Utah Prosecutors Sex Crimes Investigators Speech

July 07, 2006

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

The Kinsey Reports, Sex Experts, Pornography & Law


Speech Presented by

Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.,


Utah Council for Crime Prevention

Prosecutors Sex Crimes Investigators & Detectives

November 2, 2005


It is always an honor to address those in law enforcement, on the front lines of public defense.  In the next 45 minutes I will give you a crash course on the major causes for changes in America’s criminal and social sexual life. You just saw a few minutes of a documentary broadcast on Fox that included some of the 45 minute Yorkshire Television’s 1998 British documentary, “Kinsey’s Pedophiles” based on my last book, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences. 


This documentary, made by England’s Amnesty International award winning producer Tim Tate has never been shown in the USA. And yes, sex was still a somewhat serious event pre Kinsey.


I assume this short film introduction suggests why law enforcement would concern itself with Kinsey, who, like Darwin, is long dead.  If the Radiation and the Tuskegee experiments were finally exposed, receiving a public apology from the President of the USA, so too do the victims of Kinsey’s experiments deserve such recognition.


But beyond this, beyond the fact that the Kinsey Institute is still funded by state and federal taxes, law journals and statutes in over thirty states and still counting, provide compelling evidence that Kinsey’s sex lies are everywhere used to subvert American sex laws and to cause grave, quite serious, hurt to men, women, children and society.


Even a perfunctory search of Kinsey’s impact on Utah law yields this quote from a Gay Rights website:


In 1949 — The Utah Supreme Court upholds a sodomy conviction, but three justices argue against criminal penalties for sodomy, urging "treatment" instead. This is the first sodomy opinion in the United States to refer to the Kinsey studies.[1]


The Utah judicial call for treatment as a sex crime punishment follows one year after Kinsey’s first book is released.  In 2005 a major Fox film, two PBS specials and a Broadway musical all portray Alfred Kinsey as a brilliant, tragi-hero.  On the other hand, in 2005, nineteen conservative scholars vote Sexual Behavior in the Human Male the most harmful American book in 200 years. Both sides agree his sex data largely shaped western sexuality and  direct today’s sex laws, treatment and public policies. Kinsey is important for your work.



In fact, my study of pornography and child sexual abuse led me to Kinsey.  During the Reagan years, as Principal Investigator for the largest US Department of Justice study on “soft” pornography ever conducted, I used the military intelligence method of Content Analysis to document the quantity and quality of “Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.”[2]


My findings were used in a major U.S. Supreme Court child pornography case, were cited by Southland’s 7-11 director when his stores divested from Playboy and Penthouse; helped the Simi Valley District Attorney convict a Hustler cartoonist of incestuous abuse of his daughter; “insured a favorable ruling for the state” in the Mapplethorpe trial on what constitutes “the whole”; and were victorious in a lawsuit brought in the Netherlands when Playboy sued a Dutch television station for my charge that Playboy promoted incest and systemically displayed child pornography in cartoons and photographs.[3] 


Although Kinsey is credited with dramatically effecting the US Supreme Court’s decisions on pornography, the new, verifiable data from brain sciences may be used to reverse much of the leniency provided to pornography.


We are dealing here with the addictive properties of sexually explicit images, commonly called pornography.2  


My working, scientific definition of pornography is measurable: “intimate private-space behavior in public space forums, provoking psychopharmacological responses in viewers that put the model and those s/he represents, at risk.” 

Thanks to the latest advances in neuroscience, we now know that emotionally arousing images imprint and alter the brain, triggering an instant, involuntary, but lasting, biochemical memory trail. 


This applies to so-called "soft-core" and "hard-core" pornography, which may, arguably, subvert the First Amendment by overriding the cognitive speech process.


Once our neurochemical pathways are established they are difficult or impossible to delete.  Erotic images commonly trigger the viewer’s "fight or flight” sex hormones producing intense arousal states that appear to fuse the conscious state of libidinous arousal with unconscious emotions of fear, shame, anger and hostility.3   


These media erotic fantasies become deeply imbedded, commonly coarsening, confusing, motivating and addicting many of those exposed. (See "the Violence Pyramid" at


Pornography triggers a myriad of endogenous, internal, natural drugs that mimic the "high" from a street drug. Addiction to pornography is addiction to what I dub erototoxins – mind ­altering drugs produced by the viewer's own brain.


