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External Articles | Posted: June 18, 2011

Kids and sex change

By Walt Heyer
Sex Change Info Blog, October 12, 2009

Perhaps nothing exemplifies the term "medical experiment" more than the attempts of medical professionals to switch genders on young kids through surgery. Some of these surgeries have been performed on children barely out of the toddler stage at age 5 up to 12 years.

This practice of gender changing on young kids verges on medical misconduct and "medical child abuse." We as a society should be concerned about the psyche of the doctors and parents who are assisting or encouraging young children in the "medical experimentation" of a surgical sex change on such young kids.

The ability to understand long-term consequences of actions is not fully developed in kids. The brain's frontal lobe, called the executive region, is known as the area of thoughtful reasoning. The fact is: the executive part of the brain is not fully developed until the late teen years or even the early 20s, certainly not by the ages of 5 through 12. Brain studies conclude "in particular, with emotional information, the teenager's brain may be responding with more of a gut reaction than an executive or more thinking kind of response."

If that's true for teenagers, how much more so for children prior to the teen years? Young children will respond more impulsively as a behavioral thought response, in place of a thoughtful measured response. This has been learned from studies of the brain. See reports by Deborah Yurgelum-Todd on the brain.

What I find remarkable is that cruelty toward dogs and cats will upset far more people and gain greater media scorn then the neutering and spaying of our kids. We humans are a strange lot to put up with such medical madness on our young kids; it's just crazy.

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Walt Heyer is the author of Trading my Sorrows, Perfected with Love and Paper Genders. For more information, please visit: Sex Change Info