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External Articles | Posted: September 4, 2011

"Oh, That Could Never Happen!"

"Minor-attracted" men seek to legitimatize pedophilia

By Judy Smith, State Director, CWA of Kansas
Prayer/Action Newsletter, September 2011, Page 2
Concerned Women for America

The normalizing of all sorts of deviant behavior is the next step in the demise of our culture. Kansas State Director Judy Smith has done a great job of summarizing the events which have lead us to this point. I join her in stating that as God gives the resources and the energy, we will stand against this evil. Kenda Bartlett, National Field Director

Ideas have consequences

The old saying, "Ideas have consequences" has survived the test of time, because it is true. The cold, dead hands of Dr. Alfred Kinsey have come up from the grave to snatch our children with his "ideas." The so-called "Father of the Sexual Revolution" though dead, lives on through his junk science on human sexuality, the basis for changing many of our laws. In 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist at Indiana University published his first book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, supposedly based upon his interviews with men (mostly prison inmates) and the performance of experiments on children -sexual abuse by pedophiles. His book, literally penned to overturn what he viewed as the repressive Judeo-Christian ethic became an instant success. His "research" led to his conclusions that all humans are constantly engaging in sexual acts, even when they say they are not. News of his findings spread far and wide, thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation and Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine. Soon, others in the academic elite who were Kinsey's "early innovators" began calling for changes in the laws governing sexual misbehavior - rape, incest, and homosexuality, sexual abuse of children, marriage, divorce, and sodomy. His children's studies, obtained by pedophiles with stop-watches and even enlisting an SS officer in charge of a ghetto in Poland for his "research" that was abuse of children, convinced Kinsey that "children are sexual from birth" and that they are not harmed by sexual activity with adults and can even give consent. Others in the mental health field were trained by Kinsey adherents and became eager proponents of an "anything you want to do sexually is okay" philosophy. CWA has long been involved in the saga of Kinsey's research and its effect on our culture. Go to: for more details.

Homosexuality and the DSM

When CWA and CWA of Kansas worked with Dr. Judith Reisman and Eunice Ray of RSVP America to tell people about Kinsey's horrible influence over academia and medicine as well as education, many said that certain things would never be overturned, and pedophilia was one of them along with bestiality, polygamy, homosexuality, trans-gender issues, etc. However, in 1973 after a concentrated campaign, homosexual activists succeeded in convincing the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to declassify homosexuality and the harms associated with the homosexual lifestyle to be removed from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), the mental health workers' "Bible" for therapy. Since then, more and more pressure has come upon lawmakers to sanction so-called "gay marriage"; homosexual "civil" rights, adoption by homosexual couples, the elimination of sodomy as a crime, etc.

Pedophilia next?

On Wednesday, August 17, a pedophile group known as B4U-ACT sponsored a conference to petition the APA to remove pedophilia from the DSM. Reports of the conference according to attendees Matt Barber, Vice-President of Liberty Counsel Action, and Dr. Judith Reisman, a visiting law professor at Liberty University School of Law, are troubling. Some of the subjects and ideas promoted at the conference:

  • Pedophiles are "unfairly stigmatized and demonized" by society.
  • "We [as a society] are not required to interfere with or inhibit our child's sexuality."
  • Ages of consent for boys should be set at 10 to 12 years-old.
  • An adult's desire to have sex with children is "normative."
  • Our society should "maximize individual liberty ...We have a high moralistic society that is not consistent with liberty."
  • "These things are not black and white; there are various shades of gray."
  • "Assuming children are unable to consent lends itself to criminalization and stigmatization."
  • The DSM should "focus on the needs" of the pedophile and should have "a minimal focus on social control," rather than obsessing about the "need to protect children."

Words have meaning

Calling illegal, coercive and abusive sex with children "minor attraction" and "male intergenerational intimacy" shows the dishonesty involved with shifting our culture into what Dr. Reisman calls "sexual anarchy." Yet we discovered recently that the Department of Health and Human Services, headed by former Governor Kathleen Sebelius put out on its website in the "Questions and Answers about Sex" that children and infants are "sexual beings," calling purported sexual exploration as healthy and normal even in infancy. Obviously, they have been influenced by another Kinsey associate, Dr. Mary Calderone, a SIECUS (Sex Information and Educational Council of the U.S--the main supplier of sex education in the U.S.) president and past medical director for Planned Parenthood, who asserted that children are sexual even in the womb.

The Hydra that threatens us all

Clearly, the Kinsey philosophy is like the legendary Hydra; it is revealed by many heads - Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, the IASHS (Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) and NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association to name a few. The main head---the one to kill---is the Kinsey research which spawned the other heads.

Decide to hold the line

In all battles there is a defining moment in which the combatants decide this is the ground I am going to hold. If not for the children, then for whom?