How does this 'brain sabotage' occur? Brain scientists tell us that "in 3/10 of a second a visual image passes from the eye through the brain, and whether or not one wants to, the brain is structurally changed and memories are created - we literally 'grow new brain' with each visual experience."4


It is now confirmed that the human brain is not fully matured, developed in logic and foresight until about age 25.  Still, children and others who cannot read, can instantly decode and experience images, hence images are not speech.5 In fact, erotic (any highly arousing) images commonly subvert left hemisphere cognition.6 


Since the 50s, as pornography became mainstreamed and pushed the envelope of normal sexual conduct, law enforcement reported that sex crimes mimicking comparable acts were being inflicted on women and children.  (See OJJDP study)


I have spent decades addressing the effects of pornographic "humor" and photos on children, fathers, husbands and wives and communities, much of which is found in my book, ''Soft" Porn Plays Hardball, 1990,8 my OJJDP report, Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler,9 and my white paper on "The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography: Restructuring Brain, Mind & Memory & Subverting Freedom of Speech" (


Testimony from victims and police commonly find pornography to be an on-site-sex-abuse manual. 10 


As was the original design of our research project in 1981, an offensive strategy should be planned mandating law enforcement collection of all pornography data, as with guns, drugs, etc, at crime sites. 


Judges, police, legislators and lawyers should be trained in the hard data of sexology fraud, the effect of sexology forensic experts and erototoxins as changing laws and the human brain, mind, memory, and body, at unconscious levels and therefore absent informed consent.


The current pattern of funding educational institutions that train their students via the flawed methodology of Kinseyan “academic” pornography11  compromises law enforcement efforts to educate those in their field as well as judges and juries regarding a myriad of cases, from child custody to gender confusion to sex education, to rape and statutory rape, etc.  As with phrenology at the turn of the century, all expert witnesses coming out of Kinsey based sexology training should have their credentials rescinded.


I also used Content Analysis to measure the influence of Kinsey’s junk science on American penal law, finding Kinsey the most oft cited sex expert in all social science, science indices and Westlaw.[4]


It is argued here that, on the evidence, Indiana University’s fraudulent Kinsey Reports, implemented via the American Law Institute (ALI), Model Penal Code (MPC),[5] are causally implicated in the assault on American sexuality, safety, health and welfare.



Justice Louis Brandeis said “the conditions” under which we live largely turn on what is lawful.[6] In 1998 Justice Stephen Breyer said what is lawful now turns “almost entirely” on what science says.[7]  So, if sex science turns law and law turns sexual conduct, than bad sex science creates bad sex law which creates bad (injurious) sexual conduct. 


            You be the judge.   Stepping back in time, it is late 1930s.  Following public outrage following the rape and murder of two little girls, J. Edgar Hoover declares a “war on the sex criminal…a sinister threat to American childhood and womanhood.”[8] 


            Sexual Psychopath laws are passed nationwide, allowing lifetime incarceration for sex offenders. No registration. No Megen’s law. No Three Strikes.  Prison, even execution is commonly permitted for rape and statutory rape.[9]  Tom Brokaw describes the Greatest Generation:


Faith in God was…part of the lives of the WW II generation...They stayed true to their values of personal responsibility, duty, honor, and faith… [Those] outside their families reminded them of the ethos of their family and community.[10]


          The Greatest Generation is a society in which contraception
 is restricted to the married and seduction, alienation of affection,
 breach of promise, adultery, fornication and abortion are considered 
immoral and actually criminal.  In that environment “illegitimacy,” rape,
 venereal disease, divorce or homicide (common results from adultery) 
are minimal.   By late 1945 our soldiers are returning home, 
rebuilding their lives and the nation. Streets are crowded with 
people in the day; parks fill with strolling couples at dusk.  

 Construction booms; homes, streets, highways, stores, farms are going up everywhere.  Schools are crowded with children. The pledge of Allegiance starts the day, religion is commonly taught and students disciplined for running in the halls or chewing gum. High school children may learn about sex in hygiene class.


 They are told sex belongs only in marriage so that children can more assuredly be welcomed, loved and protected.  Couples take VD tests for syphilis and gonorrhea before they can marry. Typical film entertainment is; The Road to Rio, Hamlet, Red Shoes. Typical television includes Our Miss Brooks, The Ed Sullivan Show, The CBS News. No tongue kissing, no rape scenes, no open cadavers being carved, no teachers seducing high school boys on teenage programs; it is, generally “wholesome.”


        Since most men in 1948 view women as the “weaker sex,” men are generally expected to bear the responsibility for their own sexual conduct and even to take responsibility for that of any woman with whom they are close.[11] In 1948, as virginity is seriously valued and guarded, women who charge rape are largely believed by the court so that seduction and breach of promise are still criminalized in most states.[12]  Most pornography is illegal, rape and statutory rape can be punished by death in half our states and life in almost all the rest. 


        Our 1948 sex laws reflect national attitudes that had increased Age of Consent to 18 in most states and 16 years old in most others.


In 1948 adultery, being immoral is illegal and grounds for “fault” divorce; the deceived party—husband or wife--gets child custody, house, car and most shared goods. Women will also get alimony and child support.


