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External Articles | Posted: February 2, 2011

Louisville Sends Sexually Oriented Businesses Packing

By Jennifer Mesko
CitizenLink, February 1, 2011

Several years ago, Louisville, Ky., was home to 175 sexually oriented businesses -- one of the highest concentrations in the country. Last year, the number had fallen to 63. And starting Tuesday, it could drop even lower.

A no-nudity ordinance will finally go into effect Feb. 8 following a seven-year legal battle. About 25 of the sex shops have sued and are hoping the U.S. Supreme Court will come to their rescue.

Otherwise, "They're going to run all of these businesses out of town," one strip-club owner told The (Louisville) Courier-Journal.

MaryAnn Gramig, president of Reclaim our Culture Kentuckiana (ROCK), said that's exactly what family advocates have been hoping for.

"What is exciting is how the citizens of Louisville stood up for themselves and, with the support of ROCK and proactive local government officials, took the necessary steps, stayed the course and prevailed for the good of their children and families and their entire community," she told CitizenLink.

"ROCK and the citizens we represent are expecting law enforcement to continue the good work that so much effort has gone into to protect Louisville Metro and Jefferson County families and children."

The ordinance will eliminate alcohol sales and all-nude dancing, and force strip club owners and employees to pay licensing fees, according to The Courier-Journal

Metro Council member Bob Henderson supports the ordinance.

"The community spoke, and we don't want some of those things that were happening. We don't want that," he told WHAS-TV.

Gramig said she is concerned that some of the sex shops will simply move across the river to Clarksville, Ind., where local officials have ignored the pleas of residents to pass an ordinance to protect families from sexually oriented businesses.

"The last thing citizens of Louisville want is for their home to be cleaned up only for their neighbors to be ill-affected," she said. "Many Louisville residents have traveled across the river to show their support and offer assistance.

"It will be up to the people to stand firm and ensure they have officials in place that are responsive to their needs and desires."

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