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The Kinsey Coverup | Posted: October 21, 2010

WND Exclusive: Expert talks about the calamity of Kinsey

'Who times orgasm with a stopwatch? A pedophile'

By Brian Fitzpatrick
WorldNetDaily, October 20, 2010

Editor's note: Dr. Judith Reisman is the world's leading whistleblower and critic of Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute. Since 1981 she has been calling attention to scandalous shortcomings in both Kinsey's methodology and ethics, and challenging the accuracy of his conclusions. A prominent researcher about sexuality issues, Reisman has authored two books on pornography and three books about Kinsey and his research, and has been a consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

WND: What are your academic credentials and your field of study?

Judith Reisman: My Ph.D. is in Communications Studies, focusing on mass media effects. I've also done extensive postgraduate work in the study of human sexuality. I've conducted extensive sexuality-related research for the U.S. Department of Justice. My testimony has been crucial in numerous court cases. For example, the Mapplethorpe trial judge accepted my groundbreaking evidence that pictures are not "speech" and the prosecutor urged these data be heard in "any analysis of pornography." My research helped convict Dwaine Tinsley, Hustler's "Chester the Molester" cartoonist, of felony child abuse. Massachusetts Attorney General James Shannon quoted my study of sexually exploitative pictures of children in "soft pornography" to win a major case at the U.S. Supreme Court and Southland 7-Eleven stores divested from Playboy and Penthouse sales after reviewing my findings on child sexual abuse in those magazines.

I [previously] spent decades as a professional writer, performer and producer for CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS [and] producing music video segments for Captain Kangaroo!

WND: How did you get involved in the Kinsey controversy?

JR: It started when my research on Playboy at Case Western Reserve University in 1976 was presented at the Wales, U.K. British Psychological Association Conference on Love and Attraction. I screened 160 slides of child sex abuse scenes in Playboy, including rape and incest. The conference changed my life. It was my first experience with the academic pedophile lobby. A slew of "scientists" there were members of this primitive chic sex cult. Unexpectedly, an infamous pedophile was to speak on pedophile rights, and I became the center of a big pedophile furor. The conference led to a periodical publication, "Paidika, the Journal of Pedophilia," published in Amsterdam. Paidika publishes interviews with famous Western sexologists who are pedophile advocates.

In Wales, a Canadian psychologist insisted Playboy had no pictures of children. After my presentation he was outraged as the child cartoons and photographs were pulled up out of his memory. Until he saw the images together, he had been in denial. Yes, he said "these were jokes and pictures of adults having sex with children, a sophisticated program to condition viewers to lust after minors. If that's happening to me, a trained psychologist," he said, "what's happening to men worldwide?" He said, "To understand child sexual abuse, look at the Kinsey jReports." "Why" I asked. "I worked with Kinsey and Pomeroy. One of them is a radical homosexual and the other is a pedophile," he replied.

Between Playboy's child porn, the well-connected academic pedophile lobby and their sick buddies at the Kinsey Institute, I realized there would be a plague of child sex abuse unless these people were stopped. They weren't; and now look around us. Just in 1998, 58,200 kids - that we know of - were kidnapped by non-family members. Now, since they got back home within 24 hours they don't get headlines, nor do all the other 200 kidnapped children who are killed, or the 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys who are sexually violated. This is outrageous.

So in 1976 I started looking at the Kinsey Institute and I thought, "this is impossible." This is the No. 1-quoted sex maven in the world, he founded the whole field of human sexology. I'm looking at charts of children as young as 2 months being raped and tortured around the clock, and nobody is saying anything about this?! I went through thousands of articles and books about Kinsey, and nobody said a word about the rapes and sodomizing of these children. The American Statistical Association did wonder how he got this information, but that's all they did.