The Kinsey lobby will change all that. James Jones, a Kinsey biographer, says the Kinsey lobby will end the sexual repression[13] of “English-American common law traditions.”[14]  Done.


What was obscenity in 1948 is, in 2005 commonly seen as pornography or even erotica. Now, rape may get 0 to 10 years or a fine; statutory rape may or may not be a crime as age of consent--12 to 18-- depends on the offender’s age. Seduction, breach of promise, fornication, even partial birth abortion are legal and adultery is now “no-fault divorce” placing millions of dumped moms and their children in dire poverty and on the slippery slope to abuse and crime.


How did it happen? The unprecedented Rockefeller funded mass media blitz,[15] heralds Kinsey’s Male report as “The K-Bomb.”  More than 70% of press headlines and feature articles hype Kinsey’s Male and Female.[16] 


 Immediately following the Male report, ACLU co-founder Morris Ernst[17] and other Kinsey lobbyists--radical academics, jurists, eugenicists, psychiatrists--publish four books. Each demands sex crimes be reduced or purged and that sexual predators get therapy not penalty, like Utah.[18]

 Changed Laws Change Our Lives


Well, that 10-37% of American men are sometime homosexual so legalize sodomy; 50% of men and 26% of women are adulterous and all women want to be so legalize adultery and no fault divorce; 85% of men and half of women fornicate so legalize all sex outside of marriage, opening the floodgates to explicit school sex education; 69% of men use prostitutes so trivialize sex for pay; 87% of single women and 25% of wives abort so legalize abortion; 100% of infants and children are orgasmic if helped by adults so trivialize child sexual abuse. Also, smart people use pornography so legalize it--and they masturbate so destigmitize it.


Kinsey admits this sexual promiscuity has no consequence in rape, VD, abortion, child sexual abuse or divorce. So, its all harmless and professors in college classrooms explain that the Greatest Generation has therefore lied by saying sexual promiscuity leads to trouble.  The GG are liars and hypocrites. They fornicate in the hay on Saturday and pray in the pews on Sunday but they “keep it from the kids” as Simon and Garfinkle sing in Mrs. Robinson.  The floodgates open to the sexual revolution, angry, deceived Baby Boomers turn off the Greatest Generation and turn on to sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll.


Now, our World War II soldiers didn’t lie, the Kinsey lobby lied.  First, the Kinsey Institute propaganda machine pictures him as a conservative, bow tied husband, father, scholar. Most of you now know that Kinsey is actually a sadomasochistic, pornographically and autoerotically obsessed bihomosexual,


Kinsey circumcises himself in the bathtub without benefit of anesthesia, hangs himself from a pole by his sexual organs until losing consciousness; and dies of complications stemming from “orchitis” a sexually transmitted disease associated with the self inflicted attacks on his genitalia. 


Kinsey, the father of the sexual revolution, the new field of human sexuality, of the current sex education curricula for K through doctorate and continuing education credits for doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, priests, teachers, mental health and social worker professionals, etc,  is, clinically speaking, a bone fide sexual psychopath. As a sex cult leader, his followers, with doctorate degrees, are as well.


Pornography is the fuel that acts as a
catalyst for fantasy-driven behavior."

--- Vernon J. Geberth, retired Lt. Commander of the NYPD


Kinsey’s lies about American women mimic the WWII “Black Propaganda” designed to depress and weaken men at the front. Enemy leaflets claim sweethearts and wives fornicate and abort babies. It worked in the war and at home.  Kinsey’s called wives anyone who lived “one year” with a man—his large prostitute population. Sexual deviants become the model for normal sex laws and conduct.[20]


Kinsey’s “data” -- that fornication and adultery are common and harmless will enfeeble dad as a moral authority.[21] Kinsey proves The Greatest Generation dad, our World War II hero, is a playboy.[22]


The manly duty to protect women and children is foolish if statistics prove fornication, adultery, seduction, etc are harmless.  Kinsey’s phony statistics undermine trust in dad, dad’s trust in himself and the family trust in one another.


In 1948 ACLU lawyer Morris Ernst says, “every page of the Kinsey Report touches on…the legal code.”  Ernst tells the legal profession:  

[N]o bar association, law school journal, or lawyers’ committee can consider [sex] laws…without the Kinsey study. Kinsey’s first volume ended an era.[23]


Kinsey and his lobbyists methodically create and advise state “Sex Offense Commissions:” New Jersey (1949), California (1949), Illinois (1953) and others.  The commission findings become part of the American Law Institute Model Penal Code of 1955.


Knowing full well the data are bogus, the Rockefeller Foundation, funding Kinsey since 1941, shifts its money early 1950 to the American Law Institute.

They support a Model Penal Code that uses Kinsey’s bad sex data to reduce sex law penalties.


The ALI Model Penal Code schematic (left) that you have,<a title="" style="mso-endnote-id: edn1" href="http: