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The Kinsey Coverup | Posted: May 30, 2014

Help Stop The Kinsey Institute

Coalition calls upon UN to withdraw NGO recognition

Read and sign the petition in English, Italian or French:

Stop The Kinsey Institute
Fermiamo il Kinsey Institute
Stoppons l'Institut Kinsey

Alarmed by the accreditation of The Kinsey Institute by ECOSOC, the United Nations platform on economic and social issues, a worldwide coalition is petitioning all involved, challenging the Indiana University institute with ten pertinent questions. In a policy brief, titled The Kinsey Institute Exposed: A Warning to Parents and Governments Throughout the World, the coalition offers thoroughly documented evidence to support its concerns.

KI_LOGO1_whiteRead, sign & share the letter at or go directly to the petition platform on CitizenGO and please also share with all the people you know!

In Zagreb, Croatia, on May 27th, 2014, some 500 people were gathered at a prayer vigil to launch the Judith Reisman Resolution, sending out letters to all of the 193 UN member states, also encouraging The Kinsey Institute be banned from the UN and also providing evidence in support.

Click to view the reading of the resolution in English here and here, German here and here, French here and here. Watch further videos of Judith Reisman with Tim Tate and Thomas Hampson in Croatia on the YouTube channel of NEDIRAJTE djecu (Don't Touch The Children) and follow developments on their Facebook page.

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