RE: AB 1785 (Villaraigosa)

Testimony (A Work in Progress) by
Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.
The Institute for Media Education
Research Advisor, California Protective Parents Association
Sacramento, California
August 2000 © Reisman

While AB 1785 defines a "hate motivated incident" as an "expression of hostility ... against ...sexual orientation" AB 1785 does not define "sexual orientation." However, the standard non-judgmental dictionary definition is one which is also largely accepted in the human sexuality field:

"Orientation: a. A tendency of thought; a general inclination...b. Sexual orientation." (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992).

Hence, this "sexual orientation" bill forces acceptance of sexual felons as well as other deviants, including sado-masochists, necrophiles, pederasts, pedophiles, zoophiles, hebephiles and similar populations. All of these sexual "orientations" have their own publications, internet sites and organizational structures.

AB 1785 would put children under the control of sexuality specialists whose training is uniformly unscientific, pro-pedophile and deviancy-based. By repudiating discrimination against sexual deviants and by promoting bi/homosexuality as genetic--unsupported by science or cross-cultural history--AB 1785 increases attacks on children while undermining the self-esteem of child victims of predator abuse. This is done by pro-actively labeling victims of heterosexual abuse as sexually precocious and victims of homosexual abuse as "gay," thus dismissing the extensive evidence of injury from early sexual abuse and/or brutal or absentee parents in both cases.

By undermining children's faith in their own asexuality and their natural modesty and innocence, AB 1785 compromises children's ability to disclose both educator abusers as well as other molestations. A toxic subset of heterosexual and bi/homosexual pedophile teachers and counselors are well documented by Survivors of Educator Abuse Emerge (SESAME) and others. Educator-pederasts, hebephiles and pedophiles will hasten to sexualize school children, without parental consent re-programming children and violating parental rights. With "hate" crimes claimed by roughly .0003%, this bill defames law-abiding American citizens by claiming a real problem of "hate" based on anonymous calls and unverified charges. Moreover, most current human sexuality information as mandated by the DoE arguably qualifies as "fraud in science," as "defrauding the government," using educator authority to contribute to the delinquency of minors, as engaging in educational malpractice and as distributing "harmful matter" to minors.


The attached curriculum vitae describes this author's. extensive research into the phenomenon of increasing acceptance of sexual assault of children. In a rigorous, peer approved major study for the United States Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the author investigated male "heterosexual" pedophile predation and young girls (Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, 1954-1984) (left). That study found a predatory pedophile focus on young girls, statistically not attributable to chance. The full report is available via the DoJ's Bureau of Justice Statistics or thorough this investigator.

This author has found a direct relationship between encouragement of homosexual and heterosexual assaults on children and the work of Alfred C. Kinsey, as shown in a variety of homosexual and heterosexual publications. An example is the following quote by the leader of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) in 1981.

"Gay liberationists in general, and boy-lovers in particular, should know Kinsey's work and hold it dear.... implicit in Kinsey is the struggle we fight today.1" North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) 1981

As a research protocol, the author has documented the sexual abuse of between 317 to 2,035 children for Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey's books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1948, 1953, 1998). Additionally, the fraudulent basis of Kinsey's research has been well-documented by this author. Since Kinsey's books formed the canon now implemented in sex law and in sexual pedagogy, the author's books, Kinsey, Sex & Fraud (1990) and Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998, 2000) (right) are fully relevant to any dialogue on sexual orientation or "hate" crimes.


What is the human sexuality scientific canon? Philip Rieff's explanation of the creation of a scientific discipline is critical to an understanding of the failures inherent in AB 1785.

Every science has its canon, an established body of knowledge from which students learn, upon the validity of which depend their own chances of extending and advancing knowledge beyond the given limits of the canon. Moreover, every science has its established body of authoritative makers of opinion, the cadre of men empowered to organize ideas into dogma." 2

The dogma, the canon on sexual orientation cannot be evaluated in a vacuum. It stands on the foundation of the Kinsey "pansexual" canon of sexuality. However, the sexuality field would now wish to distance itself from its founder and patriarch, Kinsey's fraud dominates the training and traditions of the entire accredited sexuality field.

Prior to Kinsey, reputable scholars, child developmental specialists prior to Kinsey agreed that children should be protected from sexual exposure as long as possible. Kinsey's dogma, the modern human sexuality canon, turned this idea on its head, leading to the increase of sexual assaults of women and children and the infiltration of pedophiles into organizations whre children are found, such as the educational system.

