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Other websites featuring Judith Reisman's work

Salvo Magazine
Blog and commentary at The Inter-American Institute
Utmost Way Magazine

Trafficking, abuse, abduction and resistance

ACT - Against Child Trafficking
Anne Bissell
Children's Advocacy Institute
CPPA - California Protective Parents Association
Crimes Against Children Research Center - Papers
Domestic Violence Advocate 4 Kids
Hollie Demands Justice
Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking
International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children
LiveWatch Security - Preventing child abduction with home security
MASA - Mothers Against Sexual Abuse
MOLC - Mothers of Lost
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Polaris Project
Romania - For Export Only
Sexual Abuse Survivors In Recovery Anonymous
The CNN Freedom Project
The Silver Braid - Sexual exploitation survival and prevention community
The Silver Braid - Sexual exploitation survival and prevention community (animated website)
The Zero - Resources
Trafficking Resource Center
Voices for Justice
Youth Law Center

Porn & sex addiction information and recovery

Addiction Resource
Against Pornography
American Society of Addiction Medicine
Anti-Porn Activist Network
Girls Against Porn
Kick Sex Addiction
Porn Addict Hubby
Reasonable Women
Reddit's Porn Free Community
Sexual Recovery
Shelley Lubben
Stop Porn Culture
The AntiPornMenProject
The Social Costs of Pornography
Through the Flame
Understanding Addiction
Your Brain On Porn


Adult Entertainment - 1726 Entertainment
American Deception
Centers for Decency
Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - Charlotte Iserbyt
Drug Dangers
Family Safe Media
Military Hub - Lifestyle
National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse
The Kinsey Syndrome - Chris Pinto
Truth in American Education