White Papers

The Kinsey Reports: Crimes & Consequences 1948-Today

Speech Presented by
Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.,
The Council for National Policy, Boston, Massachusetts
October 13, 2001

Thank you Senator Haynes for that wonderful introduction and also for your conscientious promotion of this information to the ALEC membership. Senator Haynes is long a hero of mine, as is Steve Baldwin, also from California. It is an honor to address my fellow CNP members and their guests. Before proceeding, allow me to acknowledge three colleagues without whom this presentation[1] at this august venue would not have been possible.

First, my friend and counselor, Colonel Ron Ray and my remarkable editor and publisher Eunice Ray. Both extend their sincere regrets that they cannot be here today but they are visiting their young Marine son, Shelby, a VMI freshman who is on high alert for deployment. So, we wish them well and Shelby, Godspeed. Special recognition is due to the extraordinarily gifted scholar and researcher, Dr. Linda Jeffrey who assists me in this briefing.

In January all CNP members received a copy of my book, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences along with the 1998 British Television documentary, "Kinsey's Pedophiles." Both were exposes of the criminal acts committed in the gathering of Alfred C. Kinsey's data for Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953). One may ask, why be concerned with Kinsey, who, like Darwin, is long dead?

In law journals and statutes of over thirty states and still counting, Dr. Jeffrey has found compelling evidence to support the findings in Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, that Kinsey's junk science has been used to subvert American law. Kinsey's data are alive and well in our law today.

During the Reagan years, as a Ph.D. in Communications, I was appointed to serve as the Principal Investigator for a US Department of Justice study for which I used the military intelligence method of Content Analysis to document the quantity and quality of "Images of Children, Crime and Violence" in mainstream pornographic publications.[2] These Justice Department findings have been cited in briefs filed in numerous venues, including the U.S. Supreme Court.[3] Dr. Jeffrey and I also used Content Analysis to measure the influence of Kinsey's junk science on American penal law.

I address you not as a lawyer, but as a "citizen lawyer," a station all Americans were once expected to occupy. The common law was fixed, based on common experience thus possible to know and to keep so that ignorance of the law was no excuse.[4]

While America is properly focused on foreign enemies, I will document a long term, coordinated attack by domestic enemies on America's Judeo-Christian based legal system. Internal terrorists have destabilized marriage by abolishing common law protections for women, children and the family.

The primary weapons for the domestic offensive were Indiana University's fraudulent Kinsey Reports and the Model Penal Code (MPC), produced by the highly regarded American Law Institute (ALI).

In a war, even a culture war, defensive actions cannot restore the rubble of our godly legal foundations. Now known as a fraud and a director of child sexual experimentation, Dr. Kinsey, documented as the strongest scientific foundation for the sexual revolution, is, paradoxically, the "Weakest Link" in the anti-family stronghold.[5]


In 1765, William Blackstone, whose Commentaries on the Laws of England so influenced American jurisprudence, said that Nature's law and biblical law are the foundation for an ordered society.[6] By 1998, however, almost two centuries later, "scientific" authority became the "higher" authority and it displaced, superceded biblical/moral authority in American law.

As evidence of the shift, in 1998 Justice Stephen Breyer notes, "law cases can turn almost entirely on an understanding of the underlying ... scientific subject matter."[7] If science guides law and if law guides conduct, then law guided by junk science can corrupt social conduct. As Justice Louis Brandeis says:

The conduct of life is to so large an extent determined by the existing legal institutions, that an understanding of the legal system must give you a clearer view of human affairs...and aid you in comprehending the conditions, and institutions by which you are surrounded.[8]

Fortune Magazine Cover

Finally, while evolutionists claim cultural changes are mysterious chance encounters, author/historian E. Michael Jones asserts that cultural eras are commonly directed by faceless "men in a room somewhere," so elegantly illustrated in the 1939 Fortune Magazine cover (left). Today I will introduce you to some of the "men in a room" who paved the way for the 60s sexual revolution and our current cultural malaise.


To evolutionists, culture drives law. If so, what was the cultural climate prior to 1948? Stepping back in time, you be the judge. The Bible is still a classroom textbook and the Ten Commandments are taught. Student prayer is common and the pledge of Allegiance a daily routine. Entertainment is generally "wholesome."

