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Reisman Articles | Posted: January 28, 2014

Cracking the 'chicken' code

By Judith Reisman and Eunice V. Ray
WorldNetDaily, November 17, 2000

Those who read our Nov. 14 column, "254 'boy words,'" saw the quote from the prestigious homophile book, "The Long Road To Freedom," explaining that, for homosexuals, the gay dictionary, "The Queens' Vernacular ... firmly remains ... something of a secret code ... in a hostile culture."

Ordinary heterosexuals can no more understand the secret homophile argot than can ordinary Americans understand Mandarin Chinese. Dr. Reisman's formal academic studies included training in a World War II scientific method used to decode the Axis intentions by reading, categorizing and then analyzing their words and phrases. Today this same "content analysis" method opens up the secret code of the pederast-homophile movement.

The following case study uses the QV to decipher the "secret code" of "gay men" found in a recent invitation to an important public event:

On Oct. 1, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network of Boston, Mass., mailed invitations to a charity ball starting today, Nov. 17, which celebrates "Adornment V: The Oldest Profession ... A Return to the Chicken Ranch."

The primary theme in the QV is boys (254 out of 12,000 words and phrases focus on them). And what's a boy to the QV? A "chicken," which it defines as "a young recruit; any boy under the age of consent, heterosexual, fair of face and unfamiliar with homosexuality." Was it from naivete that GLSEN chose "chicken" as its theme and as "the oldest profession" to which it seeks a return?

GLSEN auctioneers expect philanthropists to arrive in Boston by air, car and train (cheaper than Thailand and tax deductible!) Yet, GLSEN warns it "assume[s] no liability for personal belongings, actions or room damage during Adornment weekend."

What other group has a disclaimer absolving them of the "actions" of charitable attendees? What bad "actions" would GLSEN expect? Why fear "room damage" from philanthropists interested in helping "teenagers who are gay or suspected of being gay"?

"Adornment V," the announcement reads, "The Oldest Profession Meets the New Millennium: A Return to the Chicken Ranch: Meat Market Auction: Hunks and hunkettes from the near and far get on the block for your bids! All the food groups will be there -- BEEF, PORK, CHICKEN, SAUSAGE, and surprise delicacies. So much fun, it's almost illegal. Relax after the Ball with [a] Texas Tea Party."

Well, here are your handy lil' ol' code breakers. GLSEN's theme is a slave auction of men and boys. But can GLSEN's choice of the many unusually mixed words above be a coincidence? The QV defines much of GLSEN's secret code. For example, who knows the meaning of the "In & Out Show," a "performance" GLSEN advertised for Nov. 17? And who would think that so many common words have a wholly different homophile connotation?

  • In & Out: According to the QV, "normal copulation between a man and a woman. Syn: regular trick, straight lay: western lay."
  • Meat Market Auction: "Meat," according to the QV refers to the penis, "the membrun virile, see 'c--'. Outdoor setting such as a promenade in a public park, where homosexuals gather to parade their wares and meet new friends."
  • Hunks and hunkettes: "Hunk: handsome, broad shouldered man." "Hunkette" would be a hunk variation on "babette ... baby: baby-faced teen who appeals to the paternal side of the mature homosexual."
  • Get on the block for your bids!: It's the slave auction theme.
  • Beef: The QV pegs this, first, as the penis and, second as "a masculine man ... ranchhand ... armed forces (he stood in the back playing with his 'beef.')"
  • Pork: Like "beef," this refers to the penis. QV says it's "mainly black and southern, pork enema [my apologies to the reader], etc.)"
  • Chicken: A boy for sex as defined above. The QV offers several related terms: "chicken coop, chicken dinner, chicken feed, chicken freak, chicken hawk, chicken house, chicken hunter, chicken-little, chicken-looking, chicken on a spit, chicken plucker, chicken pox, chicken queen, chicken-recruiter, chicken rustler" and others.
  • Sausage: Another synonym for penis. ("Well, you and that Polish sausage weren't playing jacks.")
  • Surprise delicacies: Remember the announcement: "So much fun, it's almost illegal." No precise QV definition, but it seems to imply new kinds of child abuse activity protected from legal fallout.
  • Relax after the Ball with Texas Tea Party. "Texas" in the QV refers to males who are "well hung" as in "Texas Longhorn." As for "tea," it's "an appointment kept with someone in a public john." There are several more "graphic" descriptions of the teahouse and tearoom trade, etc., which are available should someone decide to arrest or sue the GLSEN leadership. As for "party" and "ball":
    • "Party: 1. orgy, sex session, see pig pile 2. to copulate, see f--."
    • "Ball: See f--." QV's example: "I haven't balled any a- since I left the military academy."

What a secret code! This Massachusetts party invitation seems to says that "after" the official party, there will be an orgy with lots of "well hung" boys and men for the "in" crowd.

GLSEN says its "chicken" party will make "schools safe for gay, lesbian and bisexual teenagers." But decoding the QV "secret code" in their party announcement finds GLSEN toxic for all youth. Using the homophile-accredited QV to decode the GLSEN ball invitation one finds an advertised, planned pederast, child molestation party. Here vulnerable boys are redefined as prostitutes (the "oldest profession") and allegedly will be auctioned off for sexual services to "philanthropists" who donate to GLSEN's "charity" teahouse ball.

The skeptic asks if homosexual child molesters (pederasts) control GLSEN's tax-funded "Safe Sex Schools Program of Massachusetts?" How else could the formal GLSEN announcement to the "hostile culture" read (as decoded) that their "ball" is a man and boy sex-slave sale under cover of a tax-deductible charity?

GLSEN says that it provides "services through the Safe Schools Program of Massachusetts, retreats for educators, and an annual conference related to these issues for students and professionals from all across new England." Legal access to all our children is the program, and, as seen in the Boy Scout attack, it is well planned and in place.

Remember, don't blame us, we just broke the code.

For further information, consult "Partner Solicitation Characteristics as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation" (Judith Reisman and Charles Johnson, 1995).