterans For Child Rescue. V4CR exposes the multi-billion dollar industry... More

A Critical Analysis of The New Yorker 1997 Article "Annals Of Sexology - Dr. Yes" (May 30, 2020)
By Judith A. Reisman, PhD drjudithreisman.com, May 27, 2020 View PDF version View on Scribd (function() { var scribd = document.createElement("script"); scribd.type = "text/javascript"; scribd.async = true; scribd.src = "https://www.scribd.com/javascripts/embed_code/inject.js";... More

Conspiracy of Silence (May 28, 2020)
From the producer of Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles View on YouTube (opens new window) Before producing Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles in 1998, Tim Tate started the production of Conspiracy of... More

Judith Reisman on Soaring Eagle Radio with Mike Spaulding (April 25, 2020)
Soaring Eagle Radio, April 22, 2020 While Americans were being killed in WW2, over 416,000 dear souls, a man named Alfred Kinsey was busy conducting research at Indiana University. Kinsey's... More

The Sordid History and Deadly Consequences of 'Sex Ed' at School (April 19, 2020)
By Alex Newman The Epoch Times, April 6, 2020 WARNING: This article contains information that some readers may find disturbing regarding child abuse and sexual violence. Commentary This is... More

Obscenity Exemptions for Educational Purposes Invalidates State Harmful-to-Minors Statutes (March 30, 2020)
By Judith Reisman and Mary McAlister March 30, 2020 View PDF version View on Scribd... More

Warrior Memorial: Shelley Lubben (March 15, 2020)
By Judith Reisman, Ph.D. and Alisa Jordheim, March 21, 2020 With fond remembrance, I esteem my beloved friend and colleague Shelley Lubben. Shelley left for Heaven, February 9, 2019, in... More

America: Dark Slide - Bright Future (March 8, 2020)
America: Dark Slide - Bright Future By Dr. Judith Reisman and Dr. Lloyd Stebbins Available from Amazon Paperback & Kindle... More

Arousal Confusion Syndrome (March 2, 2020)
By Dr. Judith Reisman, Research Professor, Aaron Nazif, J.D., Mary McAlister, Esq. Liberty University School of Behavioral Sciences, Kali Psychi Academic Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 1 | 2019 View PDF... More

Is Sexual Freedom Based on Scientific Fraud? Here's the Truth! (February 16, 2020)
Peter R. Breggin, M.D., February 12, 2020 View on YouTube (opens new window) Judith A. Reisman Ph.D. is my hero and my guest on this week's radio/TV hour. Against enormous... More

Indiana University Offers Sex Fest, Includes Woman Being Whipped (February 14, 2020)
By Hank Berrien DailyWire.com, February 6, 2020 At Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington, Indiana, the University's Health Center is offering its 4th annual sex fest, complete with sex toys and... More

Corruption in the Heartland (February 13, 2020)
By Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. D. James Kennedy Ministries, February 2020 In the heartland of America, there is corruption. At Indiana University last week they celebrated the 4th Annual "Sex Fest."... More

What Dr. Kinsey is up to now? (January 30, 2020)
LOOK Magazine, May 22, 1951 View PDF version View on Scribd... More