This author applied the same content analysis investigative techniques used in Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler to a study of male homosexual solicitation of boys (Judith Reisman and Charles Johnson, Partner Solicitation Characteristics as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation, 1994). The investigation finds for a significant pedophile and pederast population which is toxic to children and which aims for employment in schools, libraries and youth groups as a matter of organized strategy to recruit children into early sexual conduct.


Pedophiles have successfully infiltrated many types of organizations where they come into contact with children to victimize. Kinsey's fraudulent canon of sexuality has offered a rationale for the criminal behavior exhibited by these predators. A few examples of these cases are described below.

The Arizona Republic Phoenix cites a gym teacher given 88 years for abusing at least five boys. The jury apparently disagreed with his attorney who said research shows molested children often have no ill effects. The Seattle Post-Intelligence Reporter cited a local Boy Scout volunteer convicted on "several counts of child molestation" of 12-year-old boys.3 Ron Berry, a powerful black "civil-rights leader who founded a non-profit agency to help poor youths" was recently convicted of child abuse after three decades of sodomizing scores of boys in his care in the Micro City Government Program in Lexington, Kentucky.4 The very tenacious black attorney, Gayle Slaughter, responsible for obtaining the evidence which led to Berry's conviction stated: "[C]hild sex abuse is a problem of global proportions.... primarily because of fraudulent data used by the late Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey... [T]raining manuals for law enforcement agencies say that whenever one pedophile is uncovered in a community, there are usually other pedophiles present there."5 "One... testimony...disclosed allegations of an overnight out-of-state trip where a bus load of homosexuals were granted access to a dormitory of Lexington black teen males [where they engaged in] ongoing harassment through sexual verbiage, which intimidated both male and female teens."6


Unfortunately, an unknown but sizeable percentage of adult child abusers are music, sports, coaches and teachers.7 Closet pedophiles (heterosexual child abuse) and pederasts (man-boy sexual abusers) are documented as strategizing to teach and counsel children about sexual issues such as sexual diversity, sexual orientation, "hate" crimes, and sexual (not racial) tolerance.

The pedophile and pederast literatures clearly document the strategies used to for sexual predators to become involved with child victims. The pederast magazine, Palavar recommends pedophiles enter teaching and youth counseling, etc., to obtain children.

[T]o spend all your time with children you must have a legitimate reason for doing so; as a teacher... as a social worker... as a play or youth leader... child care, youth work, and voluntary... there is the Free School movement; children's rights' and various alternative life-style projects...We believe that a paedophile relationship is no less legitimate and no more potentially harmful to a child than a normal parental relationship.8 (Emphasis added)

Adults assaulted in childhood by educators also document the frequency of this "academic" abuse environment.

SESAME, (Survivors of Educator Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Emerge) is an activist group of largely adult whilstleblowers who have survived sexual assault by those in the educational field. SESAME: "A Voice for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment of Students by Teachers and Other School Staff," focuses attention on sexual predators among a toxic subset of the teaching population. On the evidence, On the evidence, pedophiles and pederasts, independently and organizationally, seek out jobs and volunteer where they can have criminal access to children.

SESAME reports that the Journal of Education Research (1991) finds in its "Survey of high school graduates ...13.5% of those surveyed said they had engaged in sexual intercourse with a teacher."9

In yet In yet another survey reported by SESAME, "The best estimate is that 15% of students will be sexually abused by a member of the school staff during their school career."10 "Criminal convictions of Ontario teachers in 1996-97 involves enough victims to fill an entire classroom."11 And, "Many abusers are in positions of power or trust in relation to their victims which makes it easier to overcome a child's resistance."12

With today's opportunities to bring sex into the classroom, legislators, parents and educators are obliged to question what percentage of those adults "helping" children on sexuality issues are likely pedophiles, pederasts or their naēve supporters. We now know Kinsey, for example, "was deeply influenced by five paedophile headmasters who were quite clear they had very warm relationships with young adolescent boys of twelve or thirteen" in one New England area.13


Not only does AB 1785 clearly allow heterosexual and bi/homosexual pedophiles, pederasts and hebephiles to be identified as a protected class "orientation" and hostile children and parents as "bigots," the bill additionally discourages children from reporting sexual abuse by a heterosexual or bi/homosexual teacher, administrator, school employee or even a fellow student.

