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The Kinsey Coverup | Posted: December 23, 2015

One woman's quest to expose the pedophile Alfred Kinsey and his demented sex ed curriculum

By Tanya Granic Allen, December 22, 2015

Alfred Kinsey. That name ought to evoke outrage. If it doesn't, then you don't know the man, his work, or his legacy.

I am one of those persons who had never heard of Alfred Kinsey, the so-called father of sexual education. I, like many of my generation, went through sex ed at school and never really thought of the reason I was learning what I was learning. My experience was with the Fully Alive program in a Catholic school in Ontario, where I learned about the detailed parts of the male and female genitalia in grade 6 and about masturbation in grade 7. I was a grossed out young girl, but that was the way it was supposed to be, I thought.

Then I discovered Karolina Vidovic-Kristo, and Alfred Kinsey.

This discovery happened in 2013 as I was researching an article I was writing on Croatia and the newly introduced sexual education. As my father is a Croatian immigrant to Canada, I try to keep abreast of current events in the motherland. In 2012, the Croatian government introduced a revised sex ed curriculum which sparked outrage. Sounding the alarm bells with this curriculum was Vidovic Kristo, a respected Croatian television journalist employed with the state public broadcaster.

Vidovic Kristo was recently in Canada at the invitation of the Croatian diaspora. Her message was pertinent for all Canadians: expose Alfred Kinsey, his research, and its aftermath. I had the opportunity to hear her story, and understand her message, when I heard her speak at an event in Toronto and later when I interviewed her.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey was an American zoologist and later sexologist who founded The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. His research on human sexuality sparked controversy in the '40s and '50s, with the publication of his reports "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948) and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" (1953). He is considered the father of the sexual revolution, as his reports changed social mores forever. Kinsey's questionable research was also catalytic in changing several U.S. state laws, including legalizing prostitution, legalizing homosexuality, and reducing and eliminating most sex crime penalties.

Vidovic Kristo, 40, was the producer, editor, and investigative journalist of an international Croatian program on HRT (Slika Hrvatske/Picture of Croatia), promoting Croatia abroad and keeping the diaspora connected to their homeland. "I had three kids in primary school," she said, "and when I attended parents council meetings, 90% were against sex ed, and 10% were for it. However, all of these parents could neither explain nor defend their positions. I was compelled to research sex ed myself."

As the debate over sex education was heating up in Croatia, a country where 86% of the population identifies as Catholic, Vidovic Kristo found herself watching The Kinsey Syndrome and Kinsey's Pedophiles, documentaries exposing the horrors of Kinsey's research. These horrors include Kinsey paying pedophiles to rape children and time it with a stopwatch. "As I watched the production, I felt sick and disgusted. I felt awful. I thought: people don't know what has happened. They need to know!"

At that moment, she decided to do a show on sexual education and expose Kinsey's research. In December 2012, Vidovic Kristo aired her program, which included excerpts from Kinsey's Pedophiles. The public reaction was immediate. "My phone was ringing off the hook. Parents who were once divided on the sex ed issue were now uniting against sex ed, simply because they were informed of Kinsey's crimes."

The following morning, the TV network board publicly apologized for the show, refuted its contents, and then indicated that Vidovic Kristo would be reprimanded for misusing her position and being unprofessional. The state, the network, everyone official was against her.

"However, people were supporting me. For the first time, the Croatian people came together. Croats - no matter what nationality, religion, ideology - everyone was on the same side of protecting children. This is because they got to know the truth and stood out to protect those who cannot protect themselves - the children."

Soon, Vidovic Kristo found friends and allies around the globe and across faiths: American Kinsey expert Dr. Judith Reisman, who has published several books, papers, and movies on Kinsey's pedophilic and fraudulent research, and Timothy Tate, an British agnostic and left-leaning liberal, who produced and directed Kinsey's Pedophiles. Both came to Croatia shortly after Vidovic Kristo's program was aired to give her support to discuss Kinsey and sex education and to comment on Kinsey's research.

According to Kinsey's books, his published research, and the statements of his assistants in various interviews, not only was Kinsey's research flawed, but it was also criminal. Child sexuality research data was collected from the personal logs of several pedophiles - one in particular kept detailed diaries of over 800 sexual encounters with children, and even with babies as young as two months old. Kinsey also collected data and financially compensated fathers who were sexually abusing their own children. He even collaborated with infamous Nazi pedophile Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, who diarized his sexual abuse of hundreds of pre-adolescent girls and boys. At the trial of von Balluseck, the judge criticized Kinsey for not having reported these crimes to police.

