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External Articles | Posted: January 29, 2014

The "Homosexual Holocaust" -- Another Gay Militant Myth?

By Tony Marco
Retrieved May 4, 2002, by

[The full study, Special Class Protections for Self-Alleged Gays: A Question of "Orientation" and Consequences, is available here.]

The author of this study is deeply indebted to Dr. Judith Reisman for permission to quote the following material from her study of personal advertisements in The Advocate magazine. Here, in an Appendix entitled "Gay Fascism and the Misuse of the Pink Triangle," Reisman questions the historicity of what has become known as the "Homosexual Holocaust" of World War II:

"...The May 4, 1993 THE ADVOCATE has raised the specter of homosexuals as victims of Nazi persecution, equal to if not worse than that of the Jews during World War II. Scores of articles, along with the growing use of the `Pink Triangle' to signify Nazi extermination, have appeared in THE ADVOCATE over the years. On page 8 of the May 4 ADVOCATE, there is a photo of a pink checkbook with a pink triangle embossed in the middle. An article above this explains the meaning of the check:
`In the Pink is giving new life to the term checkbook activism. The Bethesda, Md., organization has coordinated printing and distribution of personalized checks emblazoned with an in-your-face pink triangle -- in effect, gay currency. Says group spokesman Michael Muller: "We write checks every day to pay bills, buy groceries, you name it. What better vehicle is there for showing our movement's size and financial strength?"'
"Yet, on page 5 of this same THE ADVOCATE issue (May 4, 1993), Dr. Klaus Miller, a gay researcher for the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. (who also teaches at the University of Amsterdam), writing in THE ADVOCATE `Point of View' column, objected to the homosexual movement's misuse of the Nazi Holocaust data on persecution of homosexuals under Hitler. The following is a copy of an unpublished article I have written addressing the fraudulent use of the Holocaust to advance the `homosexual rights' cause.
`Scientific superstitions die hard. Three years after the publication of our expose, Kinsey, Sex and Fraud (Reisman and Eichel, 1990) the press finally seems ready to bury the "10 percent gay" myth, begun by Alfred Kinsey in 1948. The newest Batelle sex survey confirms recent English and French findings that roughly 1% of men are "exclusively homosexual."
`Of course, some people haven't heard the good news. A popular newspaper comic strip recently insisted that 10% of our young people are gay, while "Lesbian and Gay Veterans" unsuccessfully sought to protest Hitler's alleged mass extermination of homosexuals by placing 25,000 pink triangles on 10% of the graves in Arlington cemetery.
`Besides, kill one of these superstitions and another one will spring up to take its place. Thus we read that Washington D.C.'s new Holocaust Museum has legitimized the claims of "gay rights" leaders that the Nazis singled out homosexuals -- like Jews -- for massive persecution. This particular myth has grown like ragweed until it has become one of the great falsehoods of our time.
`At least one historian, Steven Katz of Cornell (The Holocaust and Genocide Studies), traced this tale of Nazi persecution of homosexuals to the play Bent (1979) where "the playwright has one of the two main protagonists survive by `trading up' his pink badge worn by homosexuals for a yellow Star of David"...
`Other historians like Shirer (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) and Mello (History of the SS, 1923-1945), document the pivotal role Nazi homosexuals played in the rise of Hitler and the defeat of the old conservative, Prussian military. The German army, under the Versailles Treaty, could have no more than 100,000 men. Hitler's "notorious" homosexual comrade Ernst Roehm, however, formed, selected and trained the Storm Troopers (aka "Brown Shirts") a para-military goon force that spawned the SS, and which grew to at least 2.5 to 4.5 million.
`Some historians have noted a disturbing undercurrent in SS special forces "training" -- especially reports that the recruits were required to soap each other's bodies during showers, ostensibly to establish mutual dependency. On this note, Shirer wrote that "[p]imps, murderers, homosexuals... [men of] unnatural sexual inclinations" flocked to Hitler. Homosexuals ran the Infantry School and the Storm Troopers. The latter became such a powerful force in the Nazi movement that Hitler's closest advisors began to argue that Roehm and his homosexual cadre would prove a formidable counterforce.
`Thus, in June of 1934, Hitler reluctantly dispatched a crew to arrest Roehm and his closest conspirators in their lavish quarters -- where they also found a bounty of homosexual paraphernalia and "two naked boys."
`Kaximierz Moczarski, a Polish resistance fighter, confirmed that after the purge and Roehm's execution (delayed because of Hitler's affection for him), homosexuals "remained party members... got promotions... were protected by the top [Nazi] brass" and served on the battlefield and in prisons. Evidence exists that some male concentration camp inmates were forced to "entertain their guards with humiliating acts" while survivors like Elie Wiesel testified in Night, "The officer[s] took an interest in... [boys] ten and twelve years old... there was considerable traffic in children among homosexuals here."
`The historical data do not sustain claims of homosexual martyrdom. On the contrary, in June 1935, two years after Hitler's victory, "Unnatural" was purged from the German Criminal Code description of homosexuality. Katz reports that without Himmler's express permission -- even if repeatedly apprehended having sex -- homosexual actors and artists were not to be incarcerated.
`Again, in 1940, Himmler reiterated that only homosexual "multiple offenders" could be jailed, while a pledge of abstinence could result in their freedom. In light of such evidence, questions abound. No Nazi laws penalized non-practicing homosexuals. No "gay ghettos" were plundered and wiped from the face of the earth, their populations hauled off to be gassed -- while 6 million Jews lost their "civil rights," jobs, educations and lives.
`In fact, Weimar's "Cabaret" Germany was a refuge for every kind of decadence. Drugs, gay "bath houses" and homosexual and "straight" pornography desensitized jaded Berliners, while homosexual, bisexual and transvestite nightclubs regularly presented naked sex acts, featuring sadism... and a whole panorama of debauched entertainments.
`Magnus Hirschfeld, the exiled homosexual sex "expert" cited Himmler saying that 20,000 boy prostitutes serviced 2 million members of homosexual organizations in 1933. Of 2 million homosexuals, some 6,000 were killed in concentration camps. The record shows these dead were largely political enemies -- homosexual Marxists, Roehmists, and the like.
`If only 6,000 homosexuals were killed by Hitler, millions of their comrades served him. Hitler's true, primary victims? Eighty-five percent of European Jewry, 23.5% of Gypsies, 10% of the Poles, 12% of the Ukrainians, 13% of the Belorussians and tens of thousands of "Righteous Gentiles" and their families were tortured and gassed. It is unconscionable for radical homosexuals to wrest "Nazi victim status" from the bones of millions of exterminated Jewish men, women and children. History -- a true guide to the future -- ought not to be fictionalized to suit the interests of a modern "gay militant" class...
`In the latest "gay chic" affront to the memory of the Holocaust dead, the May 4, 1993 ADVOCATE announced a chic new gay product line. The magazine jovially cites "personalized [pink] checks, emblazoned with an in-your-face pink triangle -- in effect, gay currency."
`We fear that the "Gay Holocaust" myth, equally proportionate to the "10%" superstitution, is about to sweep our land. However, for the Holocaust to be misused as a "dramatic metaphor" to serve as "gay currency" suggests to some that 1-2% of "in-your-face" society is strategizing to recreate America in its own image, by digging up Holocaust "currency" from the shallow graves of the dead, and then using that "currency" to shame its opponents into submission.'
[For further evidence of homosexual involvement in the Third Reich, see Appendix 3 of Reisman's soon-to-be-published study. My cite from Dr. Reisman's material continues as follows:]

