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External Articles | Posted: November 17, 2010


From Be a Friend for Life
By Russ Rooney
Copyright December 2001

When something is X-rated it means that our society considers the subject matter only suitable for viewing by adults. Something called D & X, another name for partial birth abortions, is also something suitable only for adults. While both X-rated subject matter and D & X are suitable for only adults they are detrimental to both adults and children.

We can gain insight regarding the negative effects of sexually perverse material by looking at what happened to Ted Bundy. After converting to Christianity Mr. Bundy shared how his life was ruined by X-rated material. He spoke with Dr. Dobson on his Focus on the Family radio show and told him how he started out with soft porn and progressed to hard-core pornography. Bundy explained that after awhile hard-core pornography did not meet his sexual desires. He resorted to sexually exploiting and then killing young boys to satisfy his sexual perversion.

The vast majority of people who are involved with pornography will not sexually abuse or kill the people they exploit. But they do have unrealistic fantasies regarding the people they help exploit. Consider the fact that pornography makes people believe that they are having a relationship with electrons bouncing off of a screen or dots of ink on a piece of paper. Even when real people are involved the perception is that pornographic entertainers are truly interested in the patron when in reality they are not.

The vast majority of people who are involved with or support the abortion rights industry will not dismember or kill a nascent child in the womb. Yet they have an unrealistic fantasy regarding the nascent child. Abortion rights advocates often refer to young human life as a blob of tissue or some type of inanimate product of conception. Reality tells us that the child in the womb is a living human being.

Pornographers such as Playboy and Hustler have been ardent supporters of abortion rights and likely will continue their support because both the abortion and pornography industry distort reality for many so that a few may reap obscene profits. Pornographers and those who support their industry should take to heart the words by William Butler Yeats: "We had fed the heart on fantasies, the heart's grown brutal from the fare...[1]" The profits reaped by the illicit fantasies promoted by pornographers and abortionists come with a loss of human dignity.

The same day that I wrote this article an acquaintance told me that her son's eleven-year-old daughter's best friend was recently raped and killed by someone. My new acquaintance, Diana, had no idea that I had just written a chapter on pornography. I told Diana that it was almost certain that whoever molested and killed the little girl was addicted to pornography.

1 W.B. Yeats, The stare's nest by my window; Meditations in time of Civil War.