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External Articles | Posted: June 7, 2011

Sex, Lies, & Pornography in Black America

By John Parker
Destiny Magazine, August/September, 1993

 1948 Alfred Kinsey released the now famous Sexual Behavior In The Human Male. and for all intents and purposes the "sexual revolution" was born. Kinsey's basic premise was that human sexuality should naturally mirror that of animals -- random, non-specific and non-committal. Like Voltaire and Rousseau before him, he was convinced that man's phony morality kept him from becoming the "noble savage" he was convinced we were deep down.

The free wheeling, "free love" lifestyle he eschewed spawned the Playboy philosophy as well as Hugh Hefner's Playboy empire. In fact Hefner himself was a devotee of Alfred Kinsey and did a college paper on Kinsey, In the very first issue of Playboy, Hefner wrote, "We believe we're filling a need only slightly less important than the one just taken care of by the Kinsey Report."

The Kinsey/Playboy model poisoned the heart of America by focusing Americans on their genitals instead of their souls. The Kinsey led "sexual revolution" has been venerated in America's media and ingrained into the hearts and minds of her citizens. Until now few have been concerned with Kinsey's effect on the black community.

With Kinsey, the concept of basic morality has been so relentlessly attacked, so effectively debunked and so thoroughly censored that chastity is now often considered absurd, fidelity is routinely ridiculed and romantic love has been replaced with primal lust ("'if it feels good do it"). It is a wonder that the sanctity of life has ceased to hold sway over this once moral community.

Today pornographers, sex educators and "therapists" profit from a special American brand of mental despair. The number of people who admit to seeing a therapist today has increased dramatically since the 50s. The belief in the Kinseyan model of human sexuality has not only 'not helped' but seems to add to the frustration and agony among Americans. Sexually satisfied people don't need. want. nor buy sex industry products. So while many sex educators and pornographers claim to want to enhance and "educate," they generally work to undermine sexual intimacy. The misery of divorce, single mother poverty, child sex abuse, sex addiction, STD's, AIDS, impotence, homo and bisexuality, etc., reflects the effects of 40 years of "sex education" and pornography on American culture.

Early on, sex researchers targeted the black community to pilot their sex-despair programs. The first school based clinics were set up in Washington, D.C., where the black population was near 80 percent. At that time it was sold as a cure for teen pregnancy and venereal disease. The brochure Public Schools of the District of Columbia - curriculum hi health and family life education, grades K-12, 1961-1962 states: "[sex education] was an integral part of the curriculum of II pilot schools beginning in September 1958. In the Fall of 1959, the number of pilot schools was increased to 41. An additional 31 schools were added in September of 1960." Those first public schools were predominantly black.

In a September 1989 interview, Ms. Paula Barry, then Supervising Director of Health and Education for the D.C. school system, said, "Children are given [sex] information and taught to make their own decisions. They are not told what to do." Ms. Barry, like nearly all sex education instructors nationwide, were trained in Kinseyan theory. Despite the good intentions of people like Ms. Barry, sex educators taught children the same sexual morality taught to them as sex educators. So, the sex information they received determined what those children "chose to do." And just what sexual information was taught to these vulnerable black children in the late 50's and early 60's?

A 1969 article that appeared in the now defunct Sunday Star (out of D.C.) under the headline "SEX EDUCATION FILMS CANDID, EXPLICIT" reported that the largely black school board voted to censor talk about contraception or sexual intercourse and was scorned by the largely white administrators. Over parental objections, their children were shown "explicit" films with "frank and direct" narratives on "barnyard animals mating" -- which were recommended for 3 to 10 year olds!

By the early 1960' s, according to the Sunday Star, D.C. children, both black and white viewed "animated drawings" of the male ejaculation, with the narrator explaining, "it is nature's way of passing the sperm into the female body during "sexual intercourse." Angry parent claimed such films deviant behavior and pre-marital sex and would thus increase. sexual experimentation among children and result in a deluge of disorders in the community.

Sex educators of course disagreed, claiming they could make sex beautiful for children, reducing illegitimacy, divorce, rape and virtually every other sexual problem. They scoffed at what they saw as uptight, sexually repressed parents. The white sex education establishment kept telling black parents that they were not capable of educating their own children about sex. The experts argue today that unless black parents teach their children about homosexuality, oral and anal copulation, and such, in a positive way, their children will grow up ignorant and malformed.