I was thinking, "Was everybody crazy? There were some strong criticism by scientists of Kinsey, Abe Maslow being the most important, but even they didn't see what was in front of their eyes. Kinsey did use some tricky language to confuse his readers. But who times babies to "orgasm" with a stopwatch? A pedophile. Who watches a baby being sexually molested and writhing in convulsions and concludes that is an "orgasm"? A sadomasochistic pedophile. And the Kinsey Institute still gets philanthropic, state and federal funding. Why not name it after Mengele?

In 1998, they republished the Kinsey Reports without great fanfare and no apologies. The Obama administration apologized for U.S. scientists' sex experiments on Guatemalans carried out from 1946 to 1948. On the same day as that apology (Oct.4) the Kinsey Institute released yet another of its pedophile biased sex studies of children and orgasms. How do they get away with it? OK, apologize to Guatemala, [but] now raid the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana!

WND: How did you first bring this story to light?

JR: I gave a paper in 1981 at the Fifth World Congress of Sexology, and if they could have lynched me, they would have. [Laughs] I was thinking, "these are all my colleagues, they're going to be really concerned." [Laughs again] The paper was called "Child Sexuality or Child Sexual Abuse: A Consideration of Ethics Violations." It was a beautiful day in Jerusalem, Israel, but no one was at the beach, my meeting room was jam-packed, standing room only. They're all there, listening to my presentation. I put up Kinsey's charts and graphs, Tables 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and asked "How did he do that? Where did these data come from?" The audience was traumatized. They looked like they could have stoned me. I was so naïve, I called for an investigation by my colleagues and I really thought they would do it. I thought everybody would be as livid as I was.

This was when I began to understand that everyone at that conference had cited Kinsey's data as accurate. All of them. Kinsey and/or his disciples. Kinsey is the foundation of their field, so they all quote him. But after I dropped an atomic bomb in the middle of the room - at least that's what a Swedish reporter said - I was considered a pariah in the field.

The real issue was Kinsey's professional legacy - that sex is nothing, and so it's OK with animals, same-sex, adults and children of any age. Just try to get "consent." One of Kinsey's sex partners, Wardell Pomeroy, said that even with infants you can tell by the way they look at you , smile at you, that it's OK. How can a child give consent to this activity? Kinsey said children "consent" when they fight to escape from their rapist! A child is not mature by definition, it can't understand the consequences of sexual activity. No child can give consent.

WND: How did the American public and the media respond?

JR: How could there be a public response if the press censors what happened? In the 1980s John Leo did two Time magazine articles where he documented sexology's push for incest and pedophilia. I'm told that's why he had to leave Time. No, the press has always hidden the Kinsey crimes.

No other journalist wrote about it until Pat Buchanan. May 21, 1983, Pat Buchanan wrote a blistering article about the Kinsey Institute based on my evidence. Buchanan interviewed me on CNN's "Crossfire." His foil, Tom Braden, wound up on my side; he said Kinsey should be dug up and his head put on a post. On May 25, Buchanan was attacked by the Kinsey Institute. They threatened to sue him for libel. He responded with "Buchanan vs. Kinsey Round 2," where he documented all of my charges, every one of them. We had everything on them, and they immediately backed down.

There was no news, radio or television response to Buchanan's articles. No, the New York Times, Washington Post, nobody followed that up. Kinsey, lauded as a conservative, sex pioneer is making illegal sex films in the 1940s, oversees children being raped, and nobody in the media cares? There can't be a public reaction when the crimes are hidden from the public.

Following Buchanan's show, I got a call from the U.S. Department of Justice. Al Regnery was running the Juvenile Justice division at DOJ. He said they were having a major increase in childhood sexual abuse. He asked why I linked this to pornography. He said, "We keep finding Playboy and Penthouse in the hands of juveniles molesting younger kids." I had written extensively on this and gave him some of my findings. DOJ offered me a grant through the juvenile prevention division. I ended up at American University in Washington, D.C., with a huge $800,000 grant to research Kinsey and children in "soft" pornography. It was Christmas time in Congress and so my grant request sailed through the vetting process.

WND: How did Congress respond?

