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External Articles | Posted: June 30, 2011

Pornography May Cause Impotence

By S. Crawford
The Chaparral, December 4, 2006

There is an epidemic of impotence on college campuses, according to the Washington Post, and the cause may be "loose women and too much booze." The article reports that young men can usually get sex whenever they want because, according to surveys, many young women are as likely to initiate sex as men, which removes the "age old, erotic power of the chase." (Strange that the women as defined as the loose ones.)

When performance anxiety is paired with binge drinking and drugs it is no surprise that more and more young men are visiting college clinics. The pharmaceutical companies are well aware of this: Viagra is now using younger men in their commercials in order to attract a new customer base. However, there is an additional cause of impotence - pornography, especially internet pornography. Author Thomas A. Szyszkiewcs in his rebuttal to the Kinsey Report, writes that pornography is implicated in impotence as well as harassment and sexual crimes. Men become so desensitized to sexual stimulation after hours of viewing porn that they are often unable to sexually respond to their wives or partners.

In addition, today's music videos often portray women in cheap, tawdry poses, with body language that grinds and pleads for the male singer, who is usually depicted as virile and pimp-like. Demeaning lyrics in most rap songs implicate women as whores. Even primetime television has increased the "rawness factor" of its sexual content which, when combined with all the other factors, provide a large number of reasons to choose from when trying to decide what exactly is the cause of this national epidemic of impotence.

Judith Reisman, PhD explains, "The proliferation of pornography into mainstream America spreads impotence as a natural outcome of moral apathy." Men want a significant intimate emotional relationship with commitment just as women do, even though society would have us believe the opposite. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that all pornography was toxic in 1992. Reisman says that "cures like Viagra conceal the dysfunctional and anxiety causing role played by pornography in promoting impotence."

The Oprah Winfrey show, among others, has covered marriages affected by porn-addicted husbands, in which therapy can help restore the family. Although the Washington Post article did not offer a solution to the impotence problem, shining light on the issue can be a beginning on the path to help for many. As for the solution to too much porn on the internet; those who support freedom of speech will be a large obstacle to any attempt at controlling the porn epidemic.