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Reisman Articles | Posted: August 31, 2010

Muslim female slavery and porn in Baghdad

Exclusive: Judith Reisman spotlights how rise of smut further degrades Arab women

(source: WND) A recent AP article, "Porn offers window into Iraq's chaotic politics," chuckles that "the nude women on the DVD cover in a Baghdad street stall say it all: Change ... is afoot in Iraq."

Ah, change. We get an Arab mosque near Ground Zero and Iraqis get American pornography in Baghdad. The Associate Press story winks at porn pusher "Hanoun's ... impish grin" as he sells Hollywood blockbusters like "King Kong" and "pornographic DVDs" of non-Arab women in every painful, demeaning act required by pornographers.

After 2003 when Saddam Hussein was ousted, "anything goes" erupted in Iraq until 2008 when violent militias roamed the streets of Baghdad. Today's open street sales of "spicy videos" "stacked elbow-deep," reports the AP, means "security has improved."

"[I]mpish" Hanoun says porn signals "jubilation and hope ... about the new Iraq."

After the American invasion, "restaurants did brisk business, nightclubs pulsated with the beat of Arabic music." "Children touted [porn] in the Green Zone" near the U.S. Embassy and outside hotels filled with "international media." The amused AP correspondent notes a collection titled, "Girls of the Interior Ministry."

The films include bestiality and "The Rape of the Coeds," suggesting, says the international media reporter, the "psychological effects the years of indiscriminate violence have had on Iraqis."

Good point. What are the effects of viewing the rapes of white "coeds"? How do Hanoun and other Arab men engage in "free expression" of their angry lust for the blonde Americans who smile gaily while being filmed in cruel, debasing sadosexual acts?

Dr. Nawal El Saadawi says millions of men like Hanoun are "sex-starved male[s]" who inflict their angry lusts onto multiple wives and "little girls."

The complete subjugation of Arab women was vividly experienced by Dr. Saadawi who described her own barbaric clitorodectomy at age 6. Clitorodectomy is the mutilation and carving of the clitoris, allegedly the only way to control women's insatiable lust.

In clitorodectomy, says Arab resister, Sara Wajid, little girls are routinely "sexually abused by and mutilated by their mothers in the name of Allah." Indeed, women are too conditioned by the dominant cultural mores.

A recent study found over 60 percent of 1,554 Iraqi females were genital mutilation (FGM) victims. While uncut women are viewed as especially dangerous, all women must be veiled and they'd best be squired by a male relative in public.

Iraqi women in human-rights work, government service or businesses (like pharmacist-activist Zeena Al-Qushtaini, who did not wear the abaya) have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered. The United Nations humanitarian news service reports decapitated female corpses tagged with warnings about their disobedience.

Dr. Katrin Michael, the heroic Iraqi activist for women's rights in the Middle East, reported that under Iraqi Shariah, or Islamic law, polygamy and wife battery are legal, women must obey all male relatives and are defined as half a man in courts that determine inheritance, marriage, divorce, child custody and similar matters.

Iraqi female activists struggle for the basic rights of a free person - freedom of movement study, work, monogamy and an end to killing of rape victims as well as "honor killings."

In the midst of war-torn Iraq, pornography emerges as yet another brutal domestic attack on these powerless women and children.

The AP reporter hee-haws at the retail of female hate propaganda (pornography) by savvy young Iraqi bestial pushers. If Arab buyers find blondes too expensive, Hanoun offers "Cheap Meat." What is that? Why, "Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese girls ... all the Arabs." He also sells "movies of amateur Arab couples."


In his pioneering book, "Daughters of Sin: the Sexual Tragedy of Arab Women," reporter Youssef El Masry pointed out the obvious: Even in private, male lust holds little joy and much pain for genitally mutilated women.

Do Hanoun's "cheap films" of "Arab couples" show non mutilated women who freely chose to be shown in pornographic videos sold throughout Baghdad?

Is this the "freedom" envisioned by our Founding Fathers?

Since Muslim women are objectively enslaved already legally, the open, mass availability of pornography in Iraq is equivalent to pouring gasoline on an open fire. Now, about that celebratory Arab mosque near Ground Zero.