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External Articles | Posted: June 7, 2011

The Quiet Revolution America Lost

By Joseph M. Kearney
Destiny Magazine, August/September, 1993

After two successive "world wars" and a great depression, America's once limited government now sported the world's largest military bureaucracy, a growing "intelligence bureaucracy" and a leviathan welfare state with a staggering and still growing array of "social programs!"

Before Kinsey, people spoke of "rugged individualism" and the "entrepreneurial spirit." They still held values like "a day's work, for a day's pay" and "with a little hard work and perseverance, anyone can accomplish virtually anything including black Americans!" This was troubling to "social engineers" because people who respect freedom will not long tolerate the tyranny of the centralized state!

This "problem" would require a second revolution, a "quiet" revolution. One designed to desensitize the American people and effectively undermine the underpinnings of morality that made America the greatest, most just and most prosperous nation on Earth. Ironically, it began in earnest just as America reached her zenith, right after her victory in World War II.

At about the same time that Kinsey and his colleagues at Indiana University were attacking the strictures and mores concerning human sexuality, John Dewey of Columbia University was attacking the conventional standards of discipline and merit in the classroom ("progressive education"), while best selling author Dr. Benjamin Spock was attacking the imposition of traditional values and discipline in the home. These movements, which were overwhelmingly opposed by the general public were foisted upon Americans via a vociferous support in the young electronic and print media, the major tax exempt foundations and the governmental policy carrier elite!

Consider also that at around the very same time, just after World War II, prominent members of the psychiatric field like Dr. Harry Stack Sullivan, Dr. George S. Stevenson and Dr. G. Brock Chisolm, the first head of the World Federation or Mental Health, and later the World Health Organization began discounting moral absolutes (abolishing accepted concepts of right and wrong), as well as private property and loyalty to country. Dr. Chisolm in particular seemed convinced that the ultimate evil was parents instilling such concepts such as right and wrong, self discipline, morality and patriotism in their children; in his own words, "The people who have been taught to believe whatever they were told by their parents or their teachers are the people who are the real menace to the world." Later he would go on to say, "Even self defense may involve a neurotic reaction when it means defending one's own excessive wealth from others who are in need."

Just before the "sexual revolution swung into high gear, the "beatnik culture" flooded America's mainstream media through the works of people like Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck and others who popularized the "beat generation" and with it the glorification of vulgarity.

Perhaps the beat generation's long lasting offering to American society was the popularizing of the "F" word. "F... you!", "F... off!" and "Get f.....!" became commonplace exchanges, not only in the worst of places and amongst the dregs of society but also in the best of places (Colleges & Universities) and amongst supposedly the best of people!

Lost within the popularizing of vulgarity was the cheapening of our culture, the decaying of our values and the soiling of sex itself. Expressions like "F... you!" and "Screw you!" did far more than make obscene expletives ordinary, they served to subconsciously subvert human sexuality to the level of filth. Before the "sexual revolution" almost no one spoke publicly about sex primarily because it was considered to be a hallowed, private and deeply personal matter (consigned to the loving relationships between man and wife.) Course vulgarity was avoided in public not only to preserve your reputation as a decent and refined member of society but out of respect for ladies and children, who were considered beyond the pale of such foul expressions.

There is little doubt that like so many of the elites before and since him, Alfred Kinsey saw blacks as primitive, uninhibited people, slaves to their primal lusts. Kinsey and his ilk made no attempts to condemn what they saw as in any way immoral. In fact, they would use blacks as their model of primal or "natural man." There was just one problem with all this and that was the fact that blacks were not at all the way such white liberals saw them. In truth, most remain even more conventional and socially conservative than their white counterparts. Still Kinsey' and his followers would not let the truth stand in their way. The Kinsey reports viewed blacks as a naively sexually liberated race, unhampered by the constraints of civilization.

The problem confronting us today is that once behavior (i.e. sexuality) has been fundamentally, albeit artificially changed or perverted, ideology itself is rarely enough to effect a return to discipline. In fact once a behavior has been modified, the ideology that undergirded the original morality is itself eroded.

According to the law of entropy, matter tends toward disorder, that is, it's easier to effect chaos than it is to maintain order. In physics, entropy is used in reference to the tendency of all matter to decay, socially it is obvious that once a society descends toward barbarism and chaos it rarely if ever recovers what it lost. This has dire consequences for us all. For morality itself has always been more about "what you do" than "what you believe!" Thus, as more and more Americans accept an ever lower standard of decency, our ideology (what we claim to believe) means less and Jess.

That is why small victories like the recent studies showing that the rate of exclusive male homosexuality is more on the order of 1% than 10%, have little appreciable effect on society's down hill slide. Already too many of us have become convinced that homosexuality is merely an alternative lifestyle, morally equivalent to heterosexual love.

The morality that condemns sodomy is seen as just an old "out of date" value judgment that no longer applies to our new enlightened society, despite volumes of medical evidence to the contrary. That is how morality is eroded, bit by bit, action by action. Not so much a battle of ideas but an avalanche of behaviors. First cohabitation took on the moral equivalence of marriage, then promiscuity was viewed as moral and as acceptable as fidelity, now homosexuality is fighting for the "same respect" accorded heterosexuality, and tomorrow pedophilia will no doubt vie for moral respectability. That is social entropy. That is how a civilization expires, decays and dies.

The notions of the paradigm of "sexual liberation" and the "noble black savage" play into a far larger world view. It is the age old conflict between the productive values of individualism and the primitive values of socialism, a concept that is interchangeable with democracy in America. Modern socialist theory is international in its scope, "One world, one race, one religion, one brotherhood of man/life," mistakenly believing that absorbing everyone into one tribe will somehow eliminate the conflicts inherent between self interested groupings.

The major, if not the only, impediment to realizing such an "inter-nation" is believed to be Western civilization and its individualistic roots. That is why the attack on the underpinnings of Western civilization (its moral code) is so vital. The experts lied. They knew all along that sexuality was the weakest moral link. They saw clearly that on the one hand man is endowed with a strong innate attraction to the opposite sex, something vital to the survival of the species, while on the other, he is a thinking, feeling being prone to the reckless pursuit of pleasure (hedonism). Sex is at once man's most vulnerable and yet his most morally disciplined area. Eradicate sexual morality, eliminate the strictures and taboos that surround so much of his sexuality and man becomes infinitely more savage, inescapably more barbaric.

We are now faced with nothing short of redefining ourselves and reaffirming our faith in the founder's design or moving inexorably toward the depravity and degradation that is chaos and social entropy.