The sex-industrial complex: Sexologists, Pornographers & Big Pharma

December 22, 2005

Posted: April 29, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: Parents are advised the following commentary may not be appropriate for children.
© 2005

A lucrative conflict of interest exists between Big Sexology, Big Porno, Big Pharma and the public interest - sexologists, typified by Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Julia Heiman, pornographers and the sex-enhancement pharmaceutical industry.

The federal- and state-funded Dr. Heiman moonlights as a "consultant" to the "Sinclair Institute," an Internet online pornography and "sex toy" trafficker. Sinclair-Heiman sell pornography, S&M equipment and AIDS-efficient "anal fun" devices, with young girls posed handcuffed to the four-poster bed, etc. Roughly 90 percent of Heiman's Kinsey Institute grants focus on increasing sexual arousal - allegedly for better "health." Dr. Heiman appears to receive income for using pornography to test sex-arousal drugs.

One sexologist recently bragged:

[W]e have what pharmaceutical companies need ... sex researchers are eagerly sought for help in commercial ventures ... impotence drugs ... a libido-enhancing drug for women - could all be covered under the new Medicare prescription drug plan ... Our dance cards are no longer empty.

Pornographers and "sexologists" - openly hostile to Judeo-Christian morals, values and laws - are now doing the conga together with the monolithic drug industry and its lobbyists.

With women roughly "58 percent of Medicare recipients at age 65 and 71 percent at age 85," these tripartite pole dancers seek the magic female "Viagra" pill. Should Medicare fund impotence drugs for women - as well as men - a feminine libido pill will bring meteoric profits.

However, since women's identity is not commonly tied to sexual virility, a female market for lust through chemistry must be created. To that end, university sexologists quietly work for both Big Porno and Big Pharma.

As women are the major roadblock to mainstreaming the permissive sex taught by sexology and pornography, all three industries now share a marketing goal - to eroticize women and girls to the level of panting men and boys. At a less sanguine time in our nation's moral history, this sex-industrial complex might have been called a corporate criminal conspiracy.

By credentialing themselves as "health professionals," sexologists obtained academic credibility and thus money to create cutting-edge technologies to test libido drugs, sights and smells via fMRI brain scanners, as well as more intrusive sexual-arousal devices.

Almost all National Institutes of Health scientists have lucrative conflict-of-interest activities, with top officials recently netting over $2.5 million in fees and stock options from drug companies (implicating some legislators as well). A coalition between sex "researchers," pornographers and drug companies is therefore a major threat to national health and governance.

A preliminary study of the Kinsey Institute finds that roughly 90 percent of their federal, state and corporate research involves stimulating sexual arousal with pornography their stimuli of choice. Legally, legislators should demand the names and addresses of all sex-experiment subjects. Confidentiality agreements may be covering up resulting pornography addictions, crimes or other toxic fallout ignored by the two-stepping Kinsey Institute experimenters.

Despite full knowledge of the origin of Kinsey's criminal child sexual-abuse "data" in 1998, the Kinsey Institute coolly republished the fraudulent "Kinsey Reports" (1948, 1953) as ethical, accurate science.

Then, in 2003, the Kinsey Institute published "Sexual Development in Childhood," using a score of tainted "sexperts" who either edit, support or cite for authority pornographic and pedophilic manuals. These child "sexperts" commonly condemn American morality and repudiate American standards of normality and childhood sexual innocence.

An ongoing attack on puberty as the normal hormonal basis for sexual awakening underpins the Kinsey Institute child-sex frauds and the bad laws that spawned the sex-industrial complex. The Kinsey Institute's Big Porno and Big Pharma experiments and its "Sexual Development in Childhood" are lap dance partners - they advocate for "childhood sexuality" that would justify a lowered age of consent and pornography access for all.

With child pregnancy and venereal-disease vaccines already tested, one mandated (Hepatitis B), and more in the wings, enter the "Brave New World" of Big Pharma. Unless we turn off the "sexology" music fast, America will truly be dancing with the devil.