Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences
The Institute for Media Education, Crestwood, KY.,
1998, 2000.
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Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation


Soft Porn Plays Hardball
Lafayette: LA. Huntington House,
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Kinsey, Sex and Fraud
Judith Reisman et al., Lafayette LA: Huntington House,
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Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler
US Dep. Justice Grant No. 84-JN-AX-K007,
1986, 1989, 1990.
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Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences,
The Institute for Media Education, Crestwood, KY., 1998, 2000.

Dr. Judith Reisman's definitive book on Dr. Alfred Kinsey published 50 years after the publication of his first sex study, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. The sexual revolution was based on a lie. Dr. Judith Reisman has spent 30 years uncovering the truth.

Dr. Reisman: Your manuscript does an impressive and important job of exposing how heavily Kinsey's data relate to criminals and sex deviates... Kinsey does, to be sure, scatter bits of information about this... no one previously has done the painstaking detective work of pulling the bits and pieces together and estimating the proportion of respondents who were in these categories. . . your figure of "roughly 86 percent," it does appear to be in the right ball park; but even if the correct figure were only a quarter of that the effect on Kinsey's validity would be devastating. Overall, your manuscript strongly reinforces my 1949 conclusion that ". . . it is impossible to say that the book has much value...
W. Allen Wallis, past president of The American Statistical Association and past editor of The Journal of The American Statistical Association

National Review
In 1948, the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University was led by eugenicist Alfred C. Kinsey, whose sex research shook America's moral foundation and launched the 1960's Sexual Revolution. Fifty years later new revelations confirm Dr. Judith's Reisman's 1981 expose of scientific fraud and criminally derived data contained in the publicly funded Kinsey Reports. Dr. Reisman's revealed that Kinsey conducted human experiments in a soundproof laboratory built to his specifications at Indiana University, and that the sexual abuse of at least 317 infants and young boys was scientific protocol for Kinsey's 1948 report. Dr. Reisman discloses for the first time the ongoing consequences to the American people and the world based on Kinsey's deliberately skewed research. Kinsey died in 1956 but his Institute endures today under the expanded title "The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction," suggesting an even more ominous threat to human rights and liberty.


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Kinsey: Crime & Consequences  


Chapter 7, Third Edition (2003)

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Soft Porn Plays Hardball,
Lafayette: LA. Huntington House, 1991.

This informative book based on Dr. Reisman's extensive U.S. Justice Department Study on pornography especially child pornography entitled, Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.  Soft Porn presents Pornography's  Tragic Effects On Women, Children, and The Family, and is must reading for understanding the power of sexual images and their negative and destructive impact on men, women children, and ultimately families. (softcover) .















Kinsey, Sex and Fraud,
Judith Reisman et al., Lafayette LA: Huntington House, 1990.

Kinsey Sex and Fraud: the Indoctrination of a People describes the allegedly scientific research of Alfred Kinsey and colleagues, which shaped western society's beliefs and understanding of the nature of human sexuality. Kinsey's unchallenged conclusions are taught at every level of education-- elementary school, high school, and college--and quoted in textbooks as undisputed truth.

Kinsey's research involved illegal experimentation on several hundred children. The survey was based on a non-representative group of Americans, including hundreds of sex offenders, prostitutes, prison inmates, and exhibitionists. Because of this fraudulent research, Kinsey's brand of social "science" has led to one of the greatest hypocrisies of all time: the pretense of providing safe-sex instructions to children while in reality advancing Kinsey's agenda, including indulgence in high-risk lifestyles and behaviors.


This Book Reveals:

  • How the most famous sex research project in history was fraudulent.
  • How official sex education doctrine in the United States is based on that research.
  • How Kinsey's data came from pedophiles and sex offenders stimulating children (as young as 2 months) orally and manually for up to 24 hours at a time This rivals the Nazi experiments described at Nuremberg.

"Two years ago, when I previewed material from this book, I said it was 'social dynamite'. Looking at the final version ... I think my former assessment may have been an understatement. On the cultural Richter scale, the impact of this book could be close to a 10."
Patrick Buchanan, nationally syndicated columnist

"The authors raise serious and disturbing questions about the accuracy, reliability and perhaps truthfulness of the figures given in Kinsey's 1948 book and the methods by which these data were obtained. Because of the obvious importance of Kinsey's work, these questions need to be thoroughly and openly debated by the scientific community."
Walter W. Stewart, research scientist, National Institute of Health

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Images of Children, Crime & Violence in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler
US Dep. Justice Grant No. 84-JN-AX-K007, 1986, 1989, 1990.

The Executive Summary of the $800,000 study conducted by Dr. Reisman for the Justice Department. This summary was the first published by the American Family Association and was responsible for persuading a national convenience chain to stop selling "soft" core porn.