America's "patriarchal" sex laws, as the feminists call them, favor protections for women and children. Why? Because men in this patriarchal system are held legally and morally responsible for most, if not all, sexual conduct.[9] Seduction, alienation of affection, breach of promise, adultery, sodomy, cohabitation and fornication are criminalized in most states.[10]

Rape and child molestation can result in fines, prison and even death.[11] "The marital act," legal only within the "institution" of marriage, assures the orderly management of "human affairs."

In the late 1930s two little girls were raped and murdered. In response to the public outcry J. Edgar Hoover declared a "war on the sex criminal...a sinister threat to American childhood and womanhood."[12] The people demanded strict enforcement of sex crime penalties. The laws reflected national attitudes and a culture that held that:

  • Age of Consent was 18 years old in 16 states and 16 in most others.
  • Seduction was illegal and a felony in states like California.
  • Adultery was grounds for "fault" divorce, fines and/or prison in most states.
  • Rapists could receive a few years, to Death, in 18 states and life in 22 others.
  • Statutory Rapists could receive a few years, to Death, in 16 states.[13]

The South Carolina Law Review gallantly reported: "consent is not an element of statutory rape...[A minor] is regarded as resisting no matter what her state of mind, for the law is said to resist for her."[14] And, a jury of ones peers was given all the evidence to consider its verdict.

The "men in the room" would change all that.

In an unprecedented media blitz, [15] by the last week in November, 1947, the American press heralded Kinsey's Male report as "The K-Bomb" and the plan was engaged. Similarly, on one day in 1953, 70% of press headlines and feature articles hyped the upcoming Female report.[16]

John Gagnon, a Kinsey Institute senior researcher, declared Kinsey's "books were meant to [cause] social change."[17] James Jones, Kinsey's biographer, reveals the Kinsey mission was to end the sexual repression[18] of our Christian based "English-American common law traditions."[19]

Immediately following the debut of the first Kinsey report, ACLU co-founder Morris Ernst published one of four books calling for sex crime tolerance. Today we will address only the legal changes in the crimes of child abuse and rape, two of the fifty-two laws (including obscenity, sodomy, prostitution, etc.) targeted by Ernst for liberalizing or abolishing.[20]

Kinsey and Ernst, [21] two of our, "men in a room somewhere," are joined by others; operatives, academics, progressive jurists, freethinkers, psychiatrists, elite eugenicists and population controllers.


The Kinsey Institute employment of nine pedophiles to sexually molest hundreds of infants and children, most under age ten, to allege "normal" child eroticism is now well known. The CBNTV documentary you just saw, broadcast on the Fox Family Channel,[22] reported additional frauds, especially Kinsey's 87% aberrant male sample of 4,628 sexual outlaws (felons, homosexuals and "mentally ill" persons) versus 873 'normal' men.

Thus, the conduct of the socially deviant became the male model for future sex conduct and legal changes. Yet, while the Kinsey Institute's phony abortion and other female statistics were used to radicalize our sex laws,[23] their influential study never met any accepted scientific standard.


Based on Kinsey's "data" --that fornication and adultery were common and harmless, and that 95% of men were sex offenders under the common law--the position of father as protector/defender/provider was ruinously enfeebled. Morris Ernst[24] addresses the legal and academic professions:

The whole of our laws and customs in sexual matters is...to protect the family, and at the base of the family is the father [who Kinsey reveals is] quite different from anything the general public had supposed....[25]

But, was father so different? Tom Brokaw painted a very contradictory picture than Kinsey of the men (and women) of The Greatest Generation:

Faith in God was...part of the lives of the WW II generation. ... They stayed true to their values of personal responsibility, duty, honor, and faith... [Those] outside their families reminded them of the ethos of their family and community.[26]

The Kinsey Institute's smear of 95% of American fathers as sex offenders, and their charge that 10% to 37% were part-time homosexuals, undermined father as a moral authority. The view of manliness, evidenced as a duty to protect women and children, began to shift, as statistics of widespread unmarried sexual activity shook the nation's trust in father, and in one another.

In December 1953, supported by Kinsey's Female Report that said mom and "the girl next door" were sexual adventurers and adulteresses, Playboy was launched. Now, while Kinsey is reporting sexually licentious national norms, although abortion is unlawful and contraception rigorously restricted, the public health data is reporting miniscule rates of "illegitimacy," rape, venereal disease or divorce (a common result of adultery). What accounts for this incongruity?


