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Events | Posted: July 1, 2011

Past events

Various pictures from past events:

Note: Click on thumbnail images to enlarge

pic_JAR_with_Shelley_Lubben.jpg Shelley Lubben with Judith Reisman
pic_JAR_with_Nicole_Jameson_CE.jpg Nicole Jameson with Judith Reisman
pic_JAR_with_Quinlan_and_Rondeau.jpg Left to right: Greg Quinlan, Judith Reisman, Paul Rondeau
pic_JAR_with_Quinlan_and_Salamone.jpg Left to right: Greg Quinlan, Judith Reisman, Jason Salamone
pic_JAR_with_Heather_Jabornik.jpg Heather Jabornik with Judith Reisman
pic_JAR_with_Hollie_Greig_small.JPG Hollie Greig with Judith Reisman
pic_JAR_with_Lila_Rose_and_Anna_Bettisworth.jpg Left to right: Anna Bettisworth, Judith Reisman, Lila Rose
pic_JAR_with_Sally_Kern_and_Cindy_Noe.jpg Left to right: Judith Reisman, Sally Kern, Cindy Noe
pic_JAR_with_Michel_van_Dijk.JPG Michel van Dijk with Judith Reisman