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| Posted: October 11, 2010

Alfred C. Kinsey: Nazi Pedophile Collaborator

Nazi SwastikaOne Kinsey pedophile collaborator was a former WWII Nazi officer, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck. His young Polish victims had to choose between rape or "the gas chamber." Post WWII he was arrested for a child rape-murder. Kinsey had encouraged the child rape reports and warned his collaborator to "watch out" for the authorities.

The Presiding Judge, Dr.Berger, read the letters between von Balluseck and Kinsey and exclaimed:

Judge Berger: "This is no longer human! What was this all for? To tell Kinsey about? I had the impression that you got to the children in order to impress Kinsey and to deliver him material."

Von Balluseck: "Kinsey himself asked me for that."

Judge Berger: "That would be typical for Kinsey and his work. It must be a strange scientist who would rely on experience reports with such disgusting content."

"Kinsey had asked the paedophile specifically for material of his perverse actions.He made statistics.and he sent the American sex researcher, Kinsey.[to whom he] repeatedly and explicitly reported his perverse crimes.  [They] corresponded for some time."
Der Morgenpost, 5/19/57, P1; Der Tagespiegel, 10/1/57, P1

The German press called von Balluseck the worst sex criminal since the end of WWII. German papers had the Kinsey-Balluseck collaboration on page one. The American press was silent and all of Kinsey's biographers have steadfastly covered up Kinsey's Nazi connection.

Read about Kinsey's solicited Nazi child sex experiments in Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences.