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| Posted: November 8, 2010

Statement in Response to Concerned Women for America (October 10, 1997)

By John Bancroft, Director, The Kinsey Institute

Note: This statement is issued in response to a press release on October 2, 1997, by Concerned Women for America (CWA) announcing a Washington rally and call for a Congressional investigation into data on pre-adolescent males included in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), by Alfred Kinsey, Wardell Pomeroy, and Clyde Martin. The CWA press release includes five questions regarding this data. The allegations in these questions have been refuted by the Institute's director in earlier responses to the Family Research Council and to Steve Stockman, then a Congressman, in 1995 and 1996. These responses are reiterated here in the form of answers to the questions listed in the CWA press release.

1. Did Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his associates rape and molest children and babies in the name of "science"?

2. Where did Kinsey's subjects - some of whom were babies - come from?
None of Dr. Kinsey's subjects was a baby. His research relied on interviewing volunteers. Information on sexual responses in babies and young children reported in the two volumes was based on the observations of adults interviewed by Kinsey and his colleagues. These were either parents, teachers who had simply observed children, or adults who had engaged in sexual activity with children.
3. How did Kinsey get access to these children? Who, if anyone, gave consent?
Kinsey did not have access to these children.
4. Where are the Children of Table 34 today? Did they suffer? Are they still suffering emotionally and/or physically from his human experiments?
The Children of Table 34 are children whose sexual responses had been documented by one man since 1917 and before Kinsey first met and interviewed him. This man subsequently made this documentation available to Kinsey. The identity and whereabouts of these children was never known to Kinsey or the Institute. Today, the youngest of these children would be well into their 50's, and many will have died.
5. In the name of "science," are similar experiments of "adult-child contacts . . . chiefly manual and oral" still being practiced on children at the Kinsey Institute?
Experiments of adult-child contacts have never been practiced at the Kinsey Institute or anywhere else under the auspices of the Kinsey Institute.

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