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Reisman Articles | Posted: October 27, 2010

Take 'pride' in a death sentence?

Exclusive: Judith Reisman challenges Obama for urging teens to embrace homosexism

By Judith Reisman
WorldNetDaily, October 27, 2010

On Oct. 22, 2010, President Barack Obama issued a formal message to young girls and boys to "be true to" themselves by adopting the current lionized state of homosexism as "a source of pride and a source of strength." Having been young once himself, Mr. Obama knows that teenagers are by definition "immature" and remain so until roughly age 21 when their cognitive neuro anatomy catches up with their bodies.

Why tell children to feel "pride" and "strength" in adopting an early death sentence when you are too immature to know much of anything? How cruel, how outrageously heartless!

Instead of urging vulnerable youths into a premature sexual life riddled with crippling disease and death, Mr. Obama should have pointed to the Oct. 9, 1998, Washington Post full-page ad by The Whitman-Walker Clinic.

The latest book from the foremost expert on how sexuality has been twisted in our day: "Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America"

For those new to homosexual trauma, the WWC was one of the earliest facilities dedicated to medically serve homosexist consequences.

Whitman-Walker ad

The WWC inadvertently confirmed homosexist sodomy as a death wish. Asking, "Are you a man who has sex with men?" the clinic warned, "If so, you should know that 1 in 5 of your prospective partners could be infected with the virus that causes AIDS."

Translation? The data find roughly 1 in 5 homosexist males are an HIV, or, if you prefer, AIDS, vector.

Depending on the data one consults, the average homosexual male has between 50 and 150 sex partners, and many die before age 20. Mr. Obama told these confused boys and girls to "reach out to people you trust," who would tell the child he or she is "gay." Obama's contention that teen homosexism as "a source of pride and a source of strength" is contraindicated by medial facts - a very short-lived period of "pride" or "strength."

Despite our "own versions of happiness,", a pro-heterosexual health site, states, "more than 50,000 teens like yourself have contracted HIV and progressed to AIDS." AIDS and early deaths do not inspire "pride" and "strength" since they are candid reflections of abnormal conduct wrecking havoc with the host body.

AIDS has been transferred via oral sodomy while condoms during anal sodomy is an insider joke, albeit a lethal one (a penetration model increasingly fashionably among copy-cat "straights").

Statistically, youngsters who think themselves "gay" can expect to contract scores of STDs and to die young of AIDS. This is not "pride" but mass suicide based on how the human body responds to ongoing sodomy.

Obama's cheerful "be proud" remarks were spurred on by nationwide big-name celebrities, media and schools across the nation that wore purple to express "Spirit Day" solidarity with several boys who, tragically believing their homosexist label, committed suicide before their "1 in 5" Russian Roulette chances played out.

The hard data find the average number of homosexist paramours is between 100 and 1,000. That means the "1 in 5" sex beaus stat is, candidly, a death sentence - murder by disease of thousands of vulnerable, lonely and confused youths.

Homosexists tagged their requiem "Spirit Day," claiming youth kill themselves due to being bullied for being "gay." However, based on my years of study, children are bullied daily by school teachers, sex-ed teachers and the media to label themselves as "gay."

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and other heterophobic agencies, harassed the wimpy American Psychiatric Association to normalize homosexism in 1973, and since then mass media elites have been in lock step on all homosexist demands, including for the current suicide-labeling campaign.

Anyone who really cares about children should demand to know, if 59 percent of AIDS adolescents say they were infected by bi/homosexual men, who prosecuted their killers? The Advocate March 24, 1992, reported in "America's Worst-Kept Secret: AIDS is Devastating the Nation's Teenagers, and Gay Kids are Dying by the Thousands" the shocking data reprinted below. Recall that AIDS typically manifests several years after infection.

The Advocate

The Advocate cited CDC data identifying 7,166 boys and 1,537 girls (commonly infected by bi/homosexual boyfriends) dying of AIDS. I again ask: Why haven't 10,000 or more homosexist males been arrested and convicted of mass boy murder?

We are looking at a "spirit" for sure, but whose?