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Reisman Articles | Posted: July 27, 2010

Massachusetts Schools are Giving First Grade Children Condoms, Why Exactly?

(source: News Blaze) By Judith Reisman, PhD

Copying the pedophile model, Massachusetts schools are giving first grade children condoms, violating parental protections.

In 1977 the pedophile CHILDHOOD SENSUALITY CIRCLE (CSC)'s published a "Child's Sexual Bill of Rights" -- truly a "Pedophile's Bill of Rights."

CSC pedophiles write, "Every child has the right to loving relationships, including sexual, with a parent, sibling or other responsible adult or child and shall be protected and aided in doing so by ....contraceptives and aids to prevent venereal disease" and schools copy the pedophile model.

Which leads one to cynically ask which closet pedophiles run Massachusetts sex education?

CSC pedophiles want Kiddie condoms and contraception--like modern STD vaccines--not to protect children from harm but to protect pedophiles from disease, and evidence of assaults, like impregnating minors, thus from jail. And same-age and same gender sex opens the door to dispersant age sex with hetero/homosexual adults.

CSC pedophiles write, children are sexual "at any age," "frustrated, anti-social" and "potential [sic] criminal" without sex. CSC pedophiles demand sexual "re-education of the citizenry in every part of the United child or adult," and schools copy the pedophile model.

CSC pedophiles write, "sexual rights" should be legalized "regardless of age," and schools copy the pedophile model.

CSC pedophiles write, "Each child has the right to be protected from any form of sex suppression at home or in society," and schools copy the pedophile model.

CSC pedophiles write, "Children should have the opportunity to acknowledge what they know and feel about their sexuality," despite their parents, and schools copy the pedophile model.

CSC pedophiles write, "regardless of age" or "tradition," children may have sex with whomever they wish, of any sex or age, and schools copy the pedophile model.

In short, Massachusetts, and similar schools have adopted Kinsey's Pedophile Programs, neutering parents, and suggesting an organized pedophile state and school lobby. Tiny condoms and child STD vaccines wound children and expose them to a lifetime of physical and emotional trauma--but they do protect child predators.

The recent Provincetown decision to pander to pedophiles by eroticizing even First Grade students with Kiddie condoms is reportedly already school policy in over two dozen Massachusetts school districts.

Since the late 1960s children have been eroticized and their innocence bludgeoned by sexually deviant and/or foolish school officials. However, the press reports Massachusetts a kiddie condom pioneer! In 1990 its Cambridge Rindge & Latin School health center dispersed condoms and by 1991 Falmouth had condom vending machines in school bathrooms.

Since smaller kiddies often cannot read or write, do school nurses provide the "safer sex" demonstration of orifices to use and how with the cute rubber balloons? As Massachusetts pushes lesbian, gay, transgender and "undecided" rights groups, (old and young) 'kiddie condom' experimental opportunities are legion.

Is condom "erotic play" explored in the playground or at lunchtime after eating peanut and jelly sandwiches? Are condoms for the cloak rooms? Do children get extra physical education credit for sex? Do girls get equal access to dental dams? Can Massachusetts students submit erotic films or papers for credit?

What is the protocol? So much to learn!

These school sex programs recall Aldoux Huxley's Brave New World when a little boy was sent for therapy when he didn't play erotic games with others.

Massachusetts Democratic Governor Davel Patrick protested to Provincetown's school superintendent Beth Singer. He is running for reelection.

Comrade Singer explained to the press that "The intent is to protect kids....We know that sexual experimentation is not limited to an age, so how does one put an age on it?"

How indeed? Is Singer invested in Kiddie condoms?

Britain's Mail Online enthuses, "Extra small condoms for boys as young as 12 could soon be on our shelves. The Hotshot condoms are going on sale in Switzerland."

Huxley would ask who profits from baby condoms? The answer is certainly not children. As noted, pedophiles have always advocated "safe" school sex-ed, condoms and STD vaccines for their tiny victims.

So watch for "Hotshot" Kiddie condoms coming to a school near you. And when they distribute Barbie "dental dams" ask who's benefiting from eroticizing children as demanded by the pedophile lobby? And of course, I say, sue these schools, top to bottom.

Dr. Judith Reisman, author of the new book, Sexual Sabotage, is sought worldwide to speak, lecture, testify and counsel individuals, organizations, professionals and governments in Media Forensics, the scientific analysis of images, pictures, cartoons, illustrations, pornography and text in sexual harassment of women and children in the workplace, schools and homes. Her media forensic expertise has been successful in child custody cases, examining "pseudo-child" and "virtual-child" pornography, as well as in judicial and legislative decisions about fraudulent sex science, sex education and the way in which media images restructure human brain, mind, memory, and conduct by hijacking rationality. The special emphasis of her research continues to be the scientific documentation of the difference between public and private space human erotic displays, and the subversion of informed consent via exposure to supranormal visual stimuli. Dr. Judith Reisman is a consultant and former president of The Institute for Media Education, and is the scientific advisor for the California Protective Parents Association. A sought-after expert in the field of Media Forensics, Dr. Reisman is also an author and has been a consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations.

She's authored or co-authored several titles, which can be found here:

Note provided with press release: "Please be patient with this provocative topic. Though it is uncomfortable to read and address, it may be necessary to report on this material. Judith Reisman, PhD has been known for many years as an official expert on these hard topics regarding protecting our young and innocent. While it is a challenge to know just how far to go in reporting on Dr. Reisman's research and factual material, it may be a necessary inconvenient topic to cover in order to connect the dots regarding where and how these outrageous theories and practices have run amuck to the point where our educators feel it necessary to exploit our young for the sake of a most disturbing agenda. Hang on to your hat on this one. Feel free to use the delete button. However, the following information is true and we all need to pull together to protect the innocence of our children."