Kinsey also presented his research as representing the average American man and woman. Yet to obtain his data during the war, many of the men he selected to represent the average male were prison inmates, many of whom were jailed for sexual crimes. Kinsey also included several hundred male prostitutes in his sampling. To collect data from married women, he broadened the definition of "married" to include any man who lived with a woman for a year, including prostitutes who lived with pimps.

As a result of his questionable "research," Kinsey made unbelievable statistical claims, including the following: 10-36% of men are homosexual; homosexuality, incest, rape, pedophilia, and even bestiality are normal, and 95% of men engage in these behaviors; 40% of married women are having affairs; 25% of married women are having abortions. This abortion statistic is said to have been the catalyst in convincing lawmakers to legalize abortion.

In the film Kinsey's Pedophiles, Dr. Paul Gebhard, Kinsey co-author, states on camera that the Kinsey team solicited child abusers and obtained child "sexuality" data from pedophiles as well as a pedophile organization. Off camera, as part of the court reporter's transcription, Paul Gebhard states that this organization was the predecessor to NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association).

So was any of Kinsey's research valid? According to the New York Times (December 11, 1949), W. Allen Wallis, then chairman of the University of Chicago's committee on statistics, commented: "There are six major aspects of any statistical research, and Kinsey fails on four."

According to the film The Kinsey Syndrome, Kinsey convinced U.S. lawmakers to lower the age of consent and reduce sentencing for sex crimes, going state by state to achieve this objective.

In her book Kinsey: Crimes and Consequence, Dr. Reisman explains how since the '60s The Kinsey Institute was determined to incorporate Kinsey's philosophy into sex education material for children. They partnered with Planned Parenthood to achieve this objective. Dr. Reisman exposes how it was Kinsey's research that claimed that children are sexual and potentially orgasmic from birth and are unharmed by incest and adult-child sex and often benefit from such activity. His influence also inspired Hugh Hefner to launch Playboy Magazine.

So all of this sexual psychopathology is what started sexual education? Apparently, yes. Kinsey's research (which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation) led him to draw the conclusion that children are "sexual beings" from birth. This flawed premise (flawed because the research is flawed) is what sexual educators in the world use to justify their mission. However, as Karolina Vidovic Kristo learned, and then shared with society, sex ed will never be acceptable as long as it is based on Kinsey and his pedophiles.

As a result of her exposé on national television, Vidovic Kristo was nominated for "Homophobe of the Year 2013" by Zagreb Pride, the organizers of the annual pride parade in Croatia's capital. In their open nomination, Zagreb Pride emphasized that they nominated her because she uncovered that sex ed is based on pedophilia. In response, Vidovic Kristo wrote an open letter demanding to know who is actually accusing her and why. She demanded to know why an organization, which promotes itself as a gay-organization, felt attacked if somebody researches pedophilia as a crime. After that letter, they stopped attacking her, and this past September, she won a court settlement for her defamation suit against Zagreb Pride.

Vidovic Kristo has received death threats - against herself and her children - yet she continues her mission to expose Kinsey's crimes.

"How could people know about Kinsey? The only country where this truth was aired on public television was Croatia. There is no mass media who talks about Kinsey in this spotlight. No one talks about Kinsey. So how would people know?

"If we say Kinsey is what he is (as his own personal research notes clearly demonstrate), then how can his work be called science? How can his thesis that children are sexual beings from birth be relevant in any way when we know that his thesis is based on pedophilia?

"Modern sex ed began in the sixties. It was based on Alfred Kinsey's model of human sexuality. Everyone's sexual education in the past 50 years came right from the Kinsey Institute. How can we teach sexual education? His research was based on crimes and lies. Raping babies, infants, and children is a crime everywhere. His so-called science, including sex ed at schools, which is based on Kinsey, should therefore be dismissed immediately. Everything else, any discussion about the unacceptable, is like hurting all those innocent children, all those victims, again and again."

In April 2014, the United Nations granted The Kinsey Institute ECOSOC accreditation. In response, Dr. Reisman, Timothy Tate, and Karolina Vidovic Kristo, among others, launched a campaign from Croatia called "Don't Touch the Children," with one of their first items on the agenda asking the U.N. to re-examine the Kinsey accreditation. A letter was sent to each head of U.N. member states explaining the nature of the Kinsey research, including the pedophilic data and evidence. Not one member state acknowledged the letter. Yet in the face global apathy, her precarious employment situation, and death threats, Vidovic Kristo soldiers on.

"I don't consider it so difficult. Yes, every time I think about those things [Kinsey] did, it makes me sick. If I know this information, do I have the right to keep my mouth shut about it? It is easier for me to continue this work than to fight myself, my conscience, and do nothing."