"`Homosexual Holocaust' Representative, Dr. Miller

"THE ADVOCATE, to its credit, did later print the following essay by Dr. Miller of the Holocaust Museum, setting the record straight on homosexual suffering under Hitler:

`On April 26, just one day after the march on Washington, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will open its doors... It's a breakthrough that a holocaust museum will try to document the fate of those homosexuals who died in concentration camps -- a group that for nearly 50 years has been excluded from our memories...
`Who do we remember? Up to 1 million dead gays and lesbians as claimed by some gay groups and researchers? Gay historians estimate that between 10,000 and 15,000 gay men were forced into concentration camps and lesbians were persecuted to a far lesser degree.
`Although big numbers create big emotions, here they only document a disturbing attitude in our community. Is there something within us we need to satisfy by inventing an even harsher history than history itself has been for us? The pink triangles of the concentration camps became an international symbol of gay and lesbian pride because so few of us are haunted by concrete memories of those who were forced to wear them...
`We know of no more than 50 gay and lesbian victims... From a gay European perspective, I find it startling that anyone would be immersed in comparing the two [the Holocaust and the American "gay rights" movement]. By so doing, it diminishes the power of each event... [Miller says the German experience was important.] But we, as a community, must stop misusing the Holocaust as merely a dramatic metaphor and start striving for a memory that is carefully based on the historical reality of the victims. (May 4, 1993)'
"It is unclear whether or not Dr. Miller is claiming that there are only `50' living survivors of this horror. If so, the record shows not one `survivor' who has given his or her name and who thus can document this oppression. I am currently studying this issue, in both American and German sources.
"Miller's essay makes painfully clear that the `homosexual rights' movement is exploiting the Holocaust -- and the millions of innocent dead -- as `gay currency.' The historical record also shows that German homosexual Nazis gladly endorsed Hitler's male supremacy model, joining eagerly in the extermination of `non-Aryan' children, women and men...
"An interesting phenomenon has developed in `gay rights' battles across America: the emergence of Nazi-style `shock troops' known as `Bigot Busters.' Where anti-`gay rights' speakers or petitioners gather, these `brown-shirt'- style homosexual mobs harass them -- and listeners and petition signers as well.
"Perhaps the onset of `Bigot Busting' (which represents a conscious strategy devised by the militant National and Gay Lesbian Task Force, and is described in the NGLTF's Action Kit: Fight the Right (March On Washington Edition) should come as no surprise to us" (emphasis added).

Copyright Tony Marco, 1991-1994, all rights reserved