When children learn all sexual "orientations" are equal and that those practicing sadism, masochism, obscene phone callers and the like are a normal variant of sexual life, the child's ability to withstand seduction or violation is severely compromised. In such a sexually permissive atmosphere, children are more easily manipulated into viewing themselves as at fault, as having seduced the offender, as having engaged in consensual relations, or as having been an inhibited prude, overvaluing the offense and overstating the injury—even where a violent rape—or gang rape--has taken place.


At left is an advertisement in The Washington Post, circa 1997, designed to frighten and intimidate parents into accepting the notion that homosexuality is genetic, and may include their son. In the book, Coming Out of the Classroom (1991), "out" lesbian Virginia Uribe, the originator of "Project 10," describes the way in which the homosexual movement used Kinsey's fraudulent homosexual "data" to enter the classroom. "PROJECT 10, named after Kinsey's (1948) estimate that 10% of the population is exclusively homosexual, originally envisioned as an in-school counseling program.... has become a district-wide and nation-wide forum for the articulation of the needs of lesbian, gay, and bisexual teenagers."14 Some closeted percentage of the lesbians and homosexual male counselors and teachers entering these classroom counseling programs are also child molesters. Homosexual "volunteers" in schools and at the "Gay and Lesbian and Bisexual and Transgendered" youth clubs to "aid" children need to be seen in concert with old fashioned wariness about "bachelors," in general and homosexual bachelors in particular. As we have seen, sexual predators use the classroom to gain access to a vulnerable pool of child victims. Sexually victimizing children is more smoothly accomplished if the "academic" subject matter is not math or science but sex--when sexual ideas, issues, acts, pictures, seem to be a natural part of the educator's mission.

Let us examine how homosexual counseling programs target vulnerable children and victimize them. For years, the premier homosexual periodical, The Advocate, carried full-page advertisements with photos of a handsome young boy and another of a lovely young girl, claiming that these children were "our kids." The advertisement stated that the West-Hollywood based GLASS (Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services) was taking care of "our kids," many of whom were victims of abuse and even dying of AIDS.

Quoting from, Erik Ericson, "Someday, maybe, people will understand that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child's spirit," the implication being that these young abuse victims were being brought into a family-like counseling relationship, to be helped by GLASS counselors. The advertisement concluded with a request for contributions.

For many of our kids, GLASS (Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services) is the first safe place they can call home. A home that is warm in the winter. A home that does not trade favors for a place to sleep. A home with a family of staff and volunteers that encourages them, and who real-ly care that they have clean clothes and regular medical care.

GLASS currently operates four group homes and a dozen foster homes. We provide long-term hous-ing, food, clothing and medical care, as well as educational counseling, case management services, and emancipation training.

GLASS is also the only facility in Los Angeles licensed to care for teens that have AIDS or who are HIV-positive. We also offer a Foster Parent program. GLASS is a crucial resource for treating abused children, many of them gay, lesbian, or HIV infected. GLASS Together we CAN make a difference! (Emphasis in original) (The Advocate, August 13, 1992, p. 28.)

However, despite the reassuring language of The Advocate advertisements, the GLASS "family" was premeditatedly incestuous. With full knowledge of these children's traumatic backgrounds, GLASS counselors, social workers, Board of Directors, volunteers and managers had all sexually preyed on their young victims.

The headlines in this cryptic story in The Washington Times (ignored by The Washington Post), belied the fact that the agency confessed to these crimes. Toward the middle of the story it was revealed that the state accredited, "gay youth" counseling agency, "Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services" (GLASS) admitted to routine abuse of "their kids" in their "five group homes, confessing to child molestation, legally defined as statutory rape. Nevertheless, typical of what is emerging as a "politically correct" view of homosexual sex crimes against children, criminal charges were not filed against an of the confessed child molesters—even considering their abuse of authority. Instead, the group's license was "put on probation for five years."

"In late June, GLASS signed a waiver with the DSS agreeing that its staff and volunteers had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct... GLASS is currently on probation as a result of sexual misconduct accusations against other staffers and managers...staff members, members of the GLASS board of directors, and volunteers sexually abused or molested children. A night supervisor was accused of sodomy and threatening children, while a volunteer gave children dildos and made pornographic magazines....In March, after a lengthy investigation, the DSS moved to revoke GLASS' license. ... "on numerous occasions" staff members, members of the GLASS board of directors, and volunteers, sexually abused or molested children"....The DSS complaint also accused GLASS President Stan Ziegler of removing children from the group homes and taking them to his mountain cabin for the weekend.... Two of the children testified here Thursday.15 (Emphasis added)

The brazen openness toward exploiting these children suggests such crimes may be too common among adults who "counsel" with "gay" [sic] youth. GLASS director, staff and volunteers acted on the Kinsey canon, that children are sexual from birth and that "gay" [sic] children are unharmed by sodomy with adults. In fact, may children are initiated, trained and socialized into homosexuality by early sexual stimulation and activity.

