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Broadcast | Posted: December 15, 2010

Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol


A fresh social and political look at the $57 billion-a-year Adult Entertainment Industry and its affects on 3 subjects who agree to view porn 1 hour a day for 30 days.

Shady strip club owners, angry strippers, crass porn stars, top-of-their-game experts and 3 unknowing subjects hammer out an uncomfortable look into the soul of the porn biz.  Director, Lance Tracy, IMDB (Best Director, NY International Film & Video Festival, 5-Telly winner) maturely balances humor, shocking honesty, science and entertainment. 

WARNING: The trailer videos list the url adultdocumentary-dot-com as the documentary's website, but the domain no longer belongs to the film makers and currently carries inappropriate content.

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THE ON-CAMERA EXPERIMENT:  A single man and a married man are subjected to a steady diet of porn, strip and sex clubs for 4 weeks. And the wife has plenty to say about it. The subjects consistently fill out behavior and attitudinal surveys.  With the help of several research experts, the filmmakers carefully document the results. Simultaneously, a major university independently conducts a similar study with 100 college students.  The results are staggering. 

THE EXPERTS: In November of 2004, conservative Senator Brownback held a Senate hearing on the effects of pornography on America. He invited 4 experts who all testified that porn has only negative effects. This ticked off the porn and sexologist industries that see nothing wrong with it. Host & director, Lance Tracy hunts down these experts for a one-on-one. He also gives the porn industry a chance to respond to the hearing, including Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley and Sharon Mitchell. Tom Sizemore and Art Alexakis from Everclear also weigh-in.

THE JOURNEY: Lance Tracy crosses the country on a political, social and moral search into the hearts of sex-workers, people on the streets, experts and the 3 subjects who unveil their souls. He looks behind the secretive doors of strip clubs, and private strip shows where self-masturbation is definitely legal and the bigger the tip, the bigger the trick. 

THE EXPOSURE: He unveils surprising porn industry-involved business industries like: AT&T, GM, countless hotel chains & family-oriented retail outlets. All sides get their fair share of the spotlight; sometimes uncomfortable.

THE ANSWER: Is porn really addictive? Are children being sexually exploited?  Who should teach sex education? How much of responsibility should the porn industry take to provide treatment for potentially addicted customers? Is porn a healthy sexual arousal tool for consenting adults? Should porn be used to treat sexual dysfunction? The film explores possible answers to these hard questions, providing an unexpected conclusion.

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