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Events | Posted: April 8, 2016

Set Free Global Summit 2016

April 4-7, 2016, Greensboro, NC

Tuesday April 5, Session 7: Porn-A Social Contagion That Fuses Fear, Shame, and Lust

Dr. Judith Reisman explained how Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner, and others have negatively impacted culture by redefining sexuality. Pornography became the name of the game, and people have been exposed to porn at earlier ages ever since.

Kinsey said people are sexual from birth. Most of his claims are based on this idea.

  • Much of sex education is based on Kinsey, who was a pedophile.
  • This approach has led to increased teen pregnancy, STIs and STDs, sexual addition, psychological trauma, gender confusion, and permanent physiological damage.
  • Laws have been changed because of this influence. Sexual exhibition is often allowed, so is adultery, and obscenity.

Things that would be illegal to show children outside of school are allowed in a classroom. An obscenity exception permits exposing children to pornography while in an educational setting, and children who see these things are traumatized.


Judith Reisman with Leslee Unruh


Judith Reisman with Sue Moore, C.P.S.A.S, Sexual Addiction Specialist, Leadership Team, National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking

"Men lose their power by looking at pornography," said Reisman. "Everyone is at risk when men lose their power. If they have to look at a picture to be aroused, they have lost their power."

She said shame and guilt lower with exposure to pornography. It's like hearing there's a fire in the building and believing it less as time goes on.

Reisman said it is important to label pornography and other sexual sins correctly. She said, "It's not elevated arousal. It's elevated shame and guilt."

"It is important to remember that we are spiritual beings at birth, not sexual."

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