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External Articles | Posted: July 22, 2010

Savage takes on Kinsey's sex legacy

(source: WND) Few can match the intensity and vigor she's brought to investigating and exposing the true nature of Alfred Kinsey's sordid legacy, but Judith Reisman will find a kindred spirit with Michael Savage when the radio megastar interviews her live tomorrow afternoon.

WND Books just released Reisman's latest, "Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America," which examines with a depth previously unexplored the largely unknown nature of Kinsey's methodology and how deeply his influence is ingrained in American culture.

Savage cited Reisman's research in his 2005 best-selling book "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder."

"Kinsey was a degenerate. Period," Savage wrote. "He disguised his voyeurism as fact and called it science. The reason the Hollywood Caesars sought to honor this disturbed creature rather than expose him is because the foundation of their sexual license is built on his teachings. He's their sexual guru. If he was exposed as the fraudulent Freud, what would that say about their endless sexcapades? And, as adherents to a Kinsey view of sex, the Caesars of Hollywood feel free to justify all manners of perversions..."

Sexual Sabotage (cover)

Worry over enraging the Hollywood elite never has dissuaded Reisman's investigations. She recently named names in indicting the "global pedophile movement" for ensuring Roman Polanski escaped prosecution for drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl.

In a story on U.S. reaction to Polanski's failed extradition, the Washington Times interviewed Reisman.

"People in power commonly surround themselves with those who share their ideals and protect their own secrets," Reisman said, noting that his 1970s Hollywood friends "threw Polanski a party and opened up a 13-year-old bottle of champagne" right after he was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl by making her drunk.

"Making him a heroic figure is a paean to pedophilia," she said.

Kinsey's imprint on the culture is most obviously measured by the saturation of pornography, says Reisman, who as former president of the Institute for Media Education presented research and testimony that prompted 7-Eleven to cease stocking Playboy and Penthouse.

She's testified before three congressional hearings on the dangers of pornography, and her work still enrages porn's defenders. Psychologist David J. Ley, author of "Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and The Men Who Love Them," recently attacked Reisman's work.

"Judith Reisman is one of the leading opponents of pornography, who argues that pornography exposure releases 'erototoxins' into the body, chemicals which alter and damage the mind, and the sexuality of a pornography viewer," he writes in Psychology Today. "Reisman's research to support the biological evidence behind her alleged erototoxins has been nonexistent, and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that viewing pornography releases any unique neurochemicals into the body."

Savage, who's condemned Penthouse publisher Larry Flynt as "the man who brought pornography to every corner, the man who destroyed the family, has railed against the pervasiveness of pornography, which he cites as a key tool in breaking down societal boundaries and progressing a cultural - and ultimately political - revolution.

"Cultural revolution demolishes the society from within - does that sound like something you understand," he's said.

Little doubt, Reisman will.

Published by WND Books, "Sexual Sabotage" is available personally autographed by the author from the WND Superstore.

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