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Events | Posted: March 21, 2021

Conference Against the Commercialization of Sexuality

Zefat Academic College, March 7 and 8, 2021


The way governments conduct themselves in the face of the growing sex industry in the world reflects social, philosophical, economic, legal and cultural values in society. The Conference Against the Commercialization of Sexuality at the Zafet Academic College will be held on March 7-8, 2021, and will address these and other issues, from a variety of angles. The conference will be attended by leading international researchers from the fields of social sciences, law, social work, education, media and the arts, and leading figures in Israeli politics.

Program 18:15-21:00

  • Greetings and opening remarks: Prof. Esther Hertzog, Social Behavior Department, Zefat Academic College
  • Ms. Huschke Mau, an ex-prostitute, Ph.D. student, an activist for women´s rights (Germany) - "We need our entire society to exit from prostitution"
  • Dr. Melissa Farley, Executive Director Prostitution Research & Education (USA) - Seven links between prostitution, pornography and trafficking
  • Dr. Judith Reisman, Director, The Reisman Institute, The Child Protection Institute - Sexually explicit images as erototoxins: Four routs of the child sex traffic pandemic (USA)
  • Ms. Gunilla Ekberg, a Feminist activist and human rights lawyer (Sweden) - The Swedish feminist approach to the prevention and elimination of prostitution and trafficking in human beings for sexual purposes: Reflections on sustainable cultural change and application