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The Kinsey Coverup | Posted: September 11, 2006

Hollywood mag spikes 'pedophile warning'

Posted: January 20, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Art Moore

The leading entertainment industry magazine Variety has backed down on its agreement to publish a paid ad that warns makers of an upcoming film on sexual revolutionary Alfred Kinsey that they are on the verge of glorifying a notorious promoter of pedophilia.

Ad rejected by Variety magazine

Variety publisher Craig Hitchcock rejected two versions of an ad negotiated by Kinsey critic Judith Reisman, calling it "inappropriate" for the entertainment publication.

Reisman believes Variety spiked the ad because it would embarrass the Hollywood elite, "who hypocritically scream 'censorship' when we protest their sex and sadism fare."

"It's an amazing disrespect for their own constituents' right to know," Reisman told WND. "They call themselves the 'bible of the entertainment industry,' and yet they refuse an advertisement that they have admitted is clearly legal and merely provides the facts."

Hitchcock did not respond to messages left by WorldNetDaily with his secretary.

An agreement with Variety had been reached to publish a two-color ad on the inside back cover of the magazine's yearbook, which goes to the industry's power brokers, Reisman said. When a deadline for that edition passed, an ad in Variety's lucrative Academy Award edition was considered. But after working on the ad for a week, Hitchcock called Thursday to inform Reisman that it would not run.

Hitchcock admitted his lawyers had left the decision to his "discretion" because there was nothing illegal in the ad, Reisman said, noting that the publisher told her she had "sourced" all the charges.

In her reply to Hitchcock, who sent his "apologies," Reisman said that Variety's decision amounted to censorship.

"So," she wrote to her supporters, "Variety will hide the truth about the pedophile basis of Kinsey’s [books] from its constituency in order to protect those producing the Kinsey propaganda film."

Alfred C. Kinsey

Warning to Neeson

The ad was prompted by Reisman's attempt to warn makers of the Kinsey film that they were about to produce a whitewashed picture of the man she calls the "most infamous pedophile propagandist in scientific history." Kinsey died in 1956.

The Myriad Pictures film, to begin production this spring, will be produced by Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope studios and directed by Oscar-winner Bill Condon, known for his hit "Gods and Monsters."

Reisman has charged that Kinsey's socially explosive 1948 book, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male," contained a record of human experiments conducted by pedophiles on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children. The Kinsey study, widely seen as the book that launched the "sexual revolution," has been used to support the contention that sexual activity in children is natural and healthy and should not be repressed.

Reisman wrote two letters to the actor who will portray Kinsey, Liam Neeson, but received no response. The ad, which was to cost $7,740, aimed to "sensitize and inform the media world of the truthful atrocities of 'Kinsey's pedophiles.'"

Radio counselor Dr. Laura Schlessinger was a financial contributor to the ad.

"She is outraged by their refusal to run it," said Keven Bellows, Schlessinger's chief of staff, who added that the radio host plans to initiate a "call to action" this week in which she will urge her listeners to contact Variety and people associated with the Kinsey film.

Other backers were Phyllis Schlafly's group Eagle Forum, the Reid Family Trust, Mothers of Lost Children, RSVPAmerica, Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, Protective Parents Association and Reisman's Institute for Media Education.

In an open letter, Reisman, author of "Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences," warned Neeson that the film will place him in "a hideously inaccurate role, much like playing the monster Mengele as a mere controversial figure."

Nazi connection

Reisman's initial ad showed a crying baby next to the bold headline, "Scared of pedophiles getting to your kids?" The photo comes from the 1953 book, "Oh! Dr. Kinsey!" in which its caption read, "Are you glad you're still a virgin?"

The text of Reisman's ad says the the Myriad Pictures' upcoming feature film "celebrates Alfred C. Kinsey, a man who produced and directed the rape and torture of hundreds of infants and children. Kinsey will be played by actor Liam Neeson."

It continues: "Kinsey’s data are based on reports from co-workers who sexually abused more than 300 minors to prove that children 'enjoy' sex with pedophiles. Some of the victims were only 2 months old and subjected to more than 24 hours of non-stop sexual atrocities. One Kinsey contributor was a WWII Nazi officer. His young victims had to choose between rape or the gas chamber."

The ad then includes a quote from Condon, saying, "It does feel like it's time to remind people of Kinsey's ideas, which I think are liberating."

The next paragraph says: "Do we really want to 'liberate' more molesters to victimize our children?"

The ad concludes: "Hard to believe? Read it for yourself in Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), page 180."

Hitchcock said the picture of the child and the word "pedophile" were "distasteful" and "inappropriate," according to Reisman. The Variety publisher also said he thought it was inappropriate for his "business-to-business" magazine to mention the makers of the film.

Reisman consequently produced a draft of a second ad that removed the weeping child and instead focused on Kinsey's correspondence with a Nazi pedophile in the 1950s who contributed to the researcher's child sexual response data.

Second version of ad rejected by Variety magazine

The ad begins with the headline: "Alfred C. Kinsey: Nazi Pedophile Collaborator," alongside a Nazi-era photo of a swastika banner.

It contains virtually the same text as the first ad, without reference to the Coppola film, and includes this text as the second paragraph: "One Kinsey 'contributor' was a WWII Nazi officer, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck. His young victims had to choose between rape or the gas chamber. Kinsey wrote 'thank you' for Balluseck's on-going rape reports but, 'watch out.'"

Reisman cites a 1998 British television documentary, "Kinsey's Paedophiles," that recounted how German newspapers uncovered Kinsey's connection to von Balluseck when the former Gestapo director was on trial for the sex-related murder of a little girl in 1956.

The German papers found letters from Kinsey thanking the pedophile for his ongoing child-rape "data," which continued until 1954. Kinsey, who "kept up a regular and lively correspondence," told von Balluseck to "watch out" or he would be caught.

"Think about the message," Reisman said. "Neeson plays an anti-Nazi hero in 'Schindler’s List,' and now he honors Kinsey, who thanked a former Gestapo director of a Polish town … for his rapes of children."

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