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The Kinsey Coverup | Posted: October 21, 2010

WND Exclusive: Indiana legislators want to defund Kinsey Institute

'I went down to that place and toured it. It's just a pit. It's just a porno pit'

By Brian Fitzpatrick
WorldNetDaily, October 21, 2010

WND Sexual Sabotage series

In light of voluminous evidence that pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsey and his associates were guilty not only of scientific fraud but serious criminality - culminating this week with WND's exposé of one victim of Kinsey's notorious "child sexuality" studies conducted by pedophile "researchers" - Indiana legislators are calling for the defunding of the Kinsey Institute, located on the campus of state-subsidized Indiana University.

State representatives Cindy Noe and Woody Burton emphasized that any effort to cut off the Kinsey Institute hinges on electing Republican majorities in the state legislature.

"I don't think the Kinsey Institute is a proper use of taxpayer money. Given the pressure that higher education is under now I can't think of a better time to defund them," said Noe.

Burton has spearheaded efforts in the past to defund the Kinsey Institute. The veteran legislator noted that gerrymandered districts have kept Democrats in power in the state legislature, frustrating Republican attempts to bring Kinsey funding to a vote.

Noe and Burton's assessment was echoed by an optimistic Micah Clark, executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana, who recently circulated an e-mail to Indiana state legislators requesting that money for the Kinsey Institute be blocked.

"After November we'll have a good legislature that will listen. This is the kind of material our taxpayer dollars shouldn't be supporting," said Clark.

"The last time I tried to defund them, their budget was $666,000," Burton told WND. "That number was quite a joke in the Indiana House."

"I went down to that place and toured it. It's just a pit. It's just a porno pit. They've got rooms where they take the college students in and show them pornography and do things to them. It's just disgusting; and they sit there and try to tell you it's just science.

"They perform sex," Burton explained. "They have a room and they send a girl in and insert a thing in her and measure her sexual stimulation. They have another room for boys. They have displays of all the sex toys throughout history, and they act like that's OK. I said this is trash, and they resented my saying it."

Burton noted that much of the Kinsey collection of sexual paraphernalia and research files are not open to the public - not even to the state legislators who fund it.

"I was trying to get a legislative order to go in and see that stuff. A video was sent to me about this guy on the Kinsey Institute board, who said they have a system set up to destroy their files immediately if anybody tries to get in to see it with a court order. "

Clark has long been a leader in social conservative efforts to cut off the Kinsey Institute state subsidies.

"We have battled with Indiana's legislature for years to stop supplying money to Indiana University for the Kinsey Institute," Clark told WND.

"The Kinsey Institute has shaped the policies of SIECUS and Planned Parenthood, and their version of sex education has now infiltrated our schools," Clark told WND. "The other side wears that as a badge of honor. We view that as a badge of shame."

"Kinsey is a known child molester all over Indiana," Clark added.

Clark believes next year could be the year his efforts to shut down the Kinsey Institute could bear fruit, as he expects the Indiana legislature will mount an investigation of the Institute based on the new reporting on Kinsey's connections with pedophiles.