This argument was of course illiterate on its face since it presumed that black parents were failures instead of self sufficient, productive members of society. Nonetheless, many black parents, intimidated by their lack of advanced academic degrees and hoping to give their children a better life than they had, accepted educators' claims of higher scientific knowledge.

Since the 50s sex educators' circumvention of parental wisdom has "worked" -- it has undermined marital stability, but especially the once strong and noble -- love black men had for black women. Is it any wonder that today Washington, D.C. has the nation's highest rate of single parent households, as well as massive numbers criminal youth? Four decades of Kinseyan sex education has helped produce this rotten fruit, a decay that black parents had feared would be the result of such "education" since 1958!

Unfortunately, dependent; upon whose statistics you use, we now find children raping children in ways and numbers never before known in the US. Adult rape increased from "only" 350% to over 600% since 1948, and nearly 60% from 1990 to 1991; divorce splitting over half of our marriages: more than 65% of black children born out of wed-lock; over half of all AIDS infected women and children arc black; and while black incest, child sex abuse and homosexual statistics are shockingly hidden, the rates of victimization should parallel other fearful rates of breakdowns within the black community.

The Norplant scandal in Chicago followed up on years of this kind of desensitization and sexual inhibition programming in both the black and white communities. Maria Pappas, a Cook County Commissioner, recently proposed that Chicago's "at risk" adolescent girls (largely from predominantly black housing projects) be implanted with Norplant (a five year contraceptive), approving childhood coitus but not pregnancy. The "Pappas" proposal would expose Chicago's young girls to even more disease and early death.

While black leaders have looked for racism under every rock they have pretend blindness in respect to white liberals who have used blacks, politically, for decades and now feel perfectly free to use blacks in sexual experiments. In 1985, Dr. Ruth Westheimer wrote in her book on sex for youths, titled "First Love", of "a kind of sex play called sadomasochism." The book describes sadomasochism as fun, if each partner consents, and gave the children grand- motherly oral sex directions. She even gives instructions. "Think of an ice cream cone ... she can swallow the semen if she wants to."

In 1991, The Division of AIDS Services, under the auspices of the N.Y. City Department of Health, issued a brochure for inner city children called, "The Teenager's Bill Of Rights," instructing children to decide for themselves about sex. It read in part: "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHETHER TO HAVE SEX AND WHO TO HAVE IT WITH I HAVE THE RIGHT TO THINK FOR MYSELF I HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE PROTECTION WHEN I HAVE SEX ... I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BUY AND USE CONDOMS ... " Children were taught these things as their parents were branded hypocrites for being "afraid to tell" their children the alleged facts of life!

In many cases such "directions" create a repugnance with the opposite sex and thus makes the child more susceptible to homosexual and pedophile exploitation. At the same time it pits the child against his/her parents. Was destroying parental authority part of the Division of AIDS Program Services agenda? The Spring of 1993 saw the parents of New York City Public School children rally to oust the controversial Chancellor Fernandez and push to regain greater parental control over the school system against an administration which seemed to see the parents as the enemy rather than the proper guardians and decision-makers for their children's future well being.

More poignantly, as the Washington Post asked (January 22, 1991), why has black society .... been so hard hit by the sexual revolution? The Post noted. "Marriage is no longer the norm for young blacks ... just 30% of all black men age 15 to 44 were married in 1988. down from 50% in 1960 [and well over 50% in 1950] ... sexual activity at an early age has become more widespread ... [males] lure young girls into sexual relationships with vague but convincing promises of marriage. A lot of young girls do want to get married. but the young men don' t want anything to do with marriage. A startling 70 to 90 percent of all children born out of wedlock wind up on welfare at some point in their lives."

On November 11th, 1991 the Washington Post reported that 25 percent of black women never marry -- a proportion that has tripled since 1960! "Only a generation ago, the figures were virtually identical for both black and white women." Courtney Milloy wrote a piece for the Washington Post on February 23, 1986, entitled "Black Men and White Women" in which he chronicled this most tortuous taboo. Milloy recalled the feelings he and his buddies from Booker T. Washington H.S. had about the white world. "We had an image of white women that had come right off the cover of Glamour magazine, as well as the centerfold of Playboy. Women with real blond hair. Throw in blue eyes and healthy "piano stool" legs and ... some black men were content to date the sort of white women who seemed pleased to have anyone -- even a black man pay some attention to them. In short, the ugly ones. What you heard from black women was: "He's got white fever."

