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Porn as Erototoxic | Posted: April 20, 2015

South Africa!!! Major win against Playboy

Supreme Court dismisses ODM pornography appeal

Doctors For Life, April 2015

Media Release:

Doctors for Life International is pleased to announce that the Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed with costs the application of On Digital Media t/a Starsa (previously TopTV), to appeal against the Cape High Court decision setting aside the decision of ICASA authorising the broadcasting of pornography on two of their South African television channels.

Hopefully Doctors for Life will now be allowed to present conclusive scientific neurological evidence that has developed on the destructive effects and addictive nature of pornography on the brain, to ICASA.

Doctors for Life International represents more than 1500 medical doctors and specialists in South Africa and abroad. DFL has commented extensively on these issues and has made submissions to the Constitutional Court and the Law Reform Commission in the past. For more information visit

DFL is represented by Attorneys Steve Schneider and Naomie Marais who instruct Advocates Reg Willis and Albert Mooi.


As an expert witness in this case, I argued that Playboy/pornography was clearly harmful while their experts claimed the entertainment magazine was benign. My opening paragraph read:

The amici will provide credible, authoritative and replicable evidence to demonstrate that repeated exposure to "gateway" pornographic images causes millions, including the Plaintiffs, to be addicted to these "erototoxins." We will show that Playboy magazine serves as the Gateway endogenous drug to pornographic addiction in the same way that Camels or Pal Mall were Gateway exogenous drugs to tobacco addiction. We will show that Playboy played an especial and momentous role as the "first," the initial, the pioneering Gateway pornography for the middle, upscale and educated male. We will show how Playboy - and its spin off pornographic media - directly restructures the brain and triggers endogenous drug production that causally effects changes in the viewer's brain, mind, memory and body.

Contact me for a copy of my brief.