This essay does not afford the space to more than mention that homosexual stimulation in childhood is a causal factor in bi/homosexuality in youth and adulthood. This had been a given cross-culturally and historically until the recent political decision to ascribe a genetic basis for homosexuality. A massive literature exists on the child sexual abuse etiology and the role of absent/and/or brutalizing parents in the crafting of male homosexuals and lesbians. The Advocate itself provided a 21% child sexual abuse admission rate among its male readers on August 23, 1994—suggesting that the real rate could be double, especially since the magazine did not include abuse data on boys over 15-years-of age! This author's additional research in this area included a content analysis of the biographies of 150 famous homosexuals which yielded a rate of 67% involving man-boy sex16 . It is similarly typical that early abuse victims tend to similarly victimize boys at about the same age of their own abuse.

Moreover, recent research confirms that the early trauma of child abuse, not only alters the chemistry of the brain but, studies have shown, "puts people at higher risk for developing depression, anxiety disorders and other emotional illnesses later in life. "

According to the studies of homosexual health, these emotional imbalances typify the homosexual person, commonly resulting in alcohol and drug abuse—the second most severe health issue among homosexual males (after AIDS) and lesbians (after cancer).17 The child abuse study appears in The Journal of the American Medical Association with this caveat: "the research also underlined the importance of addressing child abuse nationally. More than three million cases of child abuse are reported each year....this is a very large public health problem."18 Hence, increasing child access further to sexually predatory men and women in educational institutions is wholly unacceptable.


AB 1785's protection of sexual orientation would assist, not interfere with, the access to child victims by providing power to closeted homosexual (and heterosexual) pedophiles in educational settings.

On the one hand, as seen in the "10% of your classmates...and perhaps you!" Lasso, Virginia Jr. Sr. High School newspaper advertisement at left,19 the homosexual movement has shown significant, planning, organizational commitment and effort in recruiting, cultivating and initiating the growing crop of youths who believe they were "born" homosexual.

On the other hand homosexuality (including bisexuality and transgendered) is the only recognized sexuality cult receiving both tax dollars and direct access to school children. Moreover, new laws protect the false "PROJECT 10" teachers by providing penalties for those who protest against such "professionals" and their teaching about sexual conduct within the school structure.

In San Francisco State University Professor Gilbert Herdt's book, Gay Culture, we find reports that the teacher (advisor, guide or "helping hand") aids recruitment and limits the potential for escape during all stages of initiation of children into homosexuality.20 Employing the language of cult and ritual, Herdt advises adult-led homosexual youth groups to direct the:

adolescent's entry first into a self-affirming semisecret group, then by collective socialization into a "gay" cultural system.21 ... [Men] seclude and protect the youths, furthering their initiation... which socializes them further into the cultural system of the gay community"21

These "adolescent" initiates range, Herdt explains, "from fourteen to just under twenty-one."23


A major study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concluded "Sexual abuse of boys appears to be common, underreported, underrecognized, and undertreated,"24 citing to other "large scale studies" in which 34% of 1001 men who had sex with men attending a sexually transmitted clinic....reported histories of sexual abuse."25 The same study of underreported boy sexual abuse--stressed that males are much more reticent to report homosexual child abuse, as an insult to their manliness perhaps, than are females.

As noted much child sexual abuse goes unreported and some unsubstantiated. Hence, the following statistics, sources in each endnote, are to be viewed with caution as reflecting the best available current data.
Of 90 million adult males:

  1. ~9% of heterosexual men (~86-88 million) victimize 8 million (25%) girls.26
  2. ~100%+ homosexual men (~2 million) victimize 6 to 8 million (17% to 24%) boys.27
  3. ~3 to 4.5 boys are victimized per homosexual male.28
  4. ~1 girl is victimized per 11 heterosexual males. 29
  5. ~50% of white gays had 500 plus, sexual partners, the rest averaged 100-500.30
  6. ~25% white homosexuals admitted sex with boys, "sixteen years old or younger." 31
  7. ~50%+ of AIDS victims (n=279) had oral or anal sex with an adult male by age 16.32
  8. ~20% of AIDS victims (n=279) had sex with an adult male by age 10 (1981-82).33
  9. ~21% Advocate respondents (n=2,500) "were sexually abused by an adult by age 15."34
  10. The Reisman & Johnson study found 15% homosexual boy partner solicitation versus 0.45% heterosexual girl partner solicitations as seen below.35

150 Boy Versus 20 Girl Victims Per Child Molester

Figure 1: Abel's Child Abuse Data

Sexual abuse of a male child by an adult male is defined as a homosexual assault. Homosexual males molest boy victims far more often than heterosexual males molest girl victims. Psychologist Eugene Abel reported homosexuals, "sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater that the molestation of girls."

