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Broadcast | Posted: July 5, 2017

Investigating YouTube

Some of the worst videos on YouTube aimed at children

Please visit the Investigating YouTube website and YouTube channel.

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Below a compilation of some of the worst examples of videos targeted at children.
(Elsa & Spiderman - Cutting off fingers)
(Elsa cutting off her tongue)
(Spiderman bondage and visceral violence)
(Hot knives applied to buttocks)
(Little Mermaid Tortured & Kidnapped)
(Children kidnapping each other)
(Disturbing character kidnapping children)
(More kidnapping)
(Kidnapping of a toddler)
(Children buried alive)
(Child abduction & bondage)
(Injections in the buttocks of young girl)
(More injections of a young girl who seems very unwilling)
(Childhood pregnancy)
(Strange "Double pregnancy" fantasy)
(Another "double pregnancy" video)
(Coprophilia with toys)
(Coprophilia with very young girl)
(More coprophilia)
(Large breast obsession)
(Older child breastfeeding from mother in Spiderman costume)
(More breastfeeding in costumes)
(Spiderman pseudo-pornography)
(More pseudo-pornography)
(Pseudo-pornography / nails on Nerf guns)
("Sexy nurse" fetishization)
(Blood & Gore with Mickey Mouse)
(Claymation blood & gore with children's characters)
(Cartoon about suicide)
(Pregnancy / Spiderman commits suicide)
(Strange "third eye" with Elsa)
(Cartoon promotion gambling / online casinos)
(More gambling promotion)
(Worms/maggots/trypophobia with children)
(More trypophobia)
(Vehicular violence)