JR: I got hit with politics - massive politics everywhere. Three congressional investigations were organized to try and kill my grant. I know of no other grant that had three congressional investigations. And this was during the Reagan administration! Sen. Arlen Specter went after me with a sledgehammer. Senators Specter, Metzenbaum and Kennedy did everything they could to sabotage my research, coordinating their efforts with their media mafia. Nasty cartoons appeared in newspapers everywhere, ridiculing, costly PR marketing. All the newspapers carried the same stories. Suddenly the papers had a lot to say about me, but they never interviewed me, using my words. No, it was a coordinated hatchet job across the country, L.A. Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Washington Post, the same smears appeared everywhere. The Kinsey Institute, among others, threatened American University, so I was illegally forbidden to study Kinsey's data. I completed my study of Images of Children, Crime & Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler in 1985 in the midst of harassment, threats, thefts and significant intimidation.

WND: In 1995, U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman introduced a bill in Congress to investigate the Kinsey Institute. Why didn't Congress follow through?

JR: Stockman read my first book, "Kinsey, Sex and Fraud." He was outraged and tried to launch a congressional investigation. He had 51 legislators co-sponsoring his bill. However, before the bill could be moved through the process he was up for election. His opponent suddenly picked up about a million dollars and Stockman lost. I am certain they got rid of him because of that. 

WND: Now let's turn to the academic work produced by Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute. What do you think about Kinsey's ethics?

JR: [Laughs] You ask, is it ethical to ask people to break the law for scientific research? Kinsey had no ethics. They don't exist; they never existed unless you figure "anything is ethical if it accomplishes my ends." Kinsey's data are based on deception and on a hidden agenda to gut the Judeo-Christian moral system, which he's done. His own people admitted that they were often immoral and criminal. One of his co-authors who headed the Kinsey Institute for years, Paul Gebhard, said, "We knew it was illegal, we knew it was criminal, but we did it anyway." The word "ethics" has no meaning to these people. They founded a primitive sex cult in suit and tie.

WND: Is it ethical to pay people for scientific research?

JR: Yes, you can pay people for scientific research, if it's ethical research. You cannot pay people with special interests, like scientists invested in tobacco stocks, to research tobacco harms. You can't pay pedophiles to "research" children. You cannot pay anyone to molest children.

WND: Is "Esther White's" family the only family that volunteered their children for Kinsey's research?

JR: No. We know that there were others. John Bancroft [a former head of the Kinsey Institute] stated that he was concerned that the children of other victims were going to come forward to sue them. As my research eked out through conservative channels, I had calls from people who felt they or their parents had been used in the Kinsey research. We have no idea how many because the Kinsey Institute hides the research records, which is also illegal. Their research records are supposed to be public domain. As soon as the project is done, the taxpayer has paid for it, and the university hasn't the right to hide the data. They're supposed to blank out the names if there is confidential information, but if they have a criminal, that all should have been turned over to the police immediately. They always refused to turn any of these people over to the police and they knew they had rapists, child molesters, incest offenders.

WND: What do you think about Kinsey's academic credibility? Was his methodology sound? Did he produce good scientific data?

JR: I'm always tempted to just laugh. There is just no science here, it was always political sexual propaganda. There is no methodology here . Roughly 87 percent of his males were already aberrant, and he calls them normal American men. This is a guy who threw away 75 percent of his research population, the people he said he interviewed. His methodology was simply to lie, whatever lie he could concoct to create his sexual fantasy world, leaving his deviant fantasy as our national legacy.

Kinsey wrote in his book that if someone doesn't give you the right answer you can force the answer you want. You start yelling at them and say you know they're lying until they give you the right answer. It's in bold print! Page 55 in the male volume, "Forcing a subject." He says you can force them to change their answers. And you're asking if this is proper, ethical, scientific methodology? This is science? It's in his own book! He also said if someone doesn't give you the right answers you can change what they said. It's in his own book! Remember, he was an elitist, a eugenicist who would sterilize a tenth of the population, so he thought himself god.

