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Reisman Articles | Posted: May 15, 2011


"Maria's" a Big Pharma and predator shill.

By Judith A. Reisman, PhD, May 16, 2011

I just finished my regular stint on "The Fairness Doctrine: Left-Right Radio with Patrick O'Heffernan and Chuck Morse". The subject today was "," a new website opposed by a bi-partisan group of sixty-three legislators.

On April 28, 2011, the Massachusetts Family Institute published the legislative letter to "His Excellency Deval L. Patrick" at the Massachusetts State House, Office of the Governor.

They requested he take action against the website, apparently produced by "the AIDS Action Committee," with an annual $100,000 grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The legislators objected to "graphic and inappropriate language" for teen sex acts.

Let me remind the reader that until recent decades most of the sex acts promoted here to children, including sodomy and abortion, were criminal for all Americans. The legislators were distressed that abortion was trivialized and that children were told how to circumvent parental notification requirements.

Since drastic cuts were being made in health services, funding such a controversial site with "language that crosses the line" seemed ill advised. The bipartisan legislators want "substantive content changes" or the sites removal from the internet.

Its defenders argue that mariatalks is "accurate" and value free.


Happy, hip 18 year old Maria, a fraud concocted certainly be a major AD agency, starts with a visual and textual lie and goes downhill from there.


Importantly, Maria isn't Maria! "Thomas, I'm 17...I think Maria is pretty cool, and I want to ask her out" plays to naïve readers as though "Maria" was a trustworthy cool teenager instead of a coterie of faceless, I'd say highly paid, and I'd say, shady and tawdry 'sexperts.'

"Maria" says, "If you're cool with talking to your parents, they can be a great place to get info too [note the disclaimer, "too" as in also] but some teens are embarrassed or uncomfortable with that (and some parents aren't able to talk to their kids either)."

Teen sex opens the door wide to adult molestation. While under age 21 was commonly called "Jail Bait," pre Kinsey, youngsters are now common fodder.

OK, having gotten the parents out of the way, the Ad Agency folks produced "Aunt Lucia," she is "cool," as in saying everything the sexperts (and Big Pharma) find it profitable for kids to believe.

"Luckily for me, I have my Aunt Lucia to talk to--she's a doctor and she's totally cool. I asked her about some questions I had, and here's what she told me:" Great line!

So I did a quick content analysis of cool "Aunt Lucia" quoted 13 times and other terms in this "objective" and "just the facts" website.

In Maria's world there are no word for wife, husband, father, grandmother or grandfather.

Mother and uncle are mentioned once.

Parents are cited 24 times but mainly for "parental insurance" and if they are "cool." Otherwise one has to circumvent parents of course.

Marriage was mentioned 3 times, as was kissing.

Birth got mentioned 46 times but 41 of these were how to use birth control.

Abortions got 9 references with no mention of depression or any other trauma associated with killing ones unborn baby, saying, its a "hot topic" but that "more common than you might think" and "safe and effective, though some people may experience temporary discomfort." Etc.

The site mentions suicide twice, due to violence only and depression 3 times, due to violence, and perhaps birth control implants & progestrin shots.

Avoiding pregnancy, one sees

28 credits given to rectal sodomy, as in anal, anus, bu--ole, bu--sex (spelt out in the site, 10 anal and the rest using the other terms).

28 credits are given to oral sodomy, including the word mouth--as sodomy was criminal pre Kinsey these are 56 "how to" acts that were felonies pre Kinsey, as was abortion of course.

Normal was mentioned 42 times. Since the site promotes all homosexual, bisexual transvestite, etc activity this word is used to show everything as "normal"

STDs got 14 mentions for avoiding and fixing. AIDS, HIV and HIV/AIDS had 45 total references, yet no data on anal sodomy and multiple partners as causal. Abstinence showed up 13 times, (well, an option, of course) and pornographic terms for ejaculate, conduct, still too raw for the press, had 18 citations.

So, follow the money.

The Sex Industrial Complex, has unified Big Pharma with Big Sexology and Big Pornography to make a fortune out of teen sex, from the allegedly "prevention" modalities of vaccinations for Hep B, HPV to STDS, abortions and their medical and emotional fallouts

The only people who benefit from teen sex are adult sexual predators. Mariatalks for the predators and not for naïve, unshaped, immature and shamefully propagandized youths.