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The Kinsey Coverup | Posted: June 30, 2006

From Einstein to Kinsey: How Colleges and Universities Hide the Truth from Our Kids

Full-page ad in The Washington Times national edition,  July 3, 2006 by Dr. Dennis Jarrard
Dear Concerned Friend,

During the 2004 campaign, John Kerry all but said George Bush and his religious supporters (i.e., Christians and many Jews) were ignorant, stupid and anti-science.  For example, he smeared those who oppose killing embryonic human beings as “putting right-wing ideology above science.” 

But Kerry, a product of Yale, was merely regurgitating what liberal Democrat professors, who have a stranglehold on American campuses, have been force-feeding students for decades.

Most of our U.S. Supreme Court justices agree with these academics, and have been busy replacing traditional morality with “science” in their decisions.  Justice Stephen Breyer has actually said so.  The Court’s rulings on pornography, sodomy, partial-birth abortion and religion bear him out.

The left-wing professors’ twisted “science” comes from schools such as Harvard and Indiana University.  Leftists everywhere rely on this bad science to propagate their mythical worldview.  Leftist profs, along with the Hollywood and big-media elite, have suppressed vital discoveries and made non-persons out of academics whose findings they dislike.

Two such eminent scholars are Drs. Georges Lemaitre and Judith Reisman.  Their research refuted the atheist profs in two crucial fields, but our kids don’t know it.  

For example, almost every student has heard of Albert Einstein.  His picture hangs in classrooms across America, and in 2000 TIME named him Person of the Century.  Our future decision-makers think it was Einstein who explained the universe and its origin.

Christian explained  universe to Einstein

These kids have never heard of Georges Lemaitre, the brilliant Catholic priest, mathematician and physicist who explained the universe to Einstein.  After hearing him speak in 1933, Einstein stated, “This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened” (“A Day Without Yesterday,” Commonweal, March 24, 2000).

Dr. Lemaitre was the first physicist to show that the universe was created out of nothing, that time and space had a beginning, and that the universe expanded from an infinitely small point.  This was ancient Judeo-Christian thinking, of course.  But Dr. Lemaitre didn’t have a secularist worldview blinding him to these facts.

Einstein, like most scholars, at first rejected Dr. Lemaitre’s ideas, but by the end of the 20th century, the Belgian priest-scientist had been proven right.  Science conceded that the “Big Bang” had happened, that it was a one-time event, that the universe wasn’t going to collapse inward, and that its expansion was actually speeding up.

These discoveries, obviously, have enormous implications for our school curricula.  Why not tell them to our kids?  Because that would tend to validate Christianity, and therefore the Ten Commandments.  

Speaking of discoveries, all doctoral candidates must learn to calculate probability, which lets scholars determine mathematically the likelihood of something being true.  At a Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Physiology seminar in the late 1970s, mathematicians showed biologists that all probability calculations debunk the idea that random events caused life to develop.  But, says scientist Gerald L. Schroeder in The Hidden Face of God, the biologists simply assumed the math must be wrong.

Kinsey’s “sexologist” disciples ravage our kids

Physics and biology aren’t the only fields where scholastic Stalinism held sway.  For the last half-century, secular universities have also twisted our children’s view of sexuality by foisting Prof. Alfred Kinsey-inspired “sexology” on them.  But in his case, too, an honest scholar proved the secularists’ “research” was bogus—and worse.

In 1980 Dr. Judith Reisman told the Fifth World Congress of Sexuality in Israel how the new field of sex studies had built a whole “sex education” curriculum based on Kinsey’s “research.”  She proved that his “findings” about children’s supposed desire for sex were a monstrous fraud based on “data” he got from active sexual predators whom he oversaw.  

Dr. Reisman’s revelations angered the “sexologists.”  They wanted to keep using Kinsey’s “research” to guide universities, high schools and grade schools in teaching our children anything-goes sex lessons.  What’s more, they wanted to impose his godless immorality upon the whole world.

In the USA, these academic “sexperts” have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  Not only have they corrupted millions through “sex ed” (even in many parochial and Christian schools), but their Kinsey-based sex “science” now guides most of the Supreme Court.

What has the Court’s sexual Kulturkampf brought us?  For one, pornography is everywhere, especially in the hands of young men and sex offenders.  You’d think even Harvard-educated Supreme Court clerks would know sex criminals commonly excite themselves before their crimes by using “adult entertainment.”

Left-wing science’s millions of victims

What’s more, every index of sexual health has collapsed since 1950, when U.S. campuses started evicting Christian morals and handing our children over to Kinsey-spawned “sexologists.”  

The health system that once faced two major venereal diseases now must deal with 30.  In 1950, less than one percent of young people had VD; today, 25 percent get it before they get their high school diplomas.  An estimated 40-50 percent of all U.S. college girls now carry human papilloma virus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer (HPV-caused cancer kills 4,000-plus Americans every year).  

What’s more, a million-plus Americans have HIV or AIDS.  Tens of millions suffer from incurable genital herpes.  Illicit sex is also a leading cause of self-hatred and suicide among young people.

Worst of all, some 216,580 girls aged 15-19 kill their preborn babies through abortion every year.  Girls 15-18 who abort are more than twice as likely as other girls to suffer depression, chronic anxiety and suicidal thoughts, the American Life League reports.  They also risk fatal hemorrhage or infection, a punctured womb, lacerated intestines, infertility and other serious injuries.

The sexologists’ remedy for these horrors?  “Give young people more condoms!”  And more “sex ed.”  Let our $10 billion pornography industry make more XXX-rated films, too.  Then make our kids watch these films in college courses on pornography or filmmaking.  

Most of America’s sexual pathologies, plus abortion and homosexual “marriage,” come from university-trained “sexologists.”  And now strong contingents in the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association want to see adult-child sex legalized.  Thank the Big Lies that many profs have told.

How you can de-fund and stop far-left profs

Yet lawmakers and private donors keep handing billions to secular universities.  And the soft-science departments keep hiring far-left ideologues.  These people are leaders in university opinion-making, controlling academic senates and other powerful groups.  They’re the ones who keep pseudo-science in power in academia.  The last thing they want our kids to learn about is the work of the Dr. Lemaitres and the Dr. Reismans.  

Only when our lawmakers and private donors stop signing the $100,000-plus paychecks of hard-left professors will our young people discover how badly they’ve been misled by the Kinseyites.  

Our legislators should consider taking tax funding away from government universities and giving it directly to students as tuition.  Our lawmakers should also strip the “sexologists” and “sexuality institutes” of their licenses to train thousands in the immoral Kinsey lifestyle.  But nothing will happen till taxpayers demand it.  

You can help.  Write to your lawmakers and newspaper.  Call the talk shows.  Use the Internet.  Inform your clergyman.  And tell donors to stop bankrolling the campus ideologues.  

We need professors who’ll teach our children the truth, not discredited old lies.

                Yours for the children,

                Dennis Jarrard, EdD

 (Dr. Jarrard has taught in the University of California and California State College and University systems.  He served on the County of Los Angeles Commission on Obscenity and Pornography and on the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Commission on Obscenity and Pornography.)  

(Adapted from an article in Human Events Online, November 3, 2005)

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