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External Articles | Posted: August 5, 2010

Nudity on Sears website called 'deliberate brain damage'

Author of new book on sexual revolution says Kinsey legacy of perversion expanding

(source: WND) Stunning images of explicit nudity and overt sexuality splashed across the Sears website, (yes, you read that right) amount to "deliberate brain damage," and "the intentional advance of perversion [that] warrants legal action," says the author of new book on the origins of the sexual revolution.

WorldNetDaily reported the Sears site features, "four couples with arms and legs intertwined who appear to be wearing nothing but each other and some foamy waves lapping at their ankles. The poster image is highlighted by the theme: 'Safe sex is hot sex.' Another reveals two topless women embracing, wearing only the skimpiest of shorts, (and) a model who appears to be wearing some water and a small sponge."

As a former Justice Department official whose research on the detriments of pornography led 7-Eleven to stop stocking Penthouse and Playboy, Judith Reisman, author of the newly released, "Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America," has studied extensively how pornography impacts the brain.

Sexual Sabotage (cover)

"Decades of hard science confirm millennia of observation that despite our individual genes, what we see - like how what we eat and drink shape our bodies - affects our brains and our physical and mental health," Reisman said.

Find out who launched the sexual 'devolution,' and opened the door to the abyss

Reisman's research isn't alone in those conclusions. Dr. Donald Hilton recently reported "pornography is a visual pheromone, a powerful, $100 billion per year brain drug."

Sexually graphic images, said Hilton, disrupt "pre-mating communication" via high doses of dopamine, a "brain drug, in the pleasure/reward system in the brain."

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, used the results of imaging studies in 2007 to posit that pornography is a brain addiction.

Consumer backlash apparently didn't faze Sears, WND reports, as the American Family Association, "which monitors and lobbies corporations to clean up their product lines," couldn't even get a return call back from the company long known for selling everything from tools and appliances to clothing and school supplies.

"Sears' management clearly agreed that pornography would conscript children and vulnerable adults as consumers," said Reisman. "The Sears pornography adverts had to survive multiple administrative debates, redrafts and societal cost-benefit analyses before they got the green light (recall Ford's decision to pay future Pinto explosion victims rather than recall their defective cars)."

Mainstreaming of pornography isn't just the goal of "sexual anarchists," says Reisman, but "goes much higher." Her research points to Big Pharma and Big Porn - emboldened by the academic cover provided by the work of Alfred Kinsey, who "Sexual Sabotage" exposes criminally manipulating his findings, presided over the sexual abuse of children for his "studies" and seeking "to undermine every benefit of America traditions around marriage, sex and stable family environments."

Kinsey's works strengthens Big Pharma and Big Porn, said Reisman, in saturating society in images of perversion, creating debased addictions that soon render men impotent, then marketing to them anti-impotency prescriptions.

The "intrusion of Big Porn" mirror the "rapid growth of the porn addict's habit," said Reisman, who advocates a large-scale class-action lawsuit - like those against Big Tobacco - that bring the evidence of pornography's "actionable damages" before a jury.

The Kinsey legacy of "pornography and perversion," said Reisman, "is no longer content to fill the luxury hotel rooms, the Internet and most of television, it's moved on even to the Sears [website]."

"Children cannot buy alcohol because their bodies and brains are corrupted by its toxins," she added. "Similarly, Sears' reckless distribution of pornography, of 'erototoxins' in the public space should be charged with deliberate brain damage - bringing the role of dopamine as a 'natural drug' to an American jury. Let the scientific challenge begin!"

Sears also declined to respond to WND requests for comment on the issue.

WND's earlier report noted the effort by the the American Family Association to alert its supporters to the situation.

The group has documented the images on a link from its website, behind a series of three warning screens, for those who insist on tracking them down.

But they are images that cannot be used on the WND site.