The rate of homosexual versus heterosexual child sexual abuse is staggering. Abel's data of 150.2 boys abused per male homosexual offender finds no equal (yet) in heterosexual violations of 19.8 girls.36

"Nonincarcerated child molesters admitted to from 23.4 to 281.7 acts per offender....whose targets were males" (Abel et. al., at 32-50. 44, 48)."37

The 1991,US Population, Statistical Abstracts data are compared to the accepted child sex abuse data (1 in 4 girl victims and 1 in 6-8 boy victims) and accepted estimates of the homosexual and heterosexual populations.

The data above show that 1-2 million homosexual men, who comprise a very small percentage of the male population, managed to sexually abuse 6 to 8 million boys under the age of 18. Approximately the same number of girls were abused during the same time frame. However, it took 86-88 million heterosexual men to prey on that number of girls. Again, the data demonstrate that the rate of homosexual molest of boys greatly outstrips the rate of heterosexual molest of girls.

Since 100% of homosexual males do not sexually assault boys, a vast subset of this highly cohesive population commits multiple, repeated child sex offenses. The homosexual population has been internationally identified in France, England and the USA as between 1% and 3% (in a range of 1.5% to 2%).38 Hard data confirm international research and law enforcement reports. The 2% homosexual population harbors a vast pederast boy abuse subculture, a public health problem of immense proportions.

This subculture has resulted in tragic consequences for children. As noted above, the rates of anxiety, depression and general psychopathology as well as venereal and general disease, child pornography and child and adult prostitution and pornography claim the lives of children who are sexually abused.


Homosexual child pornography and boy prostitution constitutes a massive, profitable industry, fully documented in the US crime statistics as well as in this author's publication, Judith Reisman and Charles Johnson, Partner Solicitation Characteristics as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation, (1994).

The pro-pederast publication, The Advocate admitted that almost ten thousand vulnerable, lonely boys, discussed later, initiated into homosexual acts allegedly via "consensual" sodomy, are now nonconsensual AIDS statistics. 39 Due to better medications says the executive director of an AIDS resource center, "[d]eaths may be down, but infections are not." Why?

"Young men think of themselves as immortal" explains another AIDS advisor. Oral sodomy, the standard homosexual act was found to be "the lone risk factor (i.e. likely cause) in 8 percent of HIV infections." The risk factor posed by anal sodomy "soared by more than 40 percent" in one year, 1997-98," "800 teen-agers (in many cases an entire high school) will be contracting HIV every year [in Kentucky]."40

While many would consider the problem of these AIDS infected young boys infecting young girls to be a major problem, by 1989 homosexual leaders saw the problem quite differently. In a stunning commentary, academic homosexual leaders, ignoring the spread of AIDS to other boys and girls, worried that boys had begun avoiding "gay" men.

Post the AIDS epidemic, academic homosexual leaders worried that boys were avoiding "gay' men. San Francisco State University Sexuality Professor Gilbert Herdt explained that homosexual leaders determined they must access schools, scouts and other child "institutions" in the mid 1980s in order to reverse a growing youthful resistance to homosexuality.

Advertisements seeking "gay" youths41 due to an alleged knowledge of gay youth "suicide" and associated "hate" crimes began to appear regularly--as seem in the Lasso school newspaper ad. "Recruitment" conferences paid for by tax dollars, such as the Multnomah County announcement above left in Portland, Oregon also began to spring up across the country. How and why did this happen? Writing in Gay and Lesbian Youth (1989) Herdt explained why homosexual youth recruitment increased:

"We had not foreseen youth would also have to contend with the new horrors of AIDS [that]...teenage gays and lesbians would shun older gays as role models or even as friends42 ...[To meet this challenge, said Herdt] only now has gay culture begun to institutionalize "socialization" techniques for the transmission of its cultural knowledge to a younger generation43 ... [as] local "gay" movements provide their own infrastructural support for the coming out process in teens.44 (Emphasis added)

