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About Dr. Reisman | Posted: June 12, 2011


Comments on Dr. Reisman and her work

Dr. Reisman's scholarly findings have had international legislative and scientific import in the United States, Israel, South Africa, Canada and Australia, while The German Medical Tribune and the British medical journal, The Lancet demanded that the Kinsey Institute be investigated, saying:

The Kinsey reports (one in 1948 on males and the companion five years later) claimed that sexual activity began much earlier in life.... and displayed less horror of age differences and same-sex relationships than anyone at the time imagined. It was as if, to follow Mr. Porter again, "Anything goes". In Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, Dr. Judith A. Reisman and her colleagues demolish the foundations of the two reports ... Kinsey et al ... questioned an unrepresentative proportion of prison inmates and sex offenders in a survey of "normal" sexual behavior. Presumably some at least of those offenders were also the sources of information on stimulation to orgasm in young children that can only have come from pedophiles--or so it must be hoped. Kinsey.... has left his former co-workers some explaining to do. The Lancet, (Vol. 337: March 2, 1991, p. 547).

Dr. Laura J. Lederer, as Sr Advisor on Trafficking, Office for Global Affairs, U.S. Department of State: "Dr. Judith Reisman [is] one of the world's most brilliant theorists on child sexual exploitation." In the 1980s, Dr. Reisman conducted the first and largest content analysis of Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler and exposed the child pornography images in them.  She has also done groundbreaking work on Albert Kinsey, proving that [his team] performed sexual experiments on children and infants, and calling into question his entire body of work, a body of work that some claim began the so-called sexual revolution. In some ways she is the fore-mother of today's anti-trafficking work."

Cmdr. Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S. author of Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical Perspectives and Practical Homicide Investigation: Tactics, Procedures, and Forensic Techniques: "Dr. Judith Reisman's book Sexual Sabotage is a bright beacon of light and truth shining through a world permeated with the smog of Kinsey generated pathological sexual behavior. Sexual Sabotage is a very well-researched book establishing how the morals and religious legacy of Judeo-Christianity were hijacked by the pseudo science of Alfred Kinsey, who spawned a sex science cult to normalize his own sexual perversions." Dr. Reisman co-authored Chapter One, "Human Sexuality and Sexual Deviance: Research and Reality" for the Second Edition of Geberth's foundational work, Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation.

J. Robert Flores, Esq., Former Administrator, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, United States Department of Justice: "Judith Reisman has had the courage as a researcher to do the most important thing, keep an open mind and allow the data and the research to influence and guide her work.  Her work shines an important light on topics that seem to receive attention from only one direction in the academic community. Policy makers, foundations, and research institutions should carefully consider the issues she raises so that social re-engineering and personal agendas are not funded in the future and given the shine that comes from being associated with major donors, institutions, and foundations."

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of On Killing and On Combat: "Dr. Judith Reisman is a national treasure.  Her latest book, Sexual Sabotage, strikes a blow and sounds the clarion call for a return to decency and goodness in our civilization. With important new information, and incisive writing and logic, she expands and expounds on her past work to identify the full spectrum of "a treasonous moneyed cult of sexual deviants" who led us down the path to decay and destruction. And she charts a course for us to cast off the sexual tyranny and perversion of a "closeted clan of impotent, sexual psychopaths" to return from the dark and tragic place to which we have traveled, and to regain a culture of virtue, decency and honor."

Shelley Lubben, B.Th., Executive Director, Pink Cross Foundation: "Dr. Reisman's extraordinary work taught me how and why I was trafficked in prostitution and pornography, and Jesus Christ showed me the way out and how to help others find that same freedom."

