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Laws | Posted: April 4, 2006

DOJ Abstract of OJJDP Report: Role of Pornography and Media Violence in Family Violence, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, and Juvenile Delinquency

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

NCJ Number: 109944
Title: Role of Pornography and Media Violence in Family Violence, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, and Juvenile Delinquency, Part 4
Publication Date: January 1, 1987
Annotation: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has compiled the products and the research from "Images of Children, Crime and Violence" from PLAYBOY, PENTHOUSE and HUSTLER Magazines under cooperative agreement # 84-JN-AX-K007. This was a research activity entitled ROLE OF PORNOGRAPHY AND MEDIA VIOLENCE IN FAMILY VIOLENCE, SEXUAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION, AND JUVENILE DELINQUENCY, awarded to American University School of Education.
Abstract: The research package consists of four parts. PART 1 consists of three volumes submitted by the Principal Investigator, Judith A Reisman, Ph.D., to the Grantee, American University. PART 2 consists of three volumes that were delivered to OJJDP by American University to represent the final report of the Grantee, American University, and was submitted without the Grant Advisory comments. PART 3 consists of a single volume that is the Principal Investigator's final report and includes the reviews of the Principal Investigator's research methodology, findings, and usefulness. The reviews were by five experts chosen by the Grantee, American University, and OJJDP to review the Principal Investigator's research. PART 4 consists of three volumes which provide an Overview of the research; Methods and Procedures concerning the research by the Principal Investigator; and The Data Book. OJJDP has decided, with the concurrence of the Grantee, to make these products available to the public upon request. The research was an investigative analysis of PLAYBOY, PENTHOUSE and HUSTLER over the period of December 1953 to December 1984 to examine for nonviolent, violent, and criminal image portrayal and scenario involvement of children. The research reported the findings of 14,854 images of crime and violence and 6,004 images of children (with the predominate group being girls between ages 3 to 11 years) as part of the overall sexual and violent scenario. There were 989 sexual scenarios which included children actively involved with adults; and each magazine portrayed children as unharmed and/or benignly affected by the child/adult sex. For related volumes, see NCJ 107147-107149.
Main Term(s):  Pornography
Index Term(s): Sexual assault ; Domestic assault ; Child pornography ; Child sexual abuse ; Media violence ; Pornography as crime factor ; Child abuse as delinquency factor ; Media-crime relationships