Douglas Feldman, a medical anthropologist claimed, "these kids are our [the gay community's] future and we must invest in them."45 Yet, he adds that gay and lesbian organizations discourage having "gay" boys tested for HIV.46 Why? "Teenagers tend to be very susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases,"47 observed Feldman. In any event, Feldman says these boys "have about a one in four chance of developing AIDS in approximately 5 years."48

How to counteract this unforeseen boyish fear of homosexual sex? Methods for youthful indoctrination were proposed in homosexual meetings, discussions, debates and conferences. Methods of socialization into "gay cultural values" "investing" in "these kids" were subsequently developed and implemented. The victim-minority propaganda techniques recommended in Kirk and Madsen, After The Ball were largely followed.


"Gay Men View These Boys As Recreational Toys:" The post Kinsey era and the rise of homosexuality has brought a exponential increase in both heterosexual and homosexual child pornography and prostitution. Adult sex with "consenting" minors is still statutory rape. Yet, the March 1992 Advocate magazine cover story blames boy victims, not their adult male victimizers, for the disease, saying; "Teen Sex: They're Doing it And AIDS Is Killing Them By the Thousands."49

"Coming Out" Into Boy Prostitution. In 1972 there were 20,000 runaway girls and boys (called "throwaways") in harms way in New York, "43 percent of them...between the age of eleven and fourteen!"50 Recall, Robin Lloyd documented the press suppression of homosexual abuse and murder of boys in his expose of boy prostitution. "Boy prostitution... is now surfacing with the growing acceptance of homosexuality.51 ... some New York City high schools students ran... prostitution rings52 ... [while] street pimps recruit and train [boy] runaways."53

28) Introducing Lloyd's book, Senator Birch Bayh, (D-IN), liberal former Chairman of the US Senate Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency, confirmed that Lloyd's data were "frightening in its accuracy,"54 about "a hitherto undiscussed facet of the homosexual world.55 Says Lloyd:

Perhaps half of the million runaway boys in this country (aged 10 to 16) are peddling their bodies to "chicken hawks"­ older men who lust for "chicken [boys]"56 ... There are tightly run organizations... geared to provide wealthy clients with both pornography and boys... their boys will entertain movie stars, prominent athletes politicians, and in some cases, heads of state.57

29) Roughly Half A Million Boy Prostitutes: Lloyd's observation that "Boy prostitutes in Times Square outnumber female hookers five to one" gives pause. At 1-2 million "gay" men, (under 2% of the 90 million over 18-male population),58 500,000 yields one boy victim per 2 or 3 homosexual males--and this does not count seduction in the "normal" boy population. Although few homosexual killings (to date) rival Jeffrey Dahmer's gruesome cannibalization of 17 boys,59 Lloyd cites the Houston mass murders of at least twenty-seven boys out of three hundred molested by "a homosexual trio of sadists." Lloyd was concerned that press coverage of these rape-murders "would set the gay community back about ten years."60 But, while Kinsey's fraudulent data ("10%" of the population is homosexual) are continuously reprinted, the Houston murderers and other sadistic boy sex killings are steadfastly buried.

30) As noted earlier, while the homosexual press often reports adult inter-gay murders, both they and the establishment press avoid covering homosexual assaults and murders of boys-like Jesse Dirkhising. Short of murder, parents commonly don't prosecute homosexual abusers, fearing "the publicity,"61 while police often finesse important or affluent predators out of town.62

31) Having obtained endorsements from leaders in the homosexual movement,63 Lloyd still exposes some homosexual child sex rings. Boise, Idaho "sheltered a widespread homosexual underworld that...had preyed on hundreds of teen-age boys."64

32) A Wisconsin town quietly suppressed, "a homosexual ring" of about thirty-five closeted men, including prestigious leaders such as a College Dean, a hospital president, a Roman Catholic priest, several physicians, a man "hired to teach at a school for mentally retarded children," etc.65 The "homosexual ring...had enticed and contaminated many small boys as young as eight years old" into sex, with liquor and pornography.66 Investigator Clifford Lindecker, confirms Lloyd's findings of brutal and "respectable" pederasts fueling a flourishing traffic in boy prostitution.