Milloy notes that college black men who could not bring home a white woman because of disapproval, sought out a "light skinned woman with good hair." No doubt this exacerbated "color racism:' based on "shade" or skin tone within the black community.

Though the sexually liberated 60's saw an increase in miscegenation or inter-racial marriage. the mixed marriage phenomenon was almost entirely black men to white women. while the few number of white men marrying black women actually declined. Critics of TV suggest the media' s growing mythology surrounding white woman (blonde) as a genetic sexual prize for black men has reached an all time high. No one understands this principal better than Madonna, who fascinates her audiences with acts suggesting the use of black men as sex slaves ... while they enjoy being her subjects. Some argue this same theme is being seen on daytime TV. And any attempt to question the motive of shooting a scene with a black man and a white woman kissing or embracing is met with a strong retort. RACISM!

A frank discussion of blonde models and white pornography in the black community seems taboo still, even among mental health professionals, sworn to aid the black family. Writing in Black Families in Therapy (1989), black therapist, Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin spends a good deal of time addressing "skin color issues" and its relationship to "toxic family secrets."

Boyd-Franklin quotes from one researcher regarding black parents favoring light skinned children. "it's easy to see why the position of light skinned folks in the universal black family is considered a favorable one." She goes on to cite author Alice Walker: "The matter of color, quiet as it is kept, is still an issue among us. Color still affects our thoughts, attitudes and perceptions about beauty and intelligence about self worth and self esteem. If we are to survive we cannot allow color to become the wedge that...destroys us."

The "matter of color" has been increasingly exploited by white mass media as it links sex and violence to various "dumb blonde" bodies and as the new white "Peep TV" brings white pornography, pimps and prostitutes into the homes of every black family with a television set.

Now more than ever, black families are awash with white porno in the living room, bedroom. kitchen. wherever there is a TV. It has been suggested that the payola scam which was exposed years ago on mainstream network radio. is happening again on network television. Phil. Oprah, Geraldo. Sally. Murray and so on. may be seen as hustlers, bringing in the suckers, doing paid "advertorials" for the pornography industry. An advertorial is a paid ad disguised as a news interview, a panel discussion. etc. In "Peep TV," the strip shows and sex Pottersvilles are pushed on all of us -- men, women and children via ABC. CBS. NBC and PBS et al.

So who is all this aimed at and why? Well. most of the viewers for these day time TV talk shows are homemakers, both black and white. TV hustlers are pushing the crudest, coarsest forms of sexual debauchery and "soft porn" on the most conservative of our women and youths. Is their aim to totally desensitize and in effect brainwash the homemakers and children of America?

Our "Toxic Media" mainstreams a daily freak show on all channels: male transvestites, moms and their daughters describing their bizarre sex lives, married couples who make videos of themselves having sex, lesbians who self impregnate via "gay" men to produce "turkey-baster-babies" and youngsters exposed permanently to the world as "gay teens" (Oprah). TV Peep pornography is mass producing frustrated. angry and callous people of every race.

The networks have hosted a carnival of deviancy and in so doing created a nation of voyeurs. exhibitionists and peeping Toms and Tillies. Voyeurism is the essence of all pornography and a psychosexually devastating and all too often addictive 'experience -- especially for youths, young moms and "shut-ins" inundated 'with it daily.

In the book Big World, Small Screen (1992) the American Psychological Association (APA) task force on television. noted that millions of TV watchers' reside in: "prisons and jails, hospital centers for .the mentally ill juvenile detention centers. residential treatment centers. Indeed. because these populations are at special risk and because they watch more television than normal viewing has the potential for being ;. much more harmful activity for then than for the normal viewer."

The impact of humiliating, sexually exploitive and aggressive "Peep TV" on such vulnerable groups -- many soon to be released and paroled into society--is harrowing. The evidence is clear that pornography breeds frustration and aggression among vulnerable consumers justifying a distorted world view and the heinous crimes of a growing number of Ted Bundys' and Jeffrey Dahmers'.

