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External Articles | Posted: May 30, 2015

Is your child's sex life the state's business?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah warns of latest school survey imposed on 12-year-olds

By Joseph Farah
WorldNetDaily, May 28, 2015

"What someone does in the privacy of their own bedroom is none of the government's business."

Do you remember that old slogan of the sexual revolution?

I wonder whatever became of that liberal and libertarian ethos.

I've just read a sickening story in WND reporting that schoolchildren as young as 12 are being grilled in surveys over their sexual activities - by the government.

It's graphic stuff, too. They leave no perversion unexplored, no innocence unexploded.

They're asked how often they have sex, whether it is oral, anal or vaginal and more.

It's part of what is called the "Youth Risk Behavior Survey," which is given to children in Massachusetts schools, grades 7-12, as well as schools across the country.

It's as if the pervert "researcher" Alfred Kinsey came back from the dead and took his voyeuristic sexual sideshow into the government schools.

By the way, no permission slips from parents are required.

Other questions on the survey are about drug use, suicidal thoughts and use of guns.

The children are asked to identify themselves as heterosexual, "gay," lesbian or transgendered and to state the number of people with whom they have had sex, whether they used condoms and what kind of sexual activity they have engaged in.

Alex Newman, co-author of the new book, "Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children," had this to say about such invasive, non-educational surveys in the schools: "Unfortunately, after spending years researching what is going on in government schools, this kind of outrageous survey does not surprise in the slightest," Newman told WND. "As we show in our book, the sexualization of children by authorities is happening at earlier and earlier ages - to the point where the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) now promotes global sex 'education' standards teaching 5-year-old children about masturbation."

It gets worse from there, he said.

"The tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, along with its extremist allies, are also involved in creating and promoting disgusting and wildly inappropriate 'National Sexuality Education Standards' that would horrify any reasonable parents," Newman said. "Much of this lunacy - or outright criminality - is based on the repulsive quackery of Alfred Kinsey, who, after paying pedophiles to rape children, outlandishly claimed that children were 'sexual beings' from birth."

Have America's parents lost their senses? Do they not recognize the consequences of robbing their own children of their innocence? Have they grown so trusting in the state that they are willing to turn over their own children for such mind-control techniques and immoral indoctrination?

When this kind of thing happened in the Soviet Union, the people didn't have any choice. Today, it seems, Americans don't want a choice. They don't want to be bothered with shaping their own kids' values.

As Newman said about the data-mining taking place in our schools: "Government has no business knowing this sort of information. Yet, as we also show in the book, Big Brother in Washington, D.C., is compiling massive and deeply invasive dossiers on children that include this sort of private information, and much more. This is like a nightmare from George Orwell, and it must be stopped. The fact that parents are kept out of the loop only adds further insult to injury. It's time to expose and shut down these crimes being perpetrated by the government education establishment before they destroy more children. Enough is enough."

Enough is enough, indeed. But you and I both recognize that this trend isn't going away. It's getting worse.

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