Boy growing and becoming more obvious as homosexuals come out of the closets and form gay rights groups, and police power is watered down by court decisions friendlier to civil rights than to law enforcement and protection of the public... [B]oys learn that they can earn good money doing something they and their friends have come to accept as normal behavior.67

33) The Gay Lifestyle Facilitates Boy Prostitution. After admitting, "sex abuse in childhood as a cause of male prostitution has become almost conventional wisdom," and that, "the perpetrators are nearly always men," homophile, Donald West, in Male Prostitution protests that while his study of male prostitutes found high rates of child sexual abuse, he felt there was a high rate of consent.68 Addressing boy prostitution, West says:

Gay Search... comments on the fact that children are often given presents after cooperating with an abuser and writes: "it is easy to see how being rewarded for sexual favours can lead... very naturally to prostitution69 ... Boyer (1989) has argued that the culture of gay bars and meeting places, often referred to as a sexual market place (Read, 1980) by its emphasis on casual encounters and sexual conquest, holds out to young gays the expectation of patronage by older males and presents prostitution as a more or less normal aspect of the gay scene."70

34) Lloyd reports yet another "gay" child pornography case where a group of boys seeking "counseling" from a junior high "science teacher," were recruited into sodomy and pornography.71 One Los Angeles schoolteacher brought "groups of boys aged seven through thirteen across the border every three months."72 And West confirms common knowledge about both prostitution and homosexuality:

Many sexual assaults happening in later years were described during the interviews ... forced by clients and their accomplices to submit to unwanted, painful or damaging sexual acts. [J]ust as many men reported assaults in the course of sexual contacts unconnected with prostitution... the risk is to an extent inherent in some gay male lifestyles.73

35) Ratio is 5:1 AIDS Boys to Girls: The toxicity of "gay male lifestyles" and homosexual versus heterosexual child abuse is represented by a [5:1] ratio of boy-to-girl AIDS victims. As is documented in the Reisman & Johnson report, by 1991 the CDC identified 7,166 boys and 1,537 girls (also infected by bi/homosexual boyfriends) dying of AIDS.74

Where are the thousands of child sex murder convictions for the men who fatally infected these boys (and girls) or the outcry on behalf of these children heard in the establishment media? Instead of prosecution, schools provide carte blanche to predators by implying that boys with AIDS were "gay" from childhood.

By labeling boy AIDS victims "consenting gays," homosexual spokesmen "blame the victims," blaming ones own death upon the young "initiate."

36) 84% of Boys with AIDS are Infected by Adults: "Are you a man who has sex with men? If so, you should know that 1 in 5 of your prospective partners could be infected with AIDS."75

As discussed earlier, homosexual men are documented as stunningly promiscuous with "43 percent" admitting to sex with over 500.76 This "1 in 5" chance of dying from AIDS is therefore 100% fatal for most children socialized into homosexual Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Youth school clubs. And, too many of these children will join what appears to be the financially rewarding "profession" of prostitution.

37) Why do no investigative reporters ask, "Which men gave 7,166 boys AIDS as of 1991? That is mass annihilation! No homosexual press, no "gay" leader or organization demanded a moratorium on the activities of adult gay lecturers, "advisors," "guides" and "coaches" in the schools in the wake of the disease and deaths associated with homosexual sex. None have called for capture and punishment of the adult child sex abusers/murders. Even Gebe Kruks, a homosexual leader who protested these violations does not call for the arrests of the children's killers. Kruks wrote:

Gay boys.... having sex for money, shelter, love--they are at risk ....Gay men view these boys as recreational toys to be used. I have heard many stories of HIV-positive men having unprotected sex with boys. They don't think it matters.77

Figure 4: A Minimum of 59% of Boys Infected by Men

"HIV Transmission Routes in Adolescents Aged 13-21 in the United States"

Male Homosexuals/bisexual males 51%
Transfusion recipients 22%
Male homosexual intravenous drug users 8%
Heterosexuals 8%
Intravenous drug users 6%
Other 5%

"(These statistics are taken from the study "AIDS Among Adolescents," published in the October 1990 issue of the American Journal of Diseases of Children.)"

Figure 4: A Minimum of 59% of Boys Infected by Men

"HIV Transmission Routes in Adolescents Aged 13-21 in the United States"

Male Homosexuals/bisexual males 51%
Transfusion recipients 22%
Male homosexual intravenous drug users 8%
Heterosexuals 8%
Intravenous drug users 6%
Other 5%

"(These statistics are taken from the study "AIDS Among Adolescents," published in the October 1990 issue of the American Journal of Diseases of Children.)"

