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External Articles | Posted: August 24, 2011

Psychiatrists seek to destigmatize adult-child sex

Conference concludes better to 'focus on the needs' of pedophile than worry about protecting children

By Bob Unruh
WorldNetDaily, August 22, 2011

While a highly controversial campaign featuring doctors and psychiatrists seeks to normalize sexual activity between adults and children of almost any age, the principal expert investigator for a U.S. Justice Department study on child sex abuse warns that the pedophilia advocates are using the same strategy that was successfully employed to make homosexuality a classroom subject for small children in the nation's public schools.

Dr. Judith Reisman recently attended a symposium held by the "minor-attracted people" advocacy group B4U-ACT to disseminate "accurate information" on the position that pedophilia is just one more alternative sexual orientation.

"If a foreign country came in and did this to our nation, the nation would be outraged," Reisman told WND today about the B4U-Act event, also attended by J. Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action.

The speakers promoted the idea that the American Psychiatric Association should remove pedophilia from the list of mental defects in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Reisman explained the same strategy was used by homosexual activists in the 1970s when same-sex attractions were removed from the APA's list of disorders. Eventually, the legalization of "gay marriage," the mandatory homosexuality lessons in public schools and the brand-new policy of allowing open homosexuality in the U.S. military resulted.

The recent event wasn't a meeting of minor unknowns:

"Dr. John Sadler (University of Texas) argued that diagnostic criteria for mental disorders should not be based on concepts of vice since such concepts are subject to shifting social attitudes and doing so diverts mental-health professions from their role as healers," the B4U-ACT organization said in a report about its symposium in Baltimore.

Another celebrity was Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins who argued in favor of "acceptance of and compassion for people who are attracted to minors," the report continued.

The report pointedly referred to "minor-attracted people" in reference to those heretofore called pedophiles and explained that the concerns can be resolved with "accurate information." Richard Kramer, who was representing B4U-ACT at the event, explained how listing pedophilia as a disorder actually stigmatizes the "victims" of the lifestyle choice.

According to Barber, the conference explained how the Diagnostic Manual should "focus on the needs" of the pedophile and should have "a minimal focus on social control" rather than obsession over the "need to protect children."

Barber, an ardent advocate for Judeo-Christian values and the traditional family, told WND the symposium was "the North American Man-Boy Love Association all dolled up and dressed in the credible language of the elitist Ph.Ds."

NAMBLA openly advocates for the legalization of sex between adults and children.

"This is a bunch of morally relative, highly educated people in the mental health community who are trying to achieve the ultimate in tolerance," Barber said. "These are the people who are the disciples of Alfred Kinsey."

It was in the 1940s and 1950s that sex "researcher" Kinsey published his writings, ridiculing marriage, fidelity and chastity and preaching widespread sexual experimentation. But according to Reisman's research, in "Sexual Sabotage," Kinsey's "research" was compiled from information frequently obtained from jailed sex offenders and then portrayed as coming from middle-class America.

Barber said the symposium themes became clear quickly:

  • Pedophiles are unfairly "demonized" in society.

  • The idea of "wrong" simply should not be applied to "minor-attracted persons."

  • "Children are not inherently unable to consent" to sex with an adult.

  • "An adult's desire to have sex with children is 'normative.'"

  • And the Diagnostic Manual "ignores that pedophiles 'have feelings of love and romance for children' the same way adult heterosexuals have for each other."

Barber noted that self-described "gay activist" and speaker Jacob Breslow said it is proper for children to be "the object of our attraction." Breslow said pedophiles shouldn't need to get consent from a child to have sex any more than they would get consent from a shoe to wear it, according to Barber.

Berlin previously reported that 67 percent of pedophiles and child molesters relapse after being treated for the disorder. But the few who didn't only were tracked for a period of only two years, and any recidivism after that was unreported. And Reisman noted that even his success "stories" are anonymous and "wholly unverified."

Also on hand was Renee Sorrentino of Harvard Medical School, who discussed the legal, ethical and medical consequences of reclassifying pedophiles, and Andrew Hinderliter of the University of Illinois said the boundary between the helping professions and the criminal justice system can be blurred.

Breslow, of the London School of Economics, said the assumptions about minors and sexuality that support current policy may not even be accurate.

Reisman said the U.S. is following quickly on the heels of the United Kingdom, where in 2009 a court case determined a convicted pedophile's rights were violated when police told his employer about a 20-year-old conviction for molesting a toddler.

Further, a campaign last year was launched in the UK to allow convicted pedophiles to adopt children, since depriving them of that privilege could "breach their human rights."

"There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them," said an advocate.

But in the cases of young boys assaulted by homosexual men the cost is counted in lives, said Reisman, not only in terms of sexual molestation, but also the spread of AIDS.

Reisman, who was the key investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention study of child sex abuse in crimes suborned by "soft" pornography, warned that the more the behavior is accepted, the more boys will die.

And  yet, according to the report from B4U-ACT, pedophiles should be involved in revising the APA standards of adult-child sex.

WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, shortly after publication of "The Marketing of Evil" in 2005, predicted publicly that the next "liberation movement" to assault America would be "the mainstreaming of adult-child sex."

Today, Kupelian noted, "The same godless logic that leads to normalization of homosexual marriage will lead also to the de-stigmatization and decriminalization of pedophilia. Remember, consensuality has replaced morality in today's legal system, so a young person 'consent' to have sex will ultimately trump the old-fashioned desire to protect the innocent. Also, since adult-child sex is a 'cultural preference' in certain non-Western countries, child-molestation lobbyists are now making the argument that criminalizing adult-child sex amounts to condemning another culture. So that's where multiculturalism has brought us."

In a related commentary on WND today, Reisman said, "The APA path to pedophile norms follows the success of the homosexual anarchy campaign. Arguably, the pedophile media lobby directed the passionate boy-boy kisses on the TV series 'Glee,' to enable fellow 'minor-attracted persons' to increasingly be seen as a boy's sex 'friend.'

"B4U-ACT claims to 'help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma, and fear.' While the group claimed they want to teach pedophiles 'how to live life fully and stay within the law,' no one suggested how to stop their child lust or molestation," she wrote.

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