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Proposed Bill

New call for an investigation
1995 attempt to investigate The Kinsey Institute
1954-55 attempt to investigate The Kinsey Institute
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New call for an investigation

In 1990 Phil Donahue told his TV audience, "Kinsey was to sexuality what Freud was to psychiatry, what Madame Curie was to radiation, what Einstein was to physics. Comes along this woman with a book saying, "Holy cow! E doesn't equal MC squared. We've based an entire generation of education of sexologists on Kinsey and Kinsey was a dirty old man."

In 1996 Mary Eberstadt told The Weekly Standard readers, "the real big daddy of pedophilia chic could only be the long-dead Alfred C. Kinsey" and Tom Bethell in the American Spectator said Kinsey radicalized American sexuality by hiding "beneath the scientist's smock and the posture of detached observation."

By 2004 iconic actress, Laura Linney, playing Mrs. Kinsey in the Fox Searchlight film, Kinsey said. "Any sort of sexual education that anybody has had in the past 50 years came right from the [Kinsey] Institute.... So his impact is enormous and in ways that it's probably impossible for us to completely grasp....When Kinsey published that information, he changed our culture completely."

By 2007 Human Events scholars voted Kinsey's "information" the "Most Harmful [American] Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries."

With thousands of major law school journals and sexperts testifying on marriage and homosexuality quoting Kinsey as their sex science authority it is time to force a congressional or grand jury investigation of Kinsey's crimes and their consequences for today.

1995 attempt to investigate The Kinsey Institute

Bill Summary & Status for the 104th Congress

H.R.2749 All Bill Summary & Status Info Download PDF
Title: To determine if Alfred Kinsey's
"Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" and/or
"Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" are the
 result of any fraud or criminal wrongdoing.
Sponsor: Rep Stockman, Steve [TX-9]
(introduced 12/7/1995)
Latest Major Action: 12/22/1995 Referred to
House subcommittee.
Referred to the Subcommittee on
Early Childhood, Youth and Families.
The Kinsey Controversy - Federal Relations Update May 1996
Response to controversy - The Kinsey Institute

1954-55 attempt to investigate The Kinsey Institute

Renee Wormser, in Foundations: Their Power and Influence, stated:
"The American people had one shining opportunity to learn the truth about Kinsey in 1954-55 when the Reece Commission was investigating foundation funding of "social science." That opportunity was thwarted by Congressman Wayne Hays, of the Fannie Fox sex scandals some years ago. Congressman Reece planned to ask Dr. Kinsey about his data, which could easily have exposed Kinsey's reliance on pedophile sexual abuse of hundreds of infants and children for his child orgasm "data." A furious Hays demanded Reece give the Kinsey files to Hays, where they would never see the light of day. The polity paid for the labors of Kinsey and his team but the polity was never to know how he got his data. Where are the children of Table 34? What pedophiles "tested" these infants as young as 2 months old for "orgasms?" Who watched and recorded the "screams" and the "convolutions" of these infants and children Kinsey called "orgasms?""

1982, Norman Dodd is interviewed by G. Edward Griffin on the Reece Committee's investigation of tax exempt foundations; Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, etc.. Watch and listen here:

Watch on YouTube (opens new window)
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Also, please read chapter 9 from Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, which goes into the details of the Reece Committee investigations and surrounding circumstances.

Additional information

Kinsey revives ancient sexual theology - Dr. Judith Reisman
A Pedophile's Bill of Rights - Dr. Judith Reisman

"Tim Tate, UNESCO and Amnesty International Award-winning Producer-director of Kinsey's Paedophiles," Yorkshire Television, Great Britain, August 1998 stated:

"In the course of producing my documentary -- Kinsey's Paedophiles -- it became clear that every substantive allegation Reisman made was not only true but thoroughly sourced with documentary evidence--despite the Kinsey Institute's reluctance to open its files."

Watch Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles online here.

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