The ALI Penal Code

The American Law Institute was launched in 1923 by legal luminaries as an educational arm of the American Bar Association. Like the Kinsey Reports, the ALI Model Penal Code was also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Model Penal Code schematic handout (left) which you have to examine at your leisure,[27] illustrates how Kinsey's evolutionary sexuality "abolished" common law supports for marital stability.[28]

Prior to the ALI Code,[29] Kinsey and other Code authors, methodically advised state "Sex Offense Commissions:" New York (1939), New Jersey (1949), California (1949), Illinois (1953) and others. These commission findings were implanted in the American Law Institute Model Penal Code of 1955.

Kinsey testified in 1949 to California's "Subcommittee on Sex Crimes" that his "sample...represent[s] the total [male] population," that 95% of men are sex offenders. This false testimony moved the California committee to call for reducing rather than strengthening sex crime penalties.[30]

The Introduction to the "Illinois Commission on Sex Offenders" in 1953 states, "The Kinsey findings... permeate all present thinking on this subject."[31] Kinsey advised the Illinois commission, which concluded that a "cultural tendency to overprotect women and children" is more "detrimental" to victims than are sex crimes.

In order to reduce crime the Illinois Commission recommended, "minimizing the publicity given to sex crimes." This illuminates the FBI decision in 1958 to purge all of their statutory rape data from their Uniform Crime Report and it sheds light on why, until 2000 data on sex crimes against children under age twelve were absent from the U.S. Department of Justice database.

In 1965 the misguided Illinois Commission would implement "sex education" in all school districts, as the best "step in [sex] crime prevention which Illinois can make."[32]

New York Magistrate Morris Ploscowe,[33] advised the 1939 "Mayor's Committee for the Study of Sex Offenses." MPC author Paul Tappan earned his spurs writing the 1950 "New Jersey Commission Habitual Sex Offender" report. Tappan thanked Kinsey and Ploscowe for "frequent and extended consultations":

As revealed in his [Kinsey's] data and in his conferences with the Commission, behavior in conflict with our legal and moral codes is exceedingly common.[34]

In 1948 Morris Ernst declared, "every page of the Kinsey Report touches on some section of the legal code." By 1952 Columbia law professor Herbert Wechsler in The Harvard Law Review, called for "science-based" legal reform, via a Model Penal Code.[35]

Wechsler, Poscowe, Tappan and attorney Louis Schwartz become ALI-MPC "Sex Offenses" authors.

Judge Ploscowe cited Kinsey when he claimed that "a total clean-up of sex offenders" would "put 95% of the male population in jail." [36] The 95% statistic was used by state drafting committees and others to say that since everyone is a sex offender, sex crime penalties are illogical.

Like Kinsey's false 10% to 37% homosexuality statistic that launched the "gay rights" movement,[37] this too will change our culture.

Law professor Louis Schwartz had envisioned how the Kinsey data could be used to change our laws:

Sexual penal reforms can...eventually...[be] eased...into the written law...presenting the changes in a context of merely technical improvements.[38]

Schwartz boasts of his pioneering role, with the ALI-MPC, in guiding many state reform committees into reduction of sex crime penalties

[People resist when] smaller numbers of articulate opinion-makers launch an open attack on the old...traditional faith...If I must make a moral judgment, it is in favor of the individual visionaries who are willing to pay the personal cost to challenge the old moral order.[39]


Ernst, an intimate of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Justices Brandeis, Brennan, Frankfurter and Learned Hand, declares that; "Kinsey ended an era." Ernst addressed the legal profession:

[N]o bar association, law school journal, or lawyers' committee can consider laws...on sexual matters without reference to the Kinsey study. Kinsey's first volume ended an era. [It is] the single greatest contribution of science to the...law in my lifetime.[41]

One hundred percent of the ALI-MPC "Sex Offenses" footnotes for the normality of sexual promiscuity cite to Kinsey. The ALI-MPC was sent to state legislatures, all of whom, believing the Code to be scientifically factual, adopted it all or in part from 1955 to 1980, ending the common law era.


Dr. Manfred Guttmacher, head of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry or GAP, was an ALI-MPC advisor. Guttmacher convinced the Code's chief author, Herbert Wechsler, that therapy should replace punishment in the law.[42] It largely has.

GAP also instructs the legal community that for children, "full responsibility for sexual behavior" should begin at the "age of 7."[43] Citing to Kinsey for GAP's sex offender recommendations:

Kinsey's findings were the points by which we steered. The debt that society will owe to Kinsey and his co-workers for their research on sexual behavior will be immeasurable. [44]


Indeed, The Kinsey Institute team asserted that their data showed that sex offenders seldom repeat their crimes and that sexual promiscuity does not produce sex crime, disease or divorce.

