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Porn as Erototoxic | Posted: December 22, 2005

Are colleges training rapists?

Posted: December 20, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2005

The U.S. Department of Education research in 2004 on "Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature" found more teacher than priest child molesters (per capita).

The findings give "institutions of higher education" a whole new twist. Anyone notice the number of female teachers arrested lately for sexually abusing boys and girls? Of course, TV "sit-coms" make a great profit from normalizing such teacher molestations, so why all the fuss? Yes, more and more females - often teachers who are moms - are sexually abusing school children. Mama bear not only doesn't protect her little cubs from predators, she is increasingly violating them.

Is it "just more reporting"? Perhaps "Our Miss Brooks" has always been sexually molesting the kiddies? Embrace the modern world of "denial." Faced with widespread moral collapse, secularize the words to "Silent Night" and pretend the "sexual revolution" never happened.

"Sexual Assault on Campus: What Colleges and Universities Are Doing About It" was released in December 2005 by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. Almost 2,500 schools were in the sample with about half of the colleges sending in their rape report policies.

Revelation? "[C]ollege women are at higher risk for sexual assault than their non-college-bound peers." Strangers are not raping our soon-to-be professional women. Since "between 80 and 90 percent - victim and assailant know each other," college girls are being raped by college boys.

That must be wrong!

Everyone knows that education breeds higher levels of civility! It cannot be that our leaders - judges, doctors, teachers, researchers, TV and film writers, reporters, legislators, city council members and so on - have committed or ignored sexual violence during their college careers.

No, say it isn't so.

Sorry, young co-eds are being sexually brutalized by "Joe College" - the ones they know - from fraternity abuses to "hooking up" for what passes for a "date" these days. Well, after all, the sexy stars do it on "Sex and the City" with no downside.

Administrators want their campuses to be seen as safe havens. Kids are supposed to go to college to lose the moral repressions instilled by stodgy, old parents and churches in order to become educated, "and mature intellectually and socially."

Here, in each given nine-month academic year of "institutions of higher education," colleges admit to 35 attempted or completed rapes reported per 1,000 women.

However, when projected over a now typical five-year college career, they say, "one in five young women experiences rape during college ..."

Hmmm ... some "higher education."

Gone are the days of old (my days). Then, dorms were single-sex and locked up by midnight. Gone are the days when boys came to the door to pick up a "date." He promised, "Yes, sir. I'll be sure to get her back home by midnight!" Few boys would sexually molest a girl whose dad might beat him to a pulp.

But then, few boys or dads got their education via the pornography being sold in most college book stores. And no Playboy "shoots" existed on any college campus.

The researchers say, absent weapons, black eyes, broken bones and similar injuries, especially if alcohol was consumed, most "rape victims ... do not label the incident "rape."


Meanwhile, they add, under 5 percent of rapes and attempted rapes of college girls "are brought to the attention of campus authorities and/or law enforcement."

Lack of reporting undermines concern regarding what is causing sex crimes, as well as the toxic nature of these rapists becoming our national leaders. Of course, the government solution is not to mandate a moratorium on all pornography sales! Instead, the state would mandate sexually transmitted disease neonatal vaccines and make abortion so normal that girls will have little reason to report any sexual violation!

Ahhh, the Brave, New World! Neonatal VD vaccines and abortuaries can end the very idea of sexual victims! Back to "victimless crimes."

While spending billions to tell students how to report sexual crimes, colleges commonly ignore and even offer courses glamorizing pornography. So intelligent.

The 2005 recent college report totally dodged questions about erototoxins. Although a 2000 U.S. Department Of Justice report "The Sexual Victimization of College Women" mentioned pornography, the latest research eluded any question of how pornography - erototoxins - shape college life.

The 2000 DOJ study at least asked college girls if "someone exposed you to pornographic pictures or materials ... when you did not agree to see them."

True, the researchers sidestepped the presence of pornography in college, just coercion in viewing. This normalized all the pornographic magazines sold in most college bookstores.

Don't want to lose money on those sales of erototoxic media.

Some "research" on rape in college.

Some "higher" education.

So our colleges are graduating male and female teachers who abuse the children in their care. How long will the U.S. Department Of Justice continue to hire researchers who will cover up the role of mainstream pornography as a major environmental toxin?

Get the full rape report, such as it is, from the National Institute of Justice website: