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Laws | Posted: May 16, 2015

Kinsey's perjury to the California Assembly

In 1949 Kinsey perjured himself claiming to the committee members that he did research on children and found them unharmed, that all sex offending prisoners should be released after a short time, since they don't repeat their crimes, and these are crimes most people commit anyway, they just aren't caught, etc.

Excerpt from chapter 8 of Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence (Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, view/download here)

What rights should the parolee have?

After claiming that their massive database found most children harmed more by hysterical parents, police and social workers than by sexual molestation, Kinsey used his false data to argue for paroling rapists and even child sex offenders:

DR. KINSEY: For the last 11 years we have had a research project, as you know, under way at the university on human sexual behavior... [providing] a picture typical in the population as a whole as well as a special study of the persons who have been involved with the law as sex offenders. The research is supported by Indiana University, by the medical division of the Rockefeller Foundation, and by the medical division of the National Research Council at Washington... [W]e find that 95 percent of the [male] population has in actuality engaged in sexual activities which are contrary to the law.

MR. BECK: [W]hat are your recommendations... at the present time?

DR. KINSEY: by lessening the penalty--still arresting, still convicting, but lessening the penalty....

MR. BECK: You mean by granting parole?

DR. KINSEY: They grant parole immediately in 80 percent of... sex cases....

Kinsey's argument for elder parolees was false and disingenuous. He elsewhere enthused over his "sixty-three-year old" pedophile who molested 800 children and could come to climax faster than anyone else Kinsey and Pomeroy had ever witnessed. Kinsey did not reveal these facts to the Assembly Interim Committee on Judicial System and Judicial Process of the California Legislature. The future U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Earl Warren, was then governor of California.

Below is part of the Preliminary Report of The Subcommittee on Sex Crimes of the Assembly Interim Committee on Judicial System and Judicial Process, California Legislative Assembly, 1949, created by House Resolution No. 232 -- Regular Legislative Session 1949 and House Resolution No. 43 -- First Extraordinary Legislative Session 1949.

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