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| Posted: November 8, 2010

Indiana University News Release

News Bureau
306 North Union St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-3801

Date: Dec. 7, 1995
(Statement by John W. Ryan, Chairman, The Kinsey Institute Board of Trustees, and former president of Indiana University, 1971-1987)

It is incorrect to in any way insinuate that federal funds were used to support research conducted by the late Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey. To state such was the case is patently false. In fact, one of his biographers wrote that Dr. Kinsey was, "suspicious and fearful of undue control of both his materials and his findings by government agencies" (Christenson, C.V. Kinsey: A Biography, Indiana U. Press, 1971).

Furthermore, to claim that children were used in Kinsey Institute research is untrue. This false statement has been made in the past [by Judith Reisman] and answered completely. Dr. Kinsey and his staff did not encourage, promote, or engage in any sexual experimentation with children. No such experimentation has been part of Kinsey Institute activities. Among those interviewed by Dr. Kinsey were individuals who had committed sexual crimes, including the sexual abuse of children. Dr. Kinsey reported this information and made no secret of its origins.

The motivation for using inaccurate information in an attempt to rekindle controversy over studies conducted a half century ago is at best questionable, and, at least, highly irresponsible.

[Controversy Over Alfred Kinsey's Research].

The Kinsey Institute - Response to Controversy - Ryan [About the Institute]
Retrieved: November 8, 2010