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Reisman Articles | Posted: March 15, 2020

Warrior Memorial: Shelley Lubben

By Judith Reisman, Ph.D. and Alisa Jordheim, March 21, 2020

Shelley_Lubben_Warrior_MemorialWith fond remembrance, I esteem my beloved friend and colleague Shelley Lubben. Shelley left for Heaven, February 9, 2019, in Springville, California after a long illness. Both of us, Alisa and Judith, were honored to have squired Shelley the day and evening before her death to the hospital in San Diego. Several days after she returned home we called Shelley to see how she was. She was happily I know, with her Lord.

There could be no better memorial for Shelley than the "Dead Porn Stars Memorial"[1] she created and the words below. Shelley, a deeply damaged, strong, wonderful woman, credits Jesus for saving her life and giving her the strength to help so many others in need. Here is "Thoughts from JAS":

"Lubben, who was a 90s porn star, is today an author, speaker and the founder of 'The Pink Cross'. Geneviève speaks of how Shelley's testimony planted a seed in her life which began her journey to healing. It was one of the first times Geneviève had realized that she could speak out about what was going on in her life."

"When I listened to [Shelley's story] on YouTube, I cried all through her message....Heavy, deep tears rolled onto my cheeks. I wept relentlessly... I watched the videos a few times and I wept, each time, at specific places where she described some details of her life as a prostitute and porn star. No one has ever talked publicly about the sort of things I have been doing in my hidden life for eight years. Eight years is a lot in someone's life. Hearing all this was an amazing relief (p. 49)."

"Getting in touch with Shelley Lubben, Geneviève was given support to turn her life around. This combined with added support from counselling helped Geneviève to heal emotionally, spiritually and financially. In 2009 she secured legitimate mainstream employment and was able to finally exit the sex industry for good. Today Geneviève runs the Pink Cross Australia, spends her time supporting men and women who want to transition out of the sex industry, and volunteers through her church organizing community social events. She now fulfills her artistic passion in a more healthy way, using her talents to facilitate healing amongst women and men in the sex industry."

Before leaving this Memorial page please read "Lubben & Reisman Pornography Harms to Performers"[2]. This document is part of Shelley's great legacy to those whose lives have been, and continue to be, destroyed by the once criminal enterprise - pornography.

[1] Dead Porn Stars Memorial, by Shelley Lubben:

View on YouTube (opens new window)

[2] Excerpts from Lubben & Reisman Pornography Harms to Performers:

Although this backgrounder focuses on the secondary negative effects of the pornographic industry on its employees, we also understand the multiplicity of secondary negative effects on the community at large.
  1. The Pornographic Industry Lures a Damaged Population as Its Employees.
  2. Secondary Negative Effects of Pornographic Workplace on Performers:
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Mental Health/Disabilities of Pornographic Workplace Employees
  3. Public Costs of a Pornographic Workplace: Sex performers, further traumatized by their brutal workplace environs, typically work "three months to three years" putting most on the dole.
  4. To Avoid Taxes, Federal & State Workplace Safety Laws & Thus to Stay in Business, the Pornographic Industry Falsely Dubs Employees "Independent Contractors."
  5. Conclusion: Ms. Lubben: "The majority of pornographic films currently produced involve direct contact between skin or mucous membranes and blood, semen, vaginal fluid, saliva and other OPIM. Since these exchanges of potentially hazardous fluids clearly violate even minimal health safety measures, the majority of pornographic films being produced would be in violation of extant safety laws."