Tables 30, 31 & 32


Kinsey's hagiographers, James Jones and Gathorne-Hardy never revealed these charts from Kinsey's own book.  What ever happened to the "2 month" old who didn't reach "climax" (etc.) despite "repeated attempts" by Kinsey's Pedophile ring?  Will the charts be shown in the Kinsey "documentary" film? Hardly.  For how would they explain how Kinsey "got" these so-called scientific "data."


Kinsey says it is "psychologic [sic] blockage" that causes many small boys not to reach, what Kinsey calls an "orgasm."  He is quite sure the littlest tykes can do so when the right man "aids" them.  Kinsey's colleague, Paul Tripp, announced on the Phil Donahue show in December 1991 that the records of the sodomizing of these children were all carried out "scientifically" because these men used "stopwatches to record their thing."  Using a "stopwatch," accordingly, makes all rapists and murderers "scientists" according to this "trained" sexpert.  Read Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998, 2000, 2003) to learn what constitutes the "training" of such men as Dr. Tripp and other "sexperts." 



Here Kinsey admits that "data from other subjects" means that of the 214 child sodomite attacks on these boys were "observed" during the assaults and the screams were coded as "orgasms" by Kinsey and the lackeys in his pedophile ring.