In the 1930's, black night clubs catered to a white elite which promoted black authors who would in turn propagate the white elite' s version of "the black sexual mystique." Some black writers portrayed blacks as primitive, amoral, boozing, sexual atheists. This symbiotic relationship between the white elites and their hand picked cadre of black authors was no accident.

W.E.B. DuBois became no enraged over this dangerous misrepresentation of the black majority of black folk...never go to cabarets. The average colored man in Harlem is an everyday laborer attending Church lodge and movie and is as conservative and as conventional as ordinary working talk everywhere." Still, as is customary, methodology was all too often stronger than truth Historian Michael Jones, described the goals of the white liberals like this: "Black were expected to be "primitive" so that the liberal whites would feel better about acting out their own "primitive" sexual urges....most Negroes were inescapably bourgeois in their aspirations and shockingly religious as well, liberal whites set out on a cultural campaign to foster the idea of the sexual liberated negro."

Later, the "primitive lack" sexual mythology would be used by insect expert turned sex researcher, Dr. Alfred Kinsey to normalize sexual anarchy. Until he published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948. Americans were sexually restrained, virginity at marriage was a common goal for both men and women. blacks and whites. Living together was considered a crime. Pregnancy meant an early wedding. Homosexuality was a sign of emotional disorder and marriage and fidelity were expected into old age. Kinsey aimed o change all that, and he did.

Kinsey was able to use fraudulent scientific data in 1948 and 1953 to "prove" Americans were sexual hypocrites, regularly engaging in what had been seen, pre-Kinsey, as perverse sexual behavior.

In the "Atomic age," the age of Einstein, Americans fervently believed in their scientists. The scientific community "would never lie to the rest of us." Thus, America accepted Kinsey's findings on face value. We accepted his sexual reforms and got spiraling rates of divorce, illegitimate births, disappearing dads, newborns with AIDS, new and old venereal disease epidemics increased rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, homicide, sex addiction, mass murderers massive sex crimes and both sexual and non-sexual child abuse. Kinsey fueled this change in 14 languages. In 1983, Esquire magazine voted Kinsey one of America's 50 Who Made a Difference.

The Esquire article said: "The first wave of the sexual revolution was set into motion by [Kinsey]....Until Alfred Kinsey started his sex research, no one in polite company dared talk about it [sex]. After Kinsey, the strictures loosened. In just a few years, sexual therapy became a legitimate process, and free sexual expression, both verbal and behavioral, moved from the realm of depravity to that of normalcy."

A crucial military report on "Homosexuality and Personnel Security" cites the fraudulent Kinsey data to normalize gays in the military. Sex educators are required to teach Kinseyan sexology for accreditation. Kinsey's fraudulent data have been used to eliminate pre-Kinsey sex laws and public policies -- in effect destigmatizing virtually every form of sexual perversion. All of this was supported by Kinsey's claim to have interviewed 5,300 American men, finding most generally promiscuous, largely adulterous and bi/homosexual. Sadly, few questioned Kinsey's data.

The facts are that at least 25 percent of Kinsey's "normal" male subjects were prison inmates (roughly 1,400 sex offenders), another 5 percent were prostitutes, hundreds of others were "feeble minded" derelicts and 317 were screaming, weeping, fainting and convulsing infants and children -- most under 10 years of age and 28 under one year of age. "Smaller children were manually or orally stimulated by trained pedophiles for Kinsey's orgasm data on infants and children."

Appalling? Indeed. The children were identified as "interviewees in ghetto areas" who were "interviewed" "without parental or guardian permission." The inescapable conclusion would be that the infants and children forcibly held down and sexually abused by Kinsey's trained collaborators were black children."

These experiments on children were the most controversial areas that the Kinsey "studies" explored. "Orgasm has been observed," said Kinsey "from five months to adolescence" [and] "orgasm is in our records for a female babe of four months." But who "observed" the "orgasms" in these boys and babes? No scientist asked how the infant orgasm data were retrieved. In fact, a former Kinsey Institute Director, Paul Gebhard, wrote that some of the data came from homosexual males who used "manual and oral" stimulation on little boys genitals!

Dr. Paul Tripp, a colleague of Kinsey's explained these cases of "scientific" pedophilia in this way on the Donahue show: "She's (Dr. Reisman) talking about data that came from pedophiles; that (Kinsey) would listen only pedophiles who were very careful, used stop watches, knew how to record their thing, did careful surveys. And these she resents very much, but they're very important and Kinsey did them."

