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Broadcast | Posted: August 10, 2011

Originators of Early Sexualization

Swiss documentary exposes Kinsey & modern day sex ed

[English spoken long version]

By Panorama-Film, 2011

Panorama-Film, a Swiss production company, takes a serious look at what today's children encounter in the classroom as sex education. The documentary features in-studio experts Michael Vogt, Professor of History, and Claudia Haunit, Doctor of Medicine, and references the English documentary Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles and the works by Dr. Reisman.

Directed by Ivo Sasek, the original German spoken documentary is available in the following languages:

Main film
56 minutes
Long version
1 hour 13 minutes
German (Deutsch)
Urväter der Frühsexualisierung Hauptfilm
Originators of early sexualization feature film
long version
Russian (Русский)
Праотцы ранней сексуализации
длинная версия
French (Français)
Les ancêtres de la sexualisation précoce
version longue
Dutch (Nederlands)
Stamvaders van de vroege seksualisering
lange versie

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