Here we have a man who is a bi/homosexual masturbation and pornography addict, a sadomasochist who for years mutilated his own sex organs. This is a man who needed to be whipped, an adulterer with scores of known and unknown sex buddies in bars, baths and hotels. We have this all on record. Who is he likely to force? Anyone who has, or wants to have, a normal, healthy sex life.

WND: In spite of his sexual peccadilloes and hiring pedophiles and the rest, can we trust any of the data that he generated?

JR: [Laughs] Of course not. This was always brazen propaganda wrapped in statistics. He said children loved to be raped. Why would anybody believe that? That's false data. He said children having convulsions were having orgasms. That's false data. He said he interviewed 4,441 women and reported that no women were ever seriously raped. That's false data. Nobody has ever commented on the fact that not one of his 4,441 women ever had a serious rape experience. Nowadays one woman in four is supposed to have been raped. I know things were better in the '40s, but they weren't paradise. Life never is. If that's the case, why don't we return to the 1930s? Where are all the scientists who are reviewing this material?

WND: What do you think of the Kinsey Institute's current work?

JR: It's the biggest con job in the history of science. And I count Russia in that. You've got all these people carrying on about global warming, all those exposes yet nobody dares expose this guy. Big Pharma and the pornography industry have been funding the Kinsey Institute for years, and no mainstream media will look into it.

WND: How has the Kinsey Institute affected American society over the years?

JR: People really should read my book, "Sexual Sabotage." We have based our entire legal, social, educational and behavioral system on one insane sexual psychopath and the cult that he collected around him. Do not be surprised that the Pentagon had 265 people caught downloading child pornography, that our teachers, along with priests and others, are off the charts raping and sodomizing children, that our divorce rate is similarly off the charts, that STDs are rampant (Kinsey likely died of an STD and sexual trauma) and that every single measure of sexual pathology has increased a thousand-fold since Kinsey. We are his legacy! Our presidents are, our judges are, our lawyers are, our legislatures and educators are, they all reflect his legacy. As does our mass media certainly.

Kinsey has spun off into a huge industry. These are the people who are educating our children in colleges, high schools and grade schools. For years they've been giving one another graduate degrees. It's a sex cult industry on the backs of the so-called scientific sexuality field. They're all over the Web and all over the universities. It's not just through the mass media, it's definitely through the university system. Those who see themselves as the elite, the ones who will lead us all into their own personal, painful pathologies.

The medical profession was the first to be seduced. Before sexologists, the place people went for sexual guidance was either to religious leaders or to their medical doctors. Now, both of those groups were the most conservative groups in the country. MDs and clergy saw the suffering - STDs, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, rapes, all the consequences of out-of-control sex. Kinsey went out and lectured to these professions in particular, and to the legal profession because he wanted to change the laws. He and his disciples developed their first training programs for medical doctors. The excuse given was that doctors had to be desensitized so they could help all patients nonjudgmentally. Once you controlled the medical profession, seduced them, they would echo Kinsey's sexual morality, telling their patients just to be careful, use condoms, homosexuality is normal, and supporting drugs for the subsequent diseases. They would not block Kinseyan sexual radicals.

WND: What can people do to rid the culture of Kinsey's influence?

JR: We certainly are calling for, at last, a congressional investigation. ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) has called for states to hold an immediate investigation of Kinsey's influence, to end funding of all groups that are grounded in Kinsey's work, including Planned Parenthood and SIECUS. The most important thing is to educate both the law courts and the court of public opinion, that we've been conned, tricked and manipulated by a corrupt man, a corrupt institute, and a corrupt field of "sexology" with its offshoots - or we'll never survive.

No civilized world can remain civilized mimicking Kinseyan sexuality, the repudiation of Judeo-Christian moral standards. We must fight to retrieve our nation back, our pre-Kinsey sexual standards. With all its warts, pre-Kinsey we still were the greatest, safest, healthiest, wealthiest, most family-protective nation in the world.