Connie Valentine, M.S., Policy Director, California Protective Parents Association: "As Scientific Advisor for California Protective Parents Association, the presentation of Dr. Judith Reisman's Kinsey and Playboy research has enabled CPPA to win hearts, minds and votes in legislative and family court battles. The historical data in Sexual Sabotage tracking down our current pedophile, child pornography, and child sex trafficking pandemic should be known by all; in academe, law enforcement, legislators and the general public. We at the CPPA expect that Sexual Sabotage will be the impetus for a federal investigation of the Kinsey crimes."

Donna M. Hughes, PhD, Professor, University of Rhode Island: "Judith Reisman is the most fearless scholar I know. For decades, she has relentlessly researched the history of research and ideas on sexuality. She has documented the unsavory political motivations behind the most respected academics of their time. Her scholarship shows us the root of much of the sexual violence and sex trafficking we see today."

MOVIEGUIDE Founder, Ted Baehr, Esq., PhD.: "Whatever you do, please read everything Judith Reisman, PhD writes. She offers the diagnosis and the cure to the rampant sexual illness that is consuming our culture. She has exposed the vile source of the cultural disease and in doing so has set forth the remedy. There is no one more important to read. Her new book Sexual Sabotage is highly recommended."

Matthew Barber, Associate Dean for the Center for Career and Professional Development at Liberty University School of Law: "Dr. Reisman has been a lifelong champion for women and children. She has done more to expose the crimes and frauds perpetuated by Alfred Kinsey than anyone else. She is to be commended for her life's work."

Bruce A. Taylor, President & Chief Counsel, National Law Center for Children and Families: "We should probably call her Detective Reisman for finding the hidden clue to Kinsey's crimes against children and families. She alone noticed that babies were molested in the name of Kinsey's macabre science and her book is the victims' grand jury indictment of perhaps the most destructive sexual revolutionary since Caligula. Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences is a blueprint for justice for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse. In the face of Kinsey's handbook for perpetrators, Dr. Reisman is the victims' amicus curiae." (April, 2000)

John L. Harmer, ESQ, Former California GOP Whip and Lieutenant Governor under Ronald Reagan: "There is no one in the entire world, let alone the United States, better qualified to present this essential message than Dr. Judith Reisman. If this book does not awaken the people of America to the reality that this is an issue of national survival, then our fate will be terrible. I appeal to all who are concerned for the safety of their family, their community, and their nation to not just read this book, but to study this book."

Tim Tate, Amnesty International Award-winning Producer-Director of "Kinsey's Paedophiles," Yorkshire TV, Great Britain: "When I first came across Judith Reisman's work my view of Alfred Kinsey was unquestioningly benign... In the course of producing my documentary - 'Kinsey's Paedophiles' - it became clear that every substantive allegation Reisman made was not only true but thoroughly sourced with documentary evidence - despite the Kinsey Institute's reluctance to open its files. My film built on the foundations laid by Dr. Reisman. Those foundations - and the additional evidence we uncovered about Kinsey's involvement with paedophiles who were actively abusing children - make it imperative that his successors at the Kinsey Institute today allow a rigorous and independent investigation of this dark corner of human study." (April, 2000)

Robert Sweet, former U.S. Depart. of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Administrator: "Dr. Reisman is a scientist of outstanding exactitude and courage...the massive, affluent sex industry [has been unable] to show her findings to be incorrect or methodologically flawed--in even the smallest detail" (August 25, 1994)

Bill Moyers, CBS News: "Dear Professor Reisman: Having read your article in the Washington Post, I wanted to say that I, for one, believe your research project to be quite important. Our society faces no more important dilemma, in fact, and I say this as a father, journalist and citizen. In my role as a journalist, however, I would like to.... explore how your conclusions can be reported on the air in a responsible way" (June 19, 1985)

Hon. Dr. Marlene Goldsmith, M.L.C. Legislative Council, Australia: "Thank you for your powerful presentation on Tuesday. There were at least seven Members of Parliament present, and I have had very favorable responses from most of them.... For those of us fighting this battle in the trenches, your visit has been an inspiration. Thank you for all you are doing to make the world a safer place for its children" (November 16, 1992)