For the first time in American history sexual conduct becomes privatized in the law.[45] Immoral behavior is reclassified as having no public health consequences.[46] Because, Judge Ploscowe explained, one must fulfill one's natural "human need." [47]

[E]nforcement of the prohibitions of sex legislation [are a] failure ... out of touch with the realities of [life], and... inherently unenforceable ...the law attempts to forbid an activity which responds to a wide human need.[48]
Several of Dr. Jeffrey's Law Review findings follow, such as Judge Ploscow's assertion in the 1966 Brooklyn Law Review that statutory rape laws should be eliminated, claiming instead that:
[A] girl at puberty fully understands...sexual intercourse and the fiction of non-consent, which the law sets up, does not correspond to the facts. [49]

Jeffrey notes that prolific law and psychiatry author Ralph Slovenko took Ploscowe's "wide human need" theory even further:

Even at the age of four or five, this [female] seductiveness may be so powerful as to overwhelm the adult into committing the offense. The affair is therefore not always the result of the adult's aggression; often the young female is the initiator and seducer.[50]

Kinsey gives other "men in the room" battling their own private demons, "scientific data" to cause "a downward revision of the penalties presently imposed on sex offenders."[51] As even pedophiles yield only to a "wide human need" [52] strict or permanent punishment is eliminated, even for the most violent sex offenders.


Dr. Jeffrey's research into early law review articles and state statutes verified that state law revisions reflect the ALI-MPC in language and intent. Kinsey's data are important today. Kinsey is in our law. Where marital coitus was earlier the only lawful sexual congress, and rape could get death in 18 states and life in 22 others, now some states have purged the term "rape" entirely from their law.

  • 1983 The New Jersey Law Journal: "[T]he older term "rape" was fraught with negative emotion and unrealistic for this era...There is no justification for the perception that the female is a unique creature, harmed in some unique way by untoward sexual behavior." [53]
  • 1976 Maine Law Review: "Only threats of serious bodily injury, kidnapping, or death will suffice to make out the crime of rape."[54]
  • 1969 The Georgia Law Review: Child molestation is a "relatively minor crime...[the] absurdity of enforcing most of our sex laws...should be obvious, even to the most prudish Neo-Puritans."[55]
  • 1973 Missouri Revision Commission: Rape and child abuse "carry extremely severe punishment...Those few who are punished are dealt with cruelly, to the satisfaction of no one except a shrinking frenetic fringe of maniacal moralists." [56]
  • And, adds Missouri, the label "rapist should not be used in the statutory non consent cases...The Code reserves that term for the most heinous sexual offender...For, one may have sex with a "fully consenting...social companion ...of 12 years of age." (The last review found consent at age 14).[57]

Current rape penalties are normally trivial. In complex, gradated laws on "age of consent" it is really the youngest victims (age four in Georgia) who are on trial. To prove an authentic rape, a little child must substantiate additional proofs of "force."

The two Georgia elements to be proven are "against her will", which is proven by the victim age as under 10; and "forcibly" which must be proven by all rape victims, regardless of age. Georgia annotations in the current law state:

The fact that a victim is under the age of consent may supply the "against her will" element in a forcible rape prosecution under this section, but the same fact cannot supply the element of force as a matter of law. State v. Collins, 70 Ga. 42, 508 S.E.2d 390 (1998).

The practical results? Dr. Jeffrey also found that in 1990, the American Bar Association reported that 80% of convicted child molesters plea-bargain and serve no prison time. [58] Commonly, the felon, as recommended by the legal elite, receives "treatment for his sexual orientation to children" at taxpayer expense. [59]

"Pedophiles comprise the largest class of sex offenders," says E.C.B. Jr., in The Georgia Law Review. Having been advised by Kinsey, E.C.B. concludes that child molesters "should be released on probation" or after paying "a small fine" if they didn't use "physical force,"[60] an oxymoron.

