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External Articles | Posted: August 13, 2011

Parents Television Council: Help Put a Stop to the Mainstreaming of Pornography!

Tell Your NBC Affiliate You Don't Want Playboy Club in Your Home

PTC, July 28, 2011

This week the PTC contacted every NBC affiliate in the country, and urged them to carefully consider their public interest obligations and refuse to air The Playboy Club, which is scheduled to debut September 19th, in their community.

The series is set in the 1960s at the original Chicago Playboy Club founded by Hugh Hefner. 

The Playboy Club is just the latest and most obvious example of the way the entertainment industry is making explicit pornography appear normal and even glamorous. The very fact that the show uses the word "Playboy" in its title, and that its stories take place in a sexist setting in which women are exploited and treated like objects valued only for their bodies, demonstrate that NBC is eager to push a pornography-based show into every home in America.

In a press release about the series, NBC claims that The Playboy Club will be a "sophisticated" and "compelling" hour of television about the "complex lives" of working-class women. It also claims that the program will be "consistent with broadcast network standards." The release does NOT mention the fact that actors on the show were forced to sign a contract stating that "nudity and/or simulated sex acts may be required." Such a requirement is totally unheard of for a program broadcast on the public airwaves - until now!

The PTC's study, Tinsel Town's New Target, has demonstrated that the entertainment industry is helping to promote the pornographic mindset by sexualizing teenage women and young girls. Organizations like Pornography Harms and Morality in Media (both headed by members of the PTC's Advisory Board) have shown the immeasurable harm that pornography does to marriages, families, and children. And Shelley Lubben, founder of the Pink Cross Foundation (an organization dedicated to helping victims of the pornography industry), has said of the show, "What's shown in The Playboy Club is not real...The series looks like it's all cute, taking place back in the old days. It seems harmless, but then they show a quick clip of three people going at it in the bathroom. "

Stop NBC Airing The Playboy Club - E-mail Your NBC Affiliate Today!

Earlier this year, the PTC was successful in knocking MTV's sex-soaked teen-targeted show Skins off the air -- in part because we got our message out before the program premiered. If PTC members - including YOU! -- call their local NBC stations and DEMAND they not air The Playboy Club NOW, we stand an excellent chance of succeeding again!

If NBC airs the show, The Playboy Club will be beamed into every living room in the nation, in prime time, over the publicly-owned airwaves...and, of course, viewers in all timeslots will be deluged with explicit commercials for the show.  Do YOU want to explain to YOUR children or grandchildren what a "Playboy Club" is?

If The Playboy Club is permitted to stand, broadcasters will think they have a green light to air indecent content at any time of day, even in front of children. If YOU want to do something about the flood of "entertainment" glamorizing pornography and sexualizing YOUR little girls...if YOU are offended that NBC is pushing The Playboy Club over the airwaves that YOU OWN...YOU can TAKE ACTION NOW!


And please consider assisting the PTC financially. It is only the efforts of the PTC that stand between the explicit sex, graphic violence, non-stop profanity, and unhealthy messages promoted by the media, and your children and grandchildren. Please help!