The Hon. Dennis Stevenson MLA, Australia: "[Thanks].... in Canberra during your recent Australian tour.... for the in-depth briefing that you gave Parliamentarians.... [and] your presentation to the National Press Club Luncheon.... Parliamentarians.... were surprised to learn that Kinsey's findings have misled many legislators.... [as so much about] human sexuality in the western world derives from Kinsey" (December 11, 1992)

John Rabun, Deputy Director, Nat. Center for Missing & Exploited Children: Reisman's "study must be read by all those concerned with the ways pornography and violence in the media affect the incidence of child sexual exploitation and abuse" (3/24/88).

Dr. Laura Schlessinger: "Dr. Reisman has produced a scholarly and devastating study revealing the ugly and frighteningly dangerous pseudo-scientific assault on our children's innocence." (2003)

Susan Trento, Investigative Reporter, Author of The Power House: exposed Playboy's buying of legislative influence in Washington D.C. to discredit Reisman, whose cataloging of "children, crime and violence in pictures and cartoons found in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler...made the publishers of these and other magazines very nervous" (1992:194)

The LA Times: Reisman, "delivers a potentially damaging blow...comparing] two [Mapplethorpe] child pornography and [saying] none are fit to hang in an art museum." (10/5/90) In 1991, Playboy, (whispering counsel to the Mapplethorpe defense) reported: "I would have taken a .357 Magnum, walked up to her and said, 'Judith, you're history'" (2/91). Hugh Hefner pens a "letter to the editor" in Canada, 1996, to condemn Reisman's work. Playboy: " lying with statistics...Playboy never has, never will" sexualize children. (12/85). She "puts men's magazines on the endangered species list," (10/88) "propagating a new witch-hunt mentality." (2/89)

Tim Philpot, Lawyer/Kentucky Congressman: "We retained the services of Judith Reisman as an expert witness on the issue of the health, welfare and safety of the four minor children.... Dr. Reisman's testimony was extremely helpful.... on the behavioral issues relating to the potential abuse of the children by either the father or his friends" (September 5, 1996)

Pamela Hobbs: "My father, Dr. A. H. Hobbs.... believed your research was excellent." -- University of Pennsylvania sociologist and philosopher, Dr. Albert Hobbs, provided the scholarship that led the Rockefeller Foundation to abandon Kinsey's grant funds, instead funding the American Law Institute to implement Kinsey's fraudulent sex data into The Model Penal Code in order to eliminate or reduce most sex crime penalties. (September 25, 1994)

Law Enforcement Training Conference on Child Sexual Exploitation and Obscenity, Memphis, Tennessee, on Dr. Reisman as Guest speaker particularly enjoyed the views of Dr. Judith Reisman and wished she had been able to spend more time with us. Her comments were right on target ... This seminar changed my total outlook/viewpoint on these type cases. Dr. Reisman could start a revolution. She's great ... I would have liked to have heard her speak more. She turned some lights on in my mind. (10/4-5, 1993)

Jerre Thompson, President of Southland 7-11 Corp., Letter to the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography: [It] became apparent to us--especially from the generally unrebutted testimony before your Commission-- that respected experts who have studied this issue very carefully are of the opinion that apparently a very small segment of our society employs various tools, including adult magazines, to assist in abuses of children and others. This was strongly pointed out in Judith Reisman's report before the Commission at its [Miami, Florida] hearing on child pornography. (April 10, 1986)

Sam Houston State University Criminal Justice Center, Texas, announced: "Local Professional Named to Missing Children-Serial Murderer Task Force: Judith A. Reisman, Professor at American University in Washington, D.C., has been named to a National task force (funded by two agencies of the U.S. Department of Justice), given the job of developing the master plan for a nationwide system to trace missing or abducted children and adults, serial murderers and conduct research.... the other (session is) at the FBI Academy, Quantico." (August 15, 1983)