The Kinsey Reports are the only "scientific" research claiming to "prove" children are erotic from birth and desirous of sexual acts. Despite governmental organizations lamenting pandemic child sexual abuse, state compromise is visible. Until 2000, data on sexual abuse of children under age 12 were absent from the U.S. Department of Justice longitudinal studies while, as noted, the FBI purged all post 1958 statutory rape data from its Uniform Crime Report of "rape."[61]

There are those within these agencies and aligned therapeutic fields who agree that four-year-olds (erotic beings from birth) "may...be the seducers" of older men.[62]


In his 1952 Harvard Law Review article, Wechsler called for a MPC because the high crime rate proves common laws are ineffective and "unscientific."[63] "From 1965 to 1975" after most state codes on violent crime had been relaxed, "the violent crime rate in the United States roughly tripled." [64] And, according to the official FBI "Index of Crime," from 1970 to 1999 violent crime increased 396%.[65] Professor Wechsler's ALI-MPC mission to reduce crime has failed. Children and women are ever more victimized by both criminals and the justice field.

This was noted in 1981 by then President Ronald Reagan, who said that a "tragic era" stained our justice system:

For the past thirty years justice has been unreasonably tilted in favor of criminals and against their innocent victims. This tragic era can fairly be described as a period when victims were forgotten and crimes were ignored.[66]

President Reagan's observation, that justice favored the guilty, dates back to 1951, when laws, according to the National Research Council, began to "divide somewhat crudely into the pre-Kinsey and post-Kinsey eras."[67] And, this fanatical legal favoritism has been unrelenting.

On point, the 14% increase in the under 20 population (1960 to 2000) and the 52% increase in the general population do not explain skyrocketing levels of sociosexual disorder, such as sex crimes, venereal diseases/AIDS, illegitimacy and abortions during these years. Partiality for tolerating criminality in all of our sex laws does. Note below a few less well-known statistics from the post-Kinsey years, 1960 to 1999.[68]

1960 to 1999

70% Increase in murder reports

168% Increase in aggravated assault reports

418% Increase in "forcible rape" reports (excludes many child victims)[69]

1,300% to 5,166% Increase in child sex abuse reports 1982-1999[70]

In 1999

67% reported sex abuse victims are children under 18

64% reported forced sodomy victims are boys under 12[71]

4,200 (to an alleged 19,000) "in school" rapes and sexual assaults[72]

350,000 estimated children in prostitution/pornography, etc.[73]


Indiana Law School Dean, Frank Horack, Jr. forecast Kinsey's impact on the legal profession in a 1950 Illinois Law Review:

The principal impact of the Kinsey Report will be on...the law...[aiding] police officers, prosecutors, judges, probation officers and superintendents of penal institutions [in] judging individual cases. Officials will read it. Defense counsel will cite it...Even when not offered into evidence, it will condition official action. Psychiatrists, psychologists, penologists, juvenile and probation officers...will use the data and their professional advice will be heeded by the judge. Here the Report will control many decisions and dictate the disposition and treatment of many offenders. [74]

Was Horack's prediction accurate? Westlaw, America's prestigious law journal database, launched in 1982, cites over six-hundred and fifty law journal articles to Kinsey from 1982 to 2000, with runner-up Masters and Johnson cited ninety-two times.[75] In academe, Kinsey is cited 1.5 x more than Masters & Johnson, 2 x more than Freud and 4 x more than Paiget.[76]

Reprising Justice Breyer, the higher authority of "science" has now fully displaced the higher authority of the common law based on the Old and New Testaments. So the truthfulness and accuracy of "scientists" now largely determines the nation's law and public policy.

I questioned two US Supreme Court Justices on what could be done about laws changed, or cases decided, based on fraudulent science. Each advised me that such laws could be challenged and could be recalled.

People are often heard to echo, "You can't legislate morality--culture drives law." They seem to forget how the laws on slavery and abortion have radically changed our culture. The Wall Street Journal reported that in response to rampant AIDS in Tanzania, sexual conduct would be punished in a culture with no previous sexual limits. Tanzania now bans pornography, bawdy dances, night trysts.

"Within two years teachers report a decrease in schoolgirl pregnancy." The AIDS committee chairman states, "We're penalizing people less often because almost everyone is behaving better."[77]

The Kinsey reports are the anti-family forces weakest link. Eunice Ray launched the RSVP America campaign as an offensive action against that weakest link, with allies like[78] Joey Davis in Missouri and Leslie Unruh, Founder and President of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse and the brilliant Massachusetts physician, Dr. John Diggs. State legislators and pro-family leaders are being educated about the venues in which to use this powerful weapon--information on the subversion of our laws by The Kinsey Institute's junk science.

