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External Articles | Posted: February 7, 2012

Comprehensive sex ed based on debunked studies by 'psychopath' scientist, media expert says

By Resty S. Odon
CBCP News for Life, Manila, January 31, 2012

cbcp_reisman-poster-vert-225x300.jpgThe concept of comprehensive sex education, which has been carried out in many Western countries and is being proposed as part of the  reproductive health (RH) bill -- is based on the fraudulent claims of a psychopath scientist who, in turn, based his data on pedophiles and sex offenders in jail, divulged media forensics expert Judith Reisman, Ph.D.

Speaking to a crowd of hundreds at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Forum Tent in Pasay City Saturday, the Jewish American researcher, 76, held the audience's attention with slide upon slide of an entire timeline detailing the profound changes in society after the so-called "father of sexology," American entomologist and zoologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey, released in 1948 and 1953 bogus scientific research studies on human sexuality.

That a pseudoscientific "psychopath" manipulated his findings by basing his data on pedophiles and sex offenders in jail is no longer news, Kinsey's research having long been discredited. But the repercussions of this are hardly being talked about, particularly how governments and the media, scientific, and academic establishments have actually swallowed Kinsey's ideas and continue to use them in public policy formulation. It is thus headline material when someone like Reisman would travel all the way to the Philippines to deliver a talk entitled "A History of How Judeo-Christian Nations Now Face Pandemic Sex Disease/Crime."

Reisman's talk was essentially about the destruction of lives, of souls, on a massive scale, no thanks to the "unleashing of toxic sexual promiscuity worldwide" via sex education, the mainstreaming of pornography and the relaxing of sexual mores, among other after-effects, the media expert said.

cbcp_reisman-nice1-300x225.jpgA visiting professor of law at Liberty University School of Law (Virginia, USA) and a Vatican consultant on legal matters, Reisman used her knowledge of law, scientific research, and Catholic Church declarations to trace "how we got to where we are" since Kinsey. There is a war we are hardly aware of, even as it infiltrates our personal lives, from our media consumption, to fashion, sexual norms, and trendy ideas through a rampant but subtle conditioning of the mind. It is a battle between life and death, good and evil, perdition and salvation, an inescapable battle with long tentacles drawing us all in, whether we like it or not, extending to how we craft our laws via proposed legislations inimical to the values that our modern civilization is founded on.

But anti-life legislation such as the 'Reproductive Health' bills and the Anti-Discrimination bills are merely an offshoot of the war that has long begun in the classroom, she said, via the kind of 'sex education' inspired by Kinsey that schoolchildren receive, specifically the pleasure principle, the belief that being human is all about the pursuit of pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure.

Kinsey's belief that "children are sexual from birth," Reisman pointed out, is behind the teaching of sex to children at inappropriate ages, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, just the beginning of a long complex chain of consequences, including pornography through constant media exposure, sexual promiscuity, the rise in sex crimes (rape, child abuse, child prostitution), sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, depopulation campaigns cloaked in 'reproductive health,' etc.

She rounded up the usual suspects in the espousal of the Kinsey-inspired lifestyle and outlook, naming the International Planned Parenthood (IPPF), academics with Ph.D's., certain famous corporate funders, and even the United Nations.

"Baal worship has returned after 1948 in sex science robes," she described. Understandably, she was aghast the most at the way pedophiles now want to be called "minor-attracted persons," an otherwise minor note that left many in the audience gasping at the thought.

cbcp_reisman-with-readers-300x225.jpgShe called on all men to stand up in the fight against sexual maleducation and rally behind upholding life at all stages.

"It is a man's office to defend and protect women and children!" she declared.

She especially did not hide her displeasure over the current proposals for the RH bill and the so-called Anti-Discrimination bill in the Philippine legislature. She called on the rest of society to rail against these bills and join the fight in seeking solutions to the problem of the "sexual and cultural contagion" by upholding fidelity and chastity and other traditional values that engender -instead of cheapen -- sex and its sacred nature and purpose.
As a way of encouragement after the barrage of throught-provoking data, Reisman happily reported a past achievement in her long career of debunking fraudulent scientific claims: In 1994 she won a libel suit lodged by Playboy magazine against her in Holland, "the word's (epi)center of pedophilia."

With solid evidence, she accused the smut publication by saying their pornographic work abused children and had been abusing children since the 1950s.

"If we can win in Holland," she said, "we can win anywhere."

The former singer and songwriter has come a long way with this victory and with an advocacy she did not originally set out to pursue. Employed by the US Department of Justice, she only wanted to have an objective look at the Kinsey studies, until she wound up being among the top whistleblowers of our time against truth-benders and the conspiratorial politicking of truth.

At the end of the talk, Reisman roused the audience with exhortations delivered with apostolic zeal.

"Redeem the culture by following God's commands," she said. "Lobby against Kinsey's Sexology field because it is the weakest link" (in our adversary's counter-arguments)!

The talk was sponsored by the Alliance of Holy Family International. Spiritual director Fr. Edgardo 'Bing' Arellano gave some inspirational remarks that called the audience into action, after hearing what they heard. He underscored that "healing is possible" for the sexually addicted by devoting one's life to God and seeking Christian -- and not purely psychological -- professionals for help, if needed.

Reisman will be speaking at St. Theresa's College in Cebu on February 4.

More information about Dr. Judith Reisman can be found at her website.

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CBCP News, Manila, January 31, 2012