38) Boys Infected with AIDS by Homosexual Men: To hide the fact that 84% of AIDS children appear to be infected by bi/homosexuals, the "World AIDS Day" artfully reports "16% of adolescents with AIDS, aged 13 through 19... have been infected through heterosexual contact."78 The Advocate included this table, identifying at least 59% of adolescents with AIDS directly infected by adult bi/homosexuals. It is reprinted here verbatim.79

Said The Advocate: Now in the big cities, if you have sex with two [gay] men, you have a 50% chance of...someone who is HIV-positive."80

39) Since homosexual activity allegedly starts younger than in the past--at about age 1581 or younger82 -- "advisors" lure boys into "coming out" ("the most important rite of passage in gay life")83 to venereal disease for most, and death for at least 25% in approximately 5 years.


40) If children are more at risk of sexual disease and prostitution from homosexuals than heterosexuals, are they more at risk from sexual violence as well?" We already addressed this in the citations to West, but in their frank but empathetic book, Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them, homosexual activists, David Island and Patrick Letellier document inter-gay battery as a primary homosexual health problem after 1) AIDS (males), Cancer (females) and 2) drug abuse. They write:

"It is...likely...the incidence of domestic violence among gay men is nearly double that in the heterosexual many as 650,000 gay men may be victims of domestic violence each year84 ... 50 percent of gay male couples85 ...We believe [heterosexual domestic abuse] is closer to 20%..86 [D]omestic violence is acknowledged, talked about, and dealt with more in straight relationships than in gay male relationships." 87 (emphasis added)

The Advocate reports that at minimum:

41) Compared to heterosexual distrust or dislike, the rare assault inflicted on someone at a bar, and the singular although horrible aberrant murder--it is fair to say that the on-going, most significant "hate crimes" against homosexuals are, as Kirk and Madsen noted, inflicted by homosexuals.89

"[In 1987] the San Francisco police responded to no fewer than 100 calls per month for gay and lesbian domestic violence ...[T]here are thousands upon thousands of victims of gay men's domestic violence in the United States each month."90

42) In 1981 the homosexual press reported that about 10% of San Francisco's homicides resulted from homosexual sadomasochistic abuse.91 Hiding these facts from the public allows the use of the classroom to seduce children into a homosexual life of violence and sadism and too many into the trade in youthful prostitution and pornography. Additional research on teachers as predators, beyond SESAME, is needed as we face the upcoming campaign to bring increasingly graphic and unscientific information about sex into the schools, K-Ph.D., standing on the Kinsey canon and those "experts" who grew out of the Kinseyan sexuality field (see the "Scientific Authority" flow chart below).92

Kinsey Canon as K-Ph.D. Sex/Hate Crimes Education

The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) trains the teachers who teach "human relations," "Hate" Crimes, Cultural and Sexual Diversity and the like...


Trained in Their Pansexual Orgy Model by Two Commissioned Methodist Ministers who founded San Francisco's "Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality," Graduates And Teachers of the IASHS and Three Similar Institutes, Teach at Cal State Northridge, San Francisco State College, UC Berkeley, Lone Mountain College, Calif., University Of Southern California, UC Irvine, Etc., Human Sexuality, Aids Programs. Similarly, These Avowed Pansexualists Have Trained The Sexologists Who Teach the Teachers and Students About Sexuality Nationwide.

Senator Villaraigosa's anti-American, anti- child, anti-free speech, anti-Judeo-Christian and anti-family legislation would stomp out all right or wrong "hostile" thoughts in our Tom Sawyers and Becky Thatchers. Villaraigosa would have children torn from their parents' and religious protection by sexuality specialists whose academic curricula mandates up to 120 hours of viewing, (and often making) pornography including "erotic massage," "self massage," "fantasy," "masturbation," etc.

Alongside poetic references to God, faculty and students from San Francisco's Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, (America's main sex-credentialing agency), perform illegal pornographic group, couple and autoerotic sexual acts (See the collection of these IASHS photographs in Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality, 1977). Such "academic" training has informed the sex counselors, therapists, safe sex and AIDS educators drafting children's sex education curricula and teaching and training kindergarten to Doctorate. The IASHS graduates Masters of Public Health in Sexology; Doctor of Education; Doctor of Human Sexuality; Doctor of Philosophy; Safe Sex educators, etc. Some such graduates would appear in this photograph as well as the more explicit photos in the cited book.

Image redacted

Left is the conclusion of one of many illegal, semi required IASHS nude staff/ student/faculty bi/gay orgies. The newly "trained" Ph.D's, masters and bachelors of education, sexology, human relations, sexual orientation, etc., teach the teachers who AB 1785 would have teach children about sex and "relations."



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