Before the Kinsey Reports and the revolutionary changes wrought by the ALI MPC, the law history points to a time when women and children were largely safe in their streets and parks, even should they choose to take an evening stroll, when violence, disease, and dysfunction were very low. It is time for state legislatures to review and rectify these failed criminal law reforms to facilitate a return to safety and security for law-abiding citizens.

In his farewell address, George Washington warned us to "resist with care" the changes our laws would undergo:

Resist with care the spirit of innovation...which will undermine what cannot be directly overthrown...In all the changes to which you may be invited, remember that time and habit are at least as necessary to fix the true character of governments...[and that] changes [based on] mere hypothesis and opinion, exposes to perpetual change, from the endless variety of hypothesis and opinion.[79]

Are there a "few men in this room" who will mount an offensive to restore Biblically based protections for women and children? Recall Hosea:

My people perish for lack of knowledge...seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God I will also forget thy children.

Pray and Act to Restore Social Virtue and Purity to America that the Lord may remember America's children. (rsvpamerica.org)

I thank you.


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[23] Indiana University and mass media endorsements have been vital both to Kinsey's credibility and the mushrooming American field of human sexuality that Kinsey founded. But the truth is a stubborn thing. Indiana University continually and falsely marketed Kinsey as a conventional, mid-western academic family man. On October 13, 1997, the National Review reported that the "sexual revolution" would face a potentially serious setback were it known that the father of the American field of human sexuality is a pornography obsessed, impotent homosexual psychopath who died prematurely with complications from orchitis, a result of the barbaric abuses he routinely inflicted upon his reproductive organs. Kinsey's dreadful "rough sex" death is the sexual revolution, writ large.

No amount of polish can now obscure the fact that Kinsey is not the unbiased, detached and conventional sex researcher IU presented to America. In the August 25-September 1, 1997 New Yorker, James Jones, the Rockefeller fellow who wrote his thesis on the Kinsey Institute, reported that Kinsey, as a closeted homosexual, engaged in reckless sadistic and public sex acts with his male students, male research subjects and male co-workers. He put his wife, his colleagues and their wives in sex films made in the attic of his Bloomington family home and implicitly in his soundproofed offices on the IU campus. Kinsey's obsessive use of obscenity in association with his masochistic and sadistic self-abuse appears to have hastened his early demise. Again, briefly, the sexual revolution stood on the Reports' revelations that our parents are hypocritical sexual adventurers, who lied to us about their chastity and thus their religious beliefs. But Kinsey's data met no scientific standard. It is now known that Kinsey directed at least nine pedophile "observers" in sexual atrocities on up to 2,035 infants and children. Beyond this, the Report data published in 1948 and 1953--and republished in 1998--were and are scientifically fraudulent. Covering up his use of 86% to 87% of aberrant and purged men, Kinsey claimed 95% of "normal" American husbands, fathers, uncles and brothers are sex offenders; 69% use prostitutes; 85% "fornicate"; 50% are adulterers; and 10-37% are part or full-time homosexuals, justifying Playboy's recreational sex and Harry Hay's homosexual movement.

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[47] In New York, Ploscowe proposes that all sex offenses can be processed as "misdemeanor sexual misconduct." Kentucky law once held rape as a capital offense: The law today echoes the New York law: Comments to their sexual misconduct statute states, "KRS 510.140, represents the basic crimes of rape and sodomy and thus includes all of the higher degrees of each of these crimes. It provides a useful plea-bargaining tool for the prosecutor in certain cases even though some degree of forcible compulsion or incapacity to consent may be present." On December 30, 1979, the New York Times described New Jersey as "hung up lately on the subject of sex." During 1979, according to the NYT report, New Jersey:

Set the age at which teen-agers could legally consent to sex

Allowed municipalities to establish "zones" for live sex shows and pornography

Legalized incest over the age of 16

Legalized necrophilia and sodomy

Legalized adultery, fornication, promiscuity, and seduction resulting in pregnancy. Reduced penalties for the sale of commercial consumer sex (prostitution).

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[78] Our marriage institution will never recover until the claims of "normal" sexuality that displaced its supremacy are wholly exposed. Then, laws based upon the fraud perpetrated by a few "men in a room somewhere" can be recalled and our common laws restored! Culture will follow.

E. Michael Jones, "A Room With a View: Debunking the Whig Theory of History." Culture Wars, March 2001, at 16-19. Kinsey has proven a good and faithful eugenicist, useful to the population controllers who, says E. Michael Jones. promote sexual license to gain political control.

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