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Reisman Articles | Posted: October 11, 2010

Kinsey minions continue child sex abuse

Exclusive: Judith Reisman exposes horrific 'scientific' studies of kids' sexuality

By Judith Reisman
WorldNetDaily, October 10, 2010

While Obama and Hillary apologize for the American scientists who conducted vicious sex experiments on Guatemalans, the followers of the American scientist responsible for the rapes of thousands of infants and children continue his child abuse legacy untainted.

The Kinsey Institute just announced its collaboration with another agency of sex and "condom use," using nearly 6,000 subjects. The new Kinsey study continues its old drum beat: "Sex" any way and wherever you get it.

My latest volume, "Sexual Sabotage," documents the Kinsey team's sexual crimes inflicted on up to 2,035 infants and children. After five decades denying its sexual abuse of babies and children for "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948) and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" (1953), in 1998 the Kinsey Institute again published both books without apology for these barbaric child sex crimes.

Riding high on their fame and fortune, in 2003 Kinsey pedagogues then distributed another sham child sex guidebook, "Sexual Development in Childhood."

Now, this October, Kinsey's Institute continues its tradition of lying about sex and children in yet another "sexual health survey."

Funded by Trojan condoms' "Church & Dwight Co.," Kinsey's minions claim condoms are comfortable and safe for child and adult use.

Using the Internet for its survey, Kinsey's "researchers" say they "interviewed" people from age 14 to retirees age 94. The Trojan team claims they found teenagers use condoms much more than adults and that seven percent of females and eight percent of males click "gay, lesbian or bisexual."

The leftist "sexologists" note that since 1994 people have more multiple sex partners, including the elderly. The survey, of course, ignores the doubling of STD rates among older adults "in less than a decade" and the price in taxes paid for engaging in "multiple" sex partners.

"Researcher" Dr. Dennis Fortenberry says they aim to show that "everything in there is normal," knowing that what people think is normal is viewed as harmless.

Yet, before the Trojan company paid to ask 14-year-old children to describe their alleged sex lives, Dr. Fortenberry admitted that sex studies are seldom valid.

Our history as [sexuality] professionals over the past 100 years has been to be wrong more often than we've been right. ... I'm just very nervous about succumbing to the temptation to speak as arbiters of normalcy.

- "Sexual Development in Childhood"

One-hundred years of bad sex research defines sexology as an unscientific sex cult, not a "profession." However, by this October, Fortenberry's Trojans seemed to relieve his anxiety and nervousness.

Instead he wrote "as arbiters of normalcy" saying "fourteen percent of 14-year-old" boys and nine percent of girls had sex. The Trojan study ignored what percent was forced - since the government data find 64 percent of forcible sodomy victims boys under age 12 with girl victims even more common.

Kinsey's Trojans say "about 70 to 80 percent" of sexually active youths said they used condoms in a last "intercourse." Of course, while the "study" merrily finds sodomies ever more common, it ignores condoms as rare in non-intimate sex.

In this author's research, mainstream homosexual journals seldom market condoms while the only purportedly safe "pouch style" is ignored by "gay and bisexual men by HIV prevention organizations."

So what is not in a sex study is as important as what is.

The Kinsey Institute's personal and financial ties to pornography (funds from Playboy) means that pornography in sex is ignored despite its role in sexual mayhem, crime, divorce, child abuse, etc.

Fortenberry's colleague Debra Herbenick, responsible for much of the "woman" sex data here, seems pleased that sex is increasingly solo, via "partnered" solo sex and sodomite. She reports one-third of women have pain during sex, but doesn't say if the pain is due to marital coitus or to sodomite conduct - as one doesn't see the companion's eyes. Are the eyes no longer the window to the soul or do the "researchers," who do not mention it, find "love" irrelevant to sex?

In their Kinsey "Childhood" book, Herbenick asked children about "unwanted sexual experiences with adults," not about "sexual experiences with adults." Strange. Since children are commonly told they "wanted" sex with adult predators, as a typical Kinsey clone, Herbenick's data trivializes child sex abuse, also counting only children under 16 as abused, and only if the offender is over "five years older."

Like magic, Kinsey's Herbenick OKs all "wanted" abuse and abuse of children over age 15. (Eighteen is commonly the legal age of consent.) She also pried children about consensual sodomite conduct. No Kinseyan "Childhood" participant challenged Herbenick's invasive, unreliable, unscientific queries or later untoward effects on her child "subjects."

Fortenberry (who admitted sexologists are more wrong than right) is newly pleased that the "data" find condoms don't impede pleasure and "have become normative" for children. Kinseyans, paid by pornographers and Trojans, find "data" similar to Big Tobacco's scientific studies that proved cigarettes too were harmless pleasure.

Unfortunately, all institutional sex "researchers" are Kinseyans. What is "normative" about sex is that researchers and respondents both lie (for fun or profit). This would include the alleged high rate of condom use "among black and Hispanic men."

These newest Kinseyan "findings" will support more bogus HIV-AIDS, homosexual schoolroom propaganda - and Trojans - to cruelly brainwash children.

Claiming the study was a "nationally representative sample of adolescents and adults" repeats Kinsey's lies. His "subjects," prisoners, sex offenders, homosexual radicals, pedophiles and prostitutes, were relabeled a "random sample" of World War II Americans - a lie that crippled our nations sex laws and our lives.

Until their blood-curdling criminal history is finally exposed in our courtrooms, legislatures and the court of public opinion, the Kinsey crusade to destroy the normal love lives of Americans, and thus our self-governing moral power, continues unchecked.

The Kinsey Institute must be investigated!