How did the Kinsey team get precise records of a sample size of 317 children across all ages? Perhaps the answer lie, in a place least suspected. In 1950 roughly 95,000 children were institutionalized- infants to 20 years of age. It is on record that Kinsey's team had access to children held in the Randall House for Negro Boys and the Kruse School for Negro Girls. In 1971, Howard James book, Children in Trouble chronicled how children in such institutions, "many as young as four and five ... were often abused." Often, said James, "Boys and girls are forced into homosexual acts," raped and internally "examined."

Institutionalized white children were often terrorized, but reports suggest that black children fared worse. Blacks as science guinea pigs had strong precedent. The U.S. Public Health Service's "Tuskegee Syphilis Study" lasted 18 years, from 1932 to well into Kinsey's own "survey" time. For the sake of science, 600 black men were kept syphilitic despite the availability of a cure. A $9 million settlement was negotiated for survivors in 1974.

While both James and other researchers have since exposed agency child abuse, Kinsey protected administrators. When seeking entry into a girls school, Kinsey wrote the matron, citing his access to other penal institutions and promising to keep secret what transpired and what the girls said. What exactly did Kinsey do at these black schools? It was admitted in Kinsey's reports that such children were used as sex experiment subjects. The boys that Kinsey described as "orgasmic" were not ordinary: "Most boys are inhibited, more restricted by parental controls." Why did the Kinsey team focus on such children who were without the benefit of "parental controls" and expound upon this group as though they represented the orgasmic capacity of American children?

Kinsey's own record included experimental infants as young as 2 months old, while one 4 year old was said to have had 26 orgasms in 24 hours. The Kinsey team called similar records orgasms from babies who were "screaming." "fainting." and who exhibited "hysterical weeping" and "convulsions." Despite this obvious pain. the Kinsey team said these shrieks proved "definite pleasure." It is now believed that what the team was hearing was in fact the normal response of children in agonizing pain from continuous torture. The claim of child sexuality sparked a growing rejection of traditional asexual views of children and was repeatedly expressed in Hugh Hefner's "humorous" use of children as adult sexual partners in Playboy magazine.

Pornography grosses $7 billion a year! That's more than the movie and the music industry combined. The pornography industry strips men of their manliness, taints children sexually and undermines women's sense of personal beauty, integrity and modesty and reinvests nothing back into our society to help upgrade people's self esteem. Alice Walker wrote of the sex industry's enslavement of black men, describing one black middle class marriage almost destroyed by pornography~. "His wife, using the bathroom later, came upon the slightly damp magazine. She picks it up with mixed emotions. She, a brown skinned woman with black hair and eyes looks at the white blondes and brunettes. Will the be thinking of them she wonders, when he is making love to me? Tracy Gardner, another black writer, wrote about self esteem in Take Back The Night: "It is not so much that women of color are trying unconsciously to become white, as they are trying to look beautiful in a world where beauty is defined by white women."

Data confirm that nearly all American children get an initial radicalized sex "imprint" of a young, white. blonde from Playboy and other pornographers. It should come as no surprise that children act out sexually and sometimes voluntarily, Recent crime statistics find teen sex offenders (both male and female) increasing drastically, The rates of children molesting children remains fatally concealed. Few parents will report Johnny for assaulting his younger brothers or sisters.

In 1954 boy toddlers appeared in Playboy magazine cartoons associated sexually with women. By the 60's Playboy cartooned little girls harmlessly ! and humorously raped by old men-including kin. By the 70's Playboy displayed photos of nude young girls by using film out-cuts they could show young girls artistically raped. In one photograph, a naked sleeping child clutches her Raggedy Ann doll while Playboy urges the reader on: "Naturally, she digs forceful father figures, so come on Big Daddy."

Playboy began shaving female models pubic hair in order to enhance the image of "the child sex partner." Then, Hustler magazine and other big sellers in the black community found other subtle methods that served to encouraged child-adult sex fantasy among consumers. Such pornography exists to eroticize the household-children to children, adults to children, placing the family at high risk for incest. Is there any wonder that we now hear of so-called credible professionals suggesting that the age of consent be lowered?

In 1980 blacks were 11 percent of the nation's population, while 17 percent of the black male population were Playboy subscribers, another 8 percent bought Penthouse and another 7 percent Hustler. These figures do not reveal newsstand purchases, adolescent "pass-on" users or magazines collectively shared on military bases, college libraries, barber shops and so on.

What does white pornography mean for the black community? While a magazine's cover is the stimulus for most sales, only two Playboy covers out of 373 between 1955 and 1985 (less than 1%), implied that black women could be beautiful. During that same period of time, only eight centerfolds out of 373, even resembled black women. While we are not advocating black women have equal time for exploitation in pornography the use of white pornography by black boys and men is ominous in its implications. Vanessa Williams was such and was used as a black/white lesbian stimuli in Penthouse magazine.

While Playboy, Penthouse; and other white pornographers erase black women, allowing only a few as stimuli for racially mixed lesbian scenes. Hustler exploits black men with white women. Black women must compete with drugs, alcohol. pornography and increasingly homosexuality among black men.

Faced with such prospects. many young black women subconsciously choose pregnancy even without a husband. Consider the fears of many young black women. Many fear they will' never marry never have children and that they will be totally undesirable to a responsible black man as they "mature"! Bearing a child gives some hope, however dim, for a normal married life. Decades of white pornographic imprinting and Kinseyan sex education has clearly helped to create this predisposition for promiscuity.

When black boys and men consume white pornography, black women receive a chilling porno-lie. It suggests they are not beautiful or desirable, causing emotional problems in large numbers.

The degree to which white pornography contributes to the loss of self-esteem varies with each person. In some, pornography triggers degrees of depression. Others carry out inexcusable acts of rage, sexual abuse of women and children while some will turn to homosexuality. It is common knowledge among many psychologists that homosexuality commonly follows early sexual abuse and/or abandonment by the fathers. No. The data find no genetic predisposition to homosexuality. While many honest psychologists know homosexuality is a dysfunction they hesitate to be candid about what they know to be the case due to extremist, progay political pressure. As far as it is known, homosexuality occurs in roughly 1 % to 2% of the population not 10% or the population.

Homosexual pedophiles, like straight child sex offenders commonly use pornography to seduce youths. Pornography is responsible for many childhood sexual traumas. Many do not care to uncover the memory of that fateful scene of molestation. Many men cannot face early childhood psychosexual traumas until well into adulthood, if ever, and often fall into a broad spectrum of lifetime "heterophobic" (fear and distrust of the opposite sex) behaviors which render them impotent, that is, without the manly power to reproduce, nurture and protect a wife and family. Some forms of RAP music hinge on such fear and hate.

Men are not encouraged to seek help or discuss their mounting conflicts. Little wonder, when boys become prematurely sexual, especially with older women, they are seen by society as "getting lucky." This is an odd way to dismiss trauma that will likely affect a boys entire life. Even today, young boys are expected to "understand" and accept hundreds of TV commercials selling competing female hygiene products. Information about extra super tampons to the best medicine for yeast infections are thrust onto young boys. We've become callous about the destructive messages we send children.

The Kinsey/Hefner/sex-education legacy is a 40 year plague of sexual anarchy and abandonment of families. This triad has flooded the black family like a tidal wave of sexual toxins and ushered in layers of social pathology. The fact is that pre 1950, statistics show a remarkably stable black family, very little illegitimacy and a comparatively low crime rate. In the 40 years since the advent of the "sexual revolution" blackness has been pornographically stigmatized and illegitimacy, crime, family dysfunction and homosexuality have exploded inside our community. How blind hedonism can ever justify the disintegration of an entire people is beyond reason. The challenge facing black society today is to re-educate parents, professionals, the clergy, health care workers, entertainers and educators regarding the triad of enemies who have sought to control black society by hijacking moral codes, which have always shrouded our sexuality, for their personal power and control. Black children cannot save black society. That is the responsibility of black adults. We must roust out all forms of pornography, personal and societal. We must demand Kinseyans in schools and public and private agencies be reeducated or replaced. Let us boldly and repeatedly repudiate contemporary condom carriers and reinstate the ethics and character espoused by our forbearers. It can and must be done, so that our children may look up to us with dignity and genuine respect.

Note: Front cover was shot by Pryor studios. Care was taken to expose none of the children to any form of pornography. All offensive pages were removed prior to shooting. Also, thanks